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Wednesday, 12 October 2016

E-Terra set to transform E-waste Management in Nigeria

E-Terra Technologies Ltd is a young, pioneering e-waste management company that is poised to keep Nigeria evergreen and sustainable, in  response to new technological challenges to our rich vibrant ecosystem that includes the world’s largest continental mangrove swamp.

Over the last decades, the electronics industry has revolutionized the world. Electrical and electronic products like computers, servers, printers, mobile phones and more have  become universal. Without these products, modern life would not be possible in post industrialized and industrializing countries. However, despite the huge benefits of these products, the environmental degradation and pollution generated by indiscriminate disposal of electronic waste (or e-waste) has raised the bar on the need for global environmental protection. 

E-waste is one of the fastest growing waste streams around the world, growing at a rate   of 3–5% per annum or approximately three times faster than normal municipal solid waste. It is worthy of note that Nigeria currently generates between 650,000 and 1,000,000 tons of domestic e-waste annually (about 50% within Lagos alone).

Improper electronic waste disposal is not only harmful to man and the environment, it also exposes organizations and individuals to identity and intellectual property theft.  Global tracking of cyber-attacks indicate that Nigeria is among countries with the highest cases of software piracy, identity and intellectual property theft and malware attacks, some of which are attributable to poor e-waste management.

 E-Terra Technologies Ltd is a pioneering private “end-to-end” e-waste management    service provider in Lagos, Nigeria registered with Federal Ministry of Environment  (FMENV) and Lagos State Environmental Protection Agency (LASEPA). 

 Our operations are strictly in line with international best practices, of which we intend to               surpass and become a benchmark going forward. The company is young, fast growing, very capable and truly Nigerian. Our vision is to be the leading eco-friendly, highly  effective and profitable end-to-end e-waste management company in West Africa, commencing from Nigeria. 
The core services of E-Terra Technologies Ltd include: 
  1.  E-waste collection and eco-friendly disposal; 
  2.  E-waste Refurbishing; 
  3.  Destruction of data-containing devices 
  4. I.T Asset decommissioning. 
These eco-friendly electronic waste management solutions can be delivered nationwide on site or off site at customers’ request and convenience. 

As we celebrate our independence as a nation; avoid financial and health crisis by  properly disposing or recycling your unwanted electronic devices and permanently destroying all data containing storage components therein in an eco-friendly manner.          

GO GREEN, GO E-TERRA. ​www.eterra.com.ng  

Watch ​E-Terra’s Official TVC : ​clickhere

Listen to ​E-Terra’s Official Radio Jingle​ : ​click here

 Facebook/instagram/LInkedIn/Twitter​ : ​@Eterratech



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