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Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Affordable & reliable health screening From Quality-Medicare Nigeria

The current economic recession in the country makes it easy to unknowingly neglect your health. A busy work schedule, the daily commute to and from work, caring for your family, can put your body under a lot of strain and can lead to some long term health issues. Routine health screening is therefore very important to ensure a healthy life. 


We at offer comprehensive health assessment services to Individuals, Corporate organizations and SME’s. We are focused on improving health care in Nigeria by constantly adapting to the ever-changing and complex needs of our clients. We have a very experienced team and aspire to ensure that everyone has access to affordable, quality health care across the country.

Comprehensive health screening for as low as N55, 000 (Fifty five thousand naira)

The screening includes:

·        Full blood count

·        Fasting blood sugar

·        Liver function test

·        Cholesterol

·        HIV Screening (Optional)

·        Hepatitis B & C screening

·        Breast or Prostate cancer screening

·        Abdominal/Pelvic scan

·        ECG

·        Medical Consultation

Book an appointment with us for your health screening now.

Go to - for more information about us or visit our office at 12, Ribadu Road, Off Awolowo, South West Ikoyi, Lagos Nigeria.

To speak with one of our trained team members, contact:

Dr. Tolu Binutu: 081 7258 4727, 080 6247 6527

Victor: 080 2924 2480

Lillian: 080 3285 2223


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