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Friday, 7 October 2016

How would it feel to own your Lekki home without mortgage or bank hassles?

When it comes to owning your dream home without breaking the bank, or worrying endlessly about getting mortgages, Alpha Mead Development Company (AMDC) is the right home solutions provider to call. Call us today on 07013001012 | 07015300314

With Lekki Pearl Estate, wehave built a perfect blend of quality, luxury, comfort and affordability into home ownership. Whether you’re buyingfrom our block of 3 bedroom flats, 4 bedroom semi-detached, terrace, or 5 bedroom fully detached houses; all you need is a 20% down payment of your preferred house type, and we will take the mortgage and bank stress off you!

Our homes are enabled by contemporary designs and built with advanced technology that make your home ownership up to 15% cheaper, compared to similar house types in the market and helps us build faster than the traditional building methods, so you can move into your dream home in 24 months.

With our technology, we can build a home in 30 days! Yes, 30 Days. Click Here to Watch the Demo.
Because we build with unique technology, we can guarantee you straight edges and precise finishing on your entirewall, including thinner and stronger 100mm walls to afford you more living space.

Lekki Pearl Estate also comes with Large Patio French windows,a functional environment with carefully engineered infrastructure grid designed to provide a minimum of 150,000 cubic litres of treated water daily, guaranteed 24 hours uninterrupted daily power supply, and a dedicated sewage management system. Other infrastructure includes:

• A mini shopping strip
• Internal road network,
• 24-hour security patrols,
• Intelligence-driven security apparatus
• Underground electricity connection
• A private community center
• Modern internal communications facility
• A private postal system with private mail bag
• Exclusive Laundromat powered
• A sports/recreation park (Astro Turf)
• 2 children play areas

Want a firsthand experience? Call us now on 07015300314 | 07013001012

Here are some photos fromthe launch of our Show House held recently

Want to visit our Show House for firsthand experience? Call us now on 07013001012 | 07015300314 or visit


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How will I feel to own a lekki home without mortgage and bank hassle,? I will fell so so happy πŸ˜±πŸ™πŸ˜‚πŸ˜, am I getting one from you? No😩, so why asking? πŸ™…

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The tips that you shared on the blog regarding the network security and all are useful and I am thanking you for sharing it. Good luck

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