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Monday, 17 October 2016

Lekki Gardens Repositions, Unveils New Technical Structure

In line with the strategic business driveto reposition the company, Nigeria’s foremost real estate firm, Lekki Gardens Estate Limited, has strengthened its technical team to ensure timely delivery of quality and affordable housing to itsesteemed client.

In achieving this,the company hasengaged top notch consultants and contractors in different aspect of the construction value chain as work recommences across all its project sites after carrying out due system and process overhauling.

Speaking at a special media parley held at Protea Hotel, Ikeja GRA on Friday, October 14, 2016, the Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer,Lekki Gardens Estate Limited,Mr Richard Nyong disclosed that the companyembarked on a strategic overhaulingof its business, processes and people to enable it deliver a better housing experience to its clients.
“In the last six months, we have taken time to review and strengthen our technical structure, today Lekki Gardens now boasts of a solid technical team with qualified and experience professionals to deliver a world-class housing experience to our clients. Also, Lekki Gardens now works with the ‘best in class’ among building and construction consultants and contractors in Nigeria” he said.
While assuring the clients and stakeholders of the company that their investment is safe and appreciating in value in spite of the current economic downtown, Mr Nyong revealed thatdespite the temporary setback, the company remains economically viable and liquid without any form of indebtedness to any bank. He revealed that the accounts of the company have been audited and certified satisfactory by Ernst &Young - a global auditing firm. 

Richard Nyong used the medium to announce the appointment of Mr Andrew Jibunor, a seasoned and experienced building and construction expert with experience spanning decades working with the biggest players in the industry as the Chief Technical Officer (CTO) for Lekki Gardens.He also stated that the company has made other key appointments in other departments of the company.
He explained that while work has started in some of Lekki Gardens sites, he stated that work would commence fully across all project sites by the end of October. He appealed to the clients for their understanding as the delay in delivery is warranted by the restructuring which would ensure that the company deliver world class quality housing.

Also speaking at the event, the new Chief Technical Officer (CTO), Mr Andrew Jibunor stated that the company has put in place some policies including Quality Management, Planning & Coordination as well as Health, Environment and Safety allin the pursuant of the global best practice.
Jibunor said “In line with the mandate of the technical team, we are leaving no stone unturned in ensuring best quality standards at every stage of the building process. Our new process ensuresthat every project passesthrough a more rigorous procedure of monitoring, supervision and approval to ensure that we deliver a unique housing experience for our clients”
He stressed further that Lekki Gardens has raised the bar in terms of the requirements for consultants and contractors in qualifying to work with the company noting that by so doing, the company now works with the very best in the industry.

Highlighting some of the milestones achieved by the company, Jibunor stated that the new technical team has introduced a new health, safety and environment regime which is mandatory for all Lekki Gardens facilities, workers, contractors and visitors to comply with. He noted that this includes; Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), Signages, training and deployment of safety representatives/officers across all sites as well as safety induction for all visitors.

In ensuring a technically sound building and construction, he added that the technical team has carried out a condition survey for sites, building and structures to ensure the quality of work in terms of existing design information appraisal, visual appraisals and inspections as well as other appraisals like soil tests/CPT, NDT, pile loads, Perimeter Survey, Confirmation of Topographical & Spot levels and M&E installation tests and integrity tests.

Jibunor added that the new technical team has integrated the use of information technology in their systems with the introduction of the builders’ trend to provide a bird’s eye-view of all their projects on one mobile platform for all stakeholders. The builders’ trend communication platform equips all the company’s stakeholders, marketers and subscribers, with an easier mode of tracking and follow-ups as well as updates on all ongoing projects.


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livingstone chibuike said...

A good innovation

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Iphie Abraham said...

Nice one

Lib addict#just passing#

Juliet Iwuno said...

Issokay seen! Linda take note!

Anonymous said...

And those who died obviously have been long forgotten. Life oh life.

Anonymous said...

So what happens with the people that died in the collapsed structure? Life just goes on?

Anonymous said...

Useless pple gv us back our money. Lekki Gardens is fake dey are thieves. U will soon be disgraced and ur evil exposed to the world. Awon ole.

Vivian Reginalds said...

Linda mkn money snc 2000
-D great anonymous now as Vivian Reginalds

Anonymous said...

Richard Nyong collected my full payment for two flats almost two years ago and has since been dodging me. All these lies and buying of time will lead nowhere. I want my flats or money back! I'm tired of stories. Buyers beware of Lekki Gardens!

Anonymous said...

About time! kudos step in the right direction.

Anonymous said...

Good! it is a wise decision to use yesterday's failure for tomorrow's success.

Anonymous said...

Richard that abandoned his yoruba wife to go and marry his girlfriend. The same day he did the trad wedding was same day that building collapsed. A wife that stood beside u when u were a poor dry cleaner feeding from hand to mouth. This life self

Larry Umukoro said...

Lekki Gardens is an outright fraud. I bought two houses from them and up until now they have not delivered one even after 3 years.
We are in court and they keep speaking from both sides of their mouths.
Any one can quote me.
FRAUD! FRAUD!! FRAUD!! please run from them

Anonymous said...

I admire the company's resilience.most firms would fold with the impact of what they have been through.
Nevertheless ; you need to work harder to prove yourself again. Kudos

Anonymous said...

True talk dear!

Anonymous said...

Wow! We're you at the trad?

Anonymous said...

If he's dodging you, are his staff members doing same?

anonymous said...

They are real! I bought 3 houses from them. I live in one, sold one and I have a tenant there too. God bless Mr Richard, never knew I could be a landlord in Lekki. I met him with his wife at their port Harcourt gardens gov wike commissioned. Who ever told you he has another wife. Rumour monger.

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