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Thursday, 13 October 2016

​Pregnancy and baby loss awarness summit

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The Summit is for bereaved parents, family members, friends and organizations to reflect on the all¬-too-¬brief lives of babies lost in pregnancy, during or after birth. It also provides a crucial opportunity for people to talk openly about this subject and raise awareness.

Venue: Eko Hotel & Suites, VI
Date: 15th October 2016
Time: 9am-12noon
Attendance free (Registration required)


The Summit will include discussions around dealing with this loss and educating others on how to help/support someone who has gone through a pregnancy / baby loss. We would be encouraging organisations to put policies or a structure in place to accommodate/help support those dealing with a miscarriage or baby loss.

There would be a panel of 3 women talking about their journey, a medical professional discussing the medical issues and concerns behind a pregnancy/baby loss (PBL).

The founder of Beibei Haven Foundation (Omotade Alalade) would be discussing what and what not to say to someone dealing with a PBL. She will be answering questions or thoughts people have e.g.

•      I was pregnant the same time as a friend, now that she has lost her baby, what should I do…. Should I stay away so she won’t feel bad?
•      My colleague just had a miscarriage (8 weeks). She is under-performing and is always sad. I went through 4 miscarriages and got on with what I had to do. I don’t understand why she is acting like this. I want to just tell her to man up and get over it that it happens to women all the time. Is it that bad to say this?
•      My elder sister had been waiting for years to get pregnant; she finally did then ended up having a bad miscarriage. I just found out I am pregnant. Should I tell her or wait till it’s showing before I come clean. I just don’t want to cause her any more pain.
•      My daughter just had a miscarriage. I never had one but really want to be there for her and help take away her pain. What can I do or say?
•      My close friend just had a miscarriage. She has changed and isn’t friendly anymore. She acts like she doesn’t want me around and is always rushes off the phone (when she does pick up). I want to just stop communication for a while and give her time to adjust before I reconnect with her. Is this the right thing to do because I am confused?

There would be support groups at the summit for women struggling and still grieving after a PBL.

The available groups are
•      Miscarriage support group;
•      Stillbirth support group;
•      Early infant Death support group;
•      Reoccurring miscarriage support group;
•      Infertility and PBL support group

There will also be a support by faith area where our mentors will pray with individuals going through a PBL. One’s faith is key when going through this journey and it is so important to stay close to God because he’s the one that would see you through and make you stronger than you have ever been.

Want to attend or for more information, kindly go to www.beibeihaven.org to register click here . Attendance is free.  If you have gone through the journey and would like to participate, kindly go to www.beibeihaven.org and fill the participation form.

To share your pregnancy/babyloss journey to say that you are not ashamed and to let other going through this know that they are not alone, kindly emailinfo@beibeihaven.org. Subject and body would be share journey.



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