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Monday, 10 October 2016

Her high-class wedding

Teni didn’t want to be like those brides people laughed at on social media. She didn’t want some silly, cheap looking wedding dress, and she didn’t want some photoshoot session that would seem like a good idea at the time but would end up being a hilarious and terrible idea.

Just because she and David were managing did not mean they’d have to settle for tasteless options. She was determined to have a classy wedding – on a budget.

So when she found the most darling wedding dress at Bridestead, and discovered that she could rent it instead of buying, she was ecstatic. She even rented a reception dress and was still within her budget. High-class wedding toh bad! She was so excited.

With the wedding attires settled, Teni was already calculating how she would use the rest to get that washing machine she wanted so badly. Whoever said her marriage wouldn’t be sweet because she wasn’t marrying a rich man was a liar!

Bridestead is a bridal store and showroom located in Lekki Phase 1.  stocking an endless selection of beautiful bridal dresses, party gowns and gorgeous accessories for sale and RENT at a fraction of the price on selected gowns! 

Stunning wedding rings with intricate detail are also available at Bridestead, so you can seal your promise of love with a symbolic and eye-catching wedding ring from us!

Future brides and party goers can get excited about shopping because Bridestead is set out to make finding the perfect dress fun, easy and affordable! Bridestead is offering a 10% discount to our customers when they shop on weekends!

At Bridestead, our bridesleave satisfied, happy and hopeful!

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