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Thursday, 22 September 2016

Stop defamatory publications, Sir Emeka Offor's family warns Sahara Reporters, others

Read the press statement below... 
I, Hon. Onyebuchi Offor, a representative of the highly respected Offor family in Ekwusigo LGA and by the grace of God, Minority Leader, Anambra State House of Assembly, bring you salutations from the Offor family.

Our attention has been drawn to recent publications by Sahara Reporters which are evidently designed to defame Sir Emeka Offor, a most illustrious son of Igboland. 
Given the patent falsehood running the gamut of the said publications, we consider that Sahara Reporters has constituted itself the orchestrator and purveyor of a targeted smear campaign against Sir Emeka Offor, possibly for economic gain and at the behest of certain unscrupulous elements.
There is no gainsaying the fact that Sir Emeka Offor is one of the most industrious and accomplished Nigerians of his generation. He has attracted and enjoyed God's entrepreneurial and pecuniary blessings for over three decades. He has in turn consistently channeled those blessings toward the betterment of his fellow man (and woman and child) by remarkable acts of philanthropy. Notable among the plethora of honours and recognitions that he has received in that regard is the award by the Rotary Club International for his immense contributions towards humanity and the global war against polio.  
We wish to make clear that contrary to Sahara Reporters’ libelous assertions, the following is the true and unimpeachable position with regard to Sir Emeka Offor: 
·        Sir Emeka Offor is hale and hearty.
·        Sir Emeka Offor is a happily married man with beautiful children whom he loves abundantly and who love him very much in return. .
·        Sir Emeka Offor’s multinational businesses continue to thrive and prosper by the grace of God.  Similarly, his personal wealth continues to endure for the benefit of the multitudes who have benefited from his legendary largesse, munificence and altruism.
·        Planning by the family for the burial of our late father, Pa Offor, continues apace. We find it disgusting that Sahara Reporters chose to disrespect the memory of Pa Offor by bringing him into their odious publications.
·        Sir Emeka Offor’s contributions to the local community are innumerable; permit us to enlighten Sahara Reporters on a few:
ü Sir Emeka Offor contributed over 50% to the building of Oraifite Civic Centre which stands as one of the best civic centres in the South-East of Nigeria.
ü Sir Emeka Offor has run a remarkable university scholarship scheme for over twenty years with the provision of a car and automatic employment for beneficiaries graduating with first-class degrees. Thousands of Nigerians have been proud beneficiaries of this scheme to date.
ü Sir Emeka Offor runs a widows’ cooperative society with over 3,000 members as of today. Under the auspices of this cooperative society, he sent a significant number of the widows to India for training on managing a cooperative society.  They have subsequently been able to establish a microfinance bank and other thriving microenterprises.
ü Sir Emeka Offor built and fully equipped one of the best Anglican churches in the South East of Nigeria, located in Oraifite.
ü Sir Emeka Offor singlehandedly constructed a major community road (off Onitsha/Owerri road to Oraifite /Nnewi border). This project was executed by renowned civil engineering and contracting firm, MCC.  
ü Sir Emeka Offor built Ekwusigo LGA Central Police Station .
ü Sir Emeka Offor provided a free water scheme for the four quarters of Oraifite (Unodu, Ezumeri, Irefi and Ifite).
ü Do we talk about the various skill acquisition programs undertaken by youths of Ekwusigo LGA under Sir Emeka Offor's Youth Empowerment Scheme? Just last year, Sir Emeka Offor not only trained over one hundred youths in various skill acquisition programs but also empowered them financially to start their own businesses on completion of their training .
ü Sir Emeka Offor is a serial job creator with over 3,000 Nigerians under his payroll, indirectly creating over 10,000 jobs in addition.
ü Apart from within his conglomerate, Sir Emeka has helped innumerable people secure jobs in Nigeria and abroad. The breadwinners of many families are gainfully employed today through the efforts of this great member of the Offor family.
Sir Emeka Offor’s star of charity shines far beyond his immediate community.  Again, we wish to mention but a few of his national and international works of benevolence:
ü Partnering with a U.S. based NGO, Sir Emeka Offor has through his eponymous Foundation donated books, reading materials and computers worth over $22 million to schools and communities in more than 18 countries in Africa including Nigeria.
ü Sir Emeka Offor has established a glaucoma research centre at the Department of Ophthalmology, University of Mainz, Germany and in conjunction, established a Nigerian fellowship for cataract surgery and glaucoma management at the university.
ü Sir Emeka Offor donated $2 million, which was matched with a grant of an additional $4 million from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, to support the Global Polio Eradication Initiative launched by the Rotary International, the World Health Organization, UNICEF and the U.S. Center for Disease Control.
ü Sir Emeka Offor, through his Foundation, entered into a long-term agreement with The Carter Centre to eliminate river blindness (‘onchocerciasis’) in Nigeria. Pursuant thereto, Sir Emeka Offor provided a $10 million grant to the Carter Center, the largest grant ever received by the Center, to facilitate the Center’s efforts in eliminating river blindness in Nigeria. 
 In light of the above, we wish to ask Sahara Reporters some pertinent questions:
·        What do you intend to achieve by the malicious publications? To increase the traffic to your website or to advertise your skills as character-assassination experts available for hire?
·        Why have you never reached out to Sir Emeka Offor, in keeping with the ethics of journalism, directly or through his conglomerate’s media relations’ representatives, to get his own side of any of the stories you wished to peddle?
·        How much have you been paid to deliberately and recklessly foment a campaign of calumny against Sir Emeka Offor, including but not limited to bringing emotional and psychological distress to his family and loved ones by exposing them to ridicule and odium?

