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Friday, 14 October 2016

Now hiring!!!

Are you skilled and experienced in music production and directing, A& R (Artist and Repertoire), Digital sound production and mixing and you are interested in joining a dedicated, vibrant and hardworking team based in the FCT Abuja, kindly submit your application and CV with the specific job reference to

1. Job Title:Record Label Director
Job Ref:   PM001

  •  He /She must have Degree from a reputable university in Music, Communication, Business Admin, social sciences 
Applicants must possess:
  • Excellent working knowledge of the music industry
  • Talent Hunting and development
  • Excellent leadership and organizational skills
  • Business development skills
  • Strong skills in the use of computer applications e.gexcel , Microsoft word
  • Strong communication, influencing and problem solving skills
The ideal candidate must have cognate experience in:
  • Music media industry
  • Auditioning and recruitment of artist both upcoming and old
  • Music copyrighting and merchandising
  • Product management
  • Sales and marketing
  • Quality control and product packaging
  • Developing and designing of promotional ideas to create materials and opportunities to drive sale
  • Promoting record labels in Nigeria, Africa and internationally
2. Job Title:  Studio Manager
 Job Ref:PM002

  •  He /She must have Degree from a reputable university in any field
Applicants must possess:
  • Excellent leadership skills
  • Good communication skills
The ideal candidate must have cognate experience in:
  • Workings of a music studio
  • Overseeing daily operation of the studio for top quality service to our customers
  • Supervising studio staff in scheduling and execution of recording, editing and general studio task
  • Administer the maintenance and upkeep of recording studio facilities
  • Management of studio bookings and work orders
  • Marketing and promotion of studio facilities for the use of customers
  • Responsible for the installation of technical equipment and software upgrades as deemed necessary.
  •  Perform quarterly inventory of studio equipment such as cable and microphone for assessment of condition and quality.
  • Keep database of recordings in the studio to ensure integrity.
3. Job Title:Digital Sound Engineer
Job Ref:   PM003

  • Degree / Diploma in music technology or sound engineering/ practical experience in sound engineering 
Applicants must possess:
  • Must have the knowledge of digital sound production and mixing
  • Good communication skills
  • Music and recording technology
The ideal candidate must have experience in:
  • Planning recording sessions with producers and artists
  • Setting up microphones and equipment in the studio making sure the volume and recording levels are set correctly.
  • Operating recording equipment and adding effects, recording each instrument or item onto a separate track and mixing tracks to produce a final ‘master’ track.
  •  Logging tapes and other details of the session in the studio archive.
4. Job Title: Supervisor – Event and Stage Management
Job Ref:  PM004

  • University Degree in any discipline
Applicants must possess:
  • Project management skills
  • Good communication skills
  •  Leadership skills 
The ideal candidate must have experience in:
  • Tour and stage management
  • Managing environment to ensure safety of audience, performers, crew and equipment.
  • Live sound system i.e PA system, sound and signal flow
  • Crowd control
5. Job Title:Company /Legal Secretary
Job Ref:PM005

  • University Degree in Law and must have been called to the Bar
The applicant must specialize in these legal areas
  • Contract law
  •  Labour law
  • Litigation and
  • Intellectual property
 The ideal candidate must have experience in:
  • Drafting contract agreements between record labels and artist, promoters etc
  • General counseling for artist and record labels , marketing and merchandising
  • Music copyrighting

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