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Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Get Help Worldwide: Make 30-50% in 30 days, register Now

This is a sponsored post...
Get Help Worldwide is one of the World’s most organized Mutual Aid / Crowd Funding / Donation Exchange / Social Financial Platform, Programmed to last forever with innovative features. Some of the features will be listed and elaborated as we proceed.
So many of us are yet to understand the ideology behind Crowd Funding Programs, while others are busy setting themselves up through Crowd Funding communities like Get Help Worldwide. Across the Globe, Crowd Funding has become a major means of raising money among individuals and a lot of successful Companies/Businesses have been set up via Crowd Funding.

What Is Get Help Worldwide All About?

It is simply an online Community where people are helping each other Financially Directly with No Third Parties Involved, whatever Help you give to someone financially grows by 30% if in Local currency or 50% if in Bitcoin in 30 days.


 How does it work technically? You declare the willingness to Give Help (click on "Provide Help"), type in the amount you wish to Provide as Help either in your Local Currency on in Bitcoin after which your account will be rewarded with One Time Registration Bonus (depending on amount of Help Provided). Help provided will start growing from the moment it was entered online at the rate of 30% for Local Currency or 50% for Bitcoin in 30 days, while you remain with your money till you are paired with who you will donate directly to. In GHW, you will be able to see picture of who you are donating to with their Country. Your Yield amount and date shows you Amount you can request on the 30th day and the date of Maturity. Say you have announced willingness to assist with $ 100 in Bitcoin, they will immediately start growing! By 50% in 30days, this $100 will become $150 in Bitcoin, if you declare willingness to give 1,000 in your Local currency (30% growth) in 30 Days it will become 1,300

Accordingly, you will be able to request for Help of $ 150 in Bitcoin or 1,300 in your Local currency. Participants who fail to upload their Picture will earn 30% of their Provided Help in Bitcoin in 30days and 20% of their Provided Help in Local Currency. Participants who Upload their Picture will Earn their Complete 50% in Bitcoin in 30days and 30% for Local Currency in 30days. Participants who upload fake pictures will be Blocked when their ID is requested and compared with the uploaded picture. However, you cannot Get Help if you have not Provided Help. Request for providing help comes to you in your Dashboard. If you do not do it within 48 hours, you will be removed from the system. (For all eternity) In cases of any matter regarding the topic our Support Team are ready to help and answer all your questions.



When registering in the system, you get from $20 to $100 as a One Time Registration Bonus in Bitcoin and 4,000 to 20,000 as One Time Registration Bonus in Your Local Currency. Bonuses are given only once, not every time. Only those who’s first Pledge to Provide Help falls within the bonus range. (Otherwise the System will be pulled apart for bonuses). Registration Bonus Ranges for Bitcoin are as Follows;

(1.) $20 Registration Bonus — if you have contributed from $50 to $499.
 (2.) $50 Registration Bonus — if you have contributed from $500 to $2'999.
 (3.) $100 Registration Bonus — if you have contributed from $3'000 and above.

Registration Bonus Ranges for Local Currencies are as Follows;
(1.) 4,000 Registration Bonus — if you have contributed from 15,000 to 149,000.
 (2.) 10,000 Registration Bonus — if you have contributed from 150,000 to 649,000.
 (3.) 20,000 Registration Bonus — if you have contributed from 650,000 and above of your Local Currency.

Each participant is allowed to have ONLY one account.

Credibility Score Index

Credibility Score index is a custom rating logic implemented into the system to ensure fair-play and honesty. Each new account is started with 100% rating, however, penalties are enforced when guidelines are broken, which lead to the deduction of score point. This is to ensure all members act and respond according to the guidelines of the community.

Key Guidelines / Penalties include the following

If you are paired and you contact the money-receiving member, asking for a 24hr time extension to make payment, once he/she approves in his account, you will lose 25% of your credibility score.

If you offer to provide help and you cancel the offer (before you are paired), 5% score point will be deducted from your Credibility score card.

