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Saturday, 1 October 2016

Holy cab births 10-1 promo wealth distribution...

Holy cab is a startup that intends to add flexibility to options given to riders, increase earning for partners and most importantly give drivers a chance to earn continuously even after they stop working; sorta like a pension...

Holycab aims to rideshare as well as 'earnshare'. The idea behind earnsharing on the rideshare app is to circulate money amongst app users, partners and drivers;
giving them a chance to earn for life. Current drivers signed on to the app are excited about having the opportunity to have something similar to a pension, partners are happy to have income coming in even during vehicle downtime  and riders stoked about being able to earn money with their own unique referral codes.  Unlike other e-taxi apps, Holycab will not only deposit money to partners everyweek, but will also deposit money to bank accounts of riders and drivers every week. 

Tagged 'wealth by wheels' under the 10 to1 promo; Holycabs gift to Nigeria on October 1st. Holycab will start recording all earnings from rider, driver and partner referral 
codes and push earned amounts to respective accounts. 

The unreal reality of Holycab is bases for its name. With soo much app flexibility and rider options one woud think its too good to be true. 

The app is flexible enough to go on wait time; so your charged less while driver waits and you do your grocery shopping; options such as scheduling for rides for inter state trips 
and booking for a car before arriving lagos via flight or bus transport. Its exciting to be able to provide this service to fellow Nigerians. E come be like say na we HOLY PASS.

You can check www.dealdey.com and search for ‘HOLYCAB’ for our 7day promo. Ngn 1000 for 1 hour/10km.

Please visit the site www.holycab.com / www.holytaxi.com.

Call 08082741422 for enquiries send all questions to info@holycab.com .

Instagram handle: @holycab.

https://www.facebook.com/HolyCab/ .

Twitter: @holycab


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This might be something worthy of consideration

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Nice concept. Linda take note!

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Nice one there

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Huh, oya naaa...Uber tighten ur seat belt, cus competitors are springing forth...

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