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Thursday, 6 October 2016

Is your driver frustrating you? Or would you like to hire a driver in 3 simple steps?

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In an environment like Lagos where everyone is so busy with millions of vehicles trying to reach similar destinations at the same time coupled with hitch contributed by our national-treasureddanfo driver okada ridersand infamous kekes.  For the sake of peace of mind, wont you rather just hire a tested and trained driver from a reputable firm at no extra cost to you?
We caught up with and as the name implies they are into the businesses of caring for your every need including hiring a driver without stress or breaking the bank. See answers to some of the questions we asked them:

Q: So, we all know that we are in the Buhari-economy—lol and it’s not easy to trust my brand new Acura 2015 with a stranger. How can you guarantee that your driver wont bash/scratch my car?

A: Hmnn..That is a very tricky question and yes we are in the Buhari economy indeed. Our drivers actually go through a road-worthiness test, road usage, and have Lagos State Drivers' Institute certificate. Also before you hire them, you would also evaluate them for a whole day for free.
Q: What if they run away with my car nko?

A: In our 13 months of experience, that has never happened. We actually do a rigorous due-diligence process on all the drivers in our network and the only way to even sign up as a driver is if an already existing driver referred you and is willing to vouch for you. Outside of that, we have a reference from both family and professional background of all drivers and our team has verified all the details to confirm authenticity.

Q: In all honesty how do you guys even go about selecting these drivers and what happens when you do?

A: At the beginning (13 months ago), we started out by doing a lot of advert and telling our own internal company drivers that we are looking to recruit drivers. We got a massive application of drivers of about 7,000.  Through a 3-stage process (language proficiency, medicals and physical driving test) we were able to shortlist about 1500 trusted driver. Out of which we have successfully placed above 100 with our lovely clients. But right now, most of the drivers are internally referred from our already large database of drivers in Lagos.

Q: What if I want a Christian that is young, neat, smart and can speak English?

A:We have a large database of different drivers with different religious, academic or tribal background. Just tell us your specification by filling the form  and we would meet it.

Q: Cost Nko…Hope you guys aren’t so expensive?

A:Our model is very simple. You pay us and we pay the driver. You pay an average of N40k to N60K depending on the location and specific work description.

Q: Ok o. This looks interesting so far. So what happens if I want to get a driver from you guys?

A: It’s the simplest process ever.
  1. You request a driver by clicking this form to fill or call 08034466594
  2. We assign a client relationship manager to you to verify your request
  3. You get your driver in less than 48 hours after assigning a client relationship manager to you.
Don’t forget, just call 08034466594 if you have any questions.

Alternatively, if you want to visit our office, feel free to come to 3rd Floor 315 Herbert Maculay Yaba Lagos.

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