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Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Emotional Intelligence Certified Performer: Nov - 7-9, 2016

Would you like to see your focus, drive, decision-Making and relationships optimized to the fullest capacity in your Personal and Professional life?

Then empower your Emotional Intelligence Competencies with the world’s best tools and immediately fuel positive change in life generally starting with yourself.

Learn from internationally certified leaders in the field on how to raise emotional quotient in yourself and others from Personal Life to Professional Life.

Take our Emotional Intelligence Certification course and earn a globally recognized certificate whilst empowering your performance in workplace, business and life.

Click https://goo.gl/WeJrxTto download the EICP certification brochure for FREE. Register now to enjoy 10% discount while it last Click https://goo.gl/4hRJq9 here now.

Emotional Intelligence Certified Performer (EICP) certification is designed to help you build optimal capacity for holistic performance & transformation in yourFOCUS, DRIVE, DECISION MAKING and RELATIONSHIPS.

Remember LIFE would continue to throw you Emotional Bullets, and as you know Life is 10 Percent of whatever happens to you and 90 Percent of how you Respond or React to what has happened.
Call Now 09071292791or 08096303933

This certification is powered by Simeons Pivot Resources

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