Sahara Reporters has published over seven sensationally libelous articles on Sir Emeka in the last thirty days.  The lack of objectivity in your intentions is self-evident in your relentless and ungrounded focus on one individual.  We continue to wonder who might be the sponsors to whom you have lent your connivance and instrumentality. We are aware that like any successful businessman, Sir Emeka Offor has competitors who would benefit from his being brought to disrepute.   
We want to assure Sahara Reporters however that we will not sit back and watch you continue your attempts at discrediting our brother. We intend, as a family, to take advantage of all legal and equitable remedies available to us in domestic and international law against Sahara Reporters IF WITHIN SEVEN (7) DAYS, you fail to tender an unreserved apology to Sir Emeka Offor and his family for your defamatory publications and character assassination.  We also demand that Sahara Reporters cease and desist henceforth from making any other or further defamatory publications against Sir Emeka Offor or any member of the Offor family.

Thank you.
Hon. Onyebuchi Offor
(Minority Leader, Anambra State House of Assembly)
For the Offor family of Oraifite, Ekwusigo Local Government Area of Anambra State


Anonymous said...

Cool story bro, how's business?

livingstone chibuike said...

Tel dem o

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vinna saviour said...

Dem go hear?

Anonymous said...

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christie benjamin said...

Fuckin' Sahara reporters and their fabricated sh*t!

NaijaDeltaBabe said...


...merited happiness

freeborn bamislam suani ahmad bamislam said...

Shame to Sahara report.
The apc media dog call Sahara what is una business with this heavenly family huh?
why are they noting talking about apc corruption and budget padding huh? Aisha buhari millions of dollars watch an so on huh?

#sad indeed

charles obaze said...


Uju Phil said...

This is really serious...!

Juliet Iwuno said...

I choputas not! Linda take note!

okechukwu nnoduechi said...



Anonymous said...

He is still a lying thieving scumbag. He was to repair or refineries but Instead chop the money to marry. His wealth is gotten through fraudulent means and will not last after he is dead. Shame on you

Anonymous said...

Good to know. But I get am before no be property. Arthur Ezeh went near bankruptcy and hd only been recently resurrected financially. Dangote has just lost half of his fortune. So the story that. Emeka is no longer buoyant is not the first and will not be the last. Heck! Mike Tyson blew $400million and the world did not end. All these serial bank loans defaulters in Nigeria parading as billionaires is intriguing. Oil price and naira exposure messed many people up financially.

Anonymous said...

Bullshit. Who doesnt know that Emeka Offor is a direct beneficiary of the PDP. We all know how he ruined SINOPEC (Addax Corporation), and is not paying salaries to his staff. He owes them over one year salary in Kaztec and the others in Chrome