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Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Ksley Mega Lottery

Last Independence day (October 1st) something mind blowing happened in Enugu state at the polo park mall. A lottery company "Ksley Mega Lottery" gave 20 people N50,000 each at their monthly draw. This came as a surprise to a lot of people who thought the sales of lottery tickets in the state was a scam.

20 people actually went home on October 1st with N50,000 cash, Mr. Raw was there live to grace the event with his tunes both old and new; G. A. Banks and Mc Twin Parrotz where the host of the event which was packed with over 500 people.

The CEO of the company Chief Kingsley Ubenyi (KSLEY GROUP)  was asked why he ventured into such a project his reply was outstanding
"we want to help build our nation the best way we possibly can, N50,000 can work miracles in the hand of the man on the street and also feed a whole family for a long time". While seeing the joy and excitement in the faces of the winners we could confirm that his statement was very true.
Ksley Mega Lottery is managed by Playzone Limited (An event consultancy company) . The CEO Ozo Joe Mmamel, the former commissioner of Culture and Tourism in Enugu State, he had this to say :
"The success of this lottery draw today has come fromGod, the hard work of my team and the open mindedness of the Enugu people, we know that ksley mega lttery is here to stay so people can go ahead and purchase tickets for N100, the draw will be monthly here in Enugu.
To find out more about KSLEY MEGA LOTTERY visit
Website: www.ksleymegalottery.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/ksleymegalottery
Email: ksleymegalotery@gmail.com


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