 If discovered that your profile contains wrong profile picture/ information, 50% will be deducted.

 If you fail to provide help to a paired member and expiry date elapses, your Credibility Score will be wiped out to Zero (0), which leads to automatic profile suspension.

 Account/Profile suspension means you will no longer be able to place or receive help from this platform, for resolution, please send an email to .

Finally, please note that Credibility Score value is a key input for the “automatic pairing and assigning control system”; this system is solely responding for matching requests to offers. Members will higher Credibility Score will have higher priority for paring


 You get 10% from all deposits of the participant you invited. Inviting new members into the Community is your additional contribution to its development. But nobody force the members of the Community to invite new participants. But at the same time, understanding that the GHW platform can’t exist without development and participants’ encouragement in the form of referral bonuses motivate many people to take an active position.


 There are NO Guiders/Sponsors in this Platform. This platform has been DESIGNED TO LAST FOREVER and therefore does not support the excess payout privileges of Guiders which drains the system. The System ONLY Supports/Allows REPRESENTATIVES who are given extra 5%-10% of their Provide Help Offer in Addition to their 30% if they are participating in Local Currency or 50% if in Bitcoin in 30days depending on how hardworking they are.


 GHWGHW is here to Change Lives, Change Nations and Change the World. It is designed to last forever; we understand that everyone will love to earn money every 30days. We will like to inform you that this Community will last forever if only everyone makes a New Pledge to Provide Another Help after they have Received Help knowing that the new Help you pledged to Provide will bring in another 30% in Local currency or 50% in Bitcoin in 30days. It will keep the community running forever. GHW also implemented some featured to keep this in check.

a.) After receiving Help, a Participant is given a maximum of 3days to make another Pledge to Provide Help. If no new pledge is made after 3 days from receiving help, the system will commence debiting of your Credibility score. Please note that accounts with credibility score of zero(0) will be automatically blocked. All we need in this community are people who are active and have the Mind Set to Give and in turn Receive. We need people that will make this community last forever.

 b.) When a Participant makes a Pledge to Provide Help of $100 for Example; his/her next Pledge to Provide Help will not go below the Previous Help provided. It can only be the same or higher. This will keep the Community Growing instead of being setback by people who will give help of $1,000 for example and after Getting Help of $1,500 they decide to Provide Help of $10 in their next Pledge. Such doesn’t work here on GHW

 c.) Feel the joy of giving when you see the face of who you are Providing Help to. This will help Participants make friends all over the World. A Real Social Financial Platform with Sincere people Changing Lives, Changing Nations and Changing the World.

Ready to register?

CLICK HERE TO REGISTER, give help, get your referral link and invite as many people as you like too! And the big one, earn 30% or 50% of whatever you offer after 30days!

For more information concerning anything you do not understand please call or send a whatsapp message on +2348038338608; Name Luckinson Akpos


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MMM has rebranded or changed its name. Be careful guys there're tricks to these things

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Where has this been since, MMM is here and now we are hearing of others. Story. MMM is the way and it will last longer than these copy cats because it is a first of its kind and the aim is SOLELY to help. This one am sure the funder wants to make money thus copying MMM

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Long Live Lib!!!

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Doublestar Francis said...

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Shina said...

MMM started from somewhere before it became popular now. It is because you have not taste GHW. Believe it or not, GHW too is real. Wait and see it in the next few months. Both MMM and GHW Pays!

Anonymous said...

I have not done mmm before...but from my analysis on this GHW I prefer it 100% to main reason is because your investment is fixed. can only be receiving ur proceeds monthly while u redeposit ur capital...its cool to avoid eat and run criminals.

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Freddy said...

Yes. This very real

I have withdrawn from the platform 4 times but with $ (bitcoin) and local currency.

You can contact me if you need more enlightenment about the platform and other real related platform


Freddy said...

Yes. This very real

I have withdrawn from the platform 4 times but with $ (bitcoin) and local currency.

You can contact me if you need more enlightenment about the platform and other real related platform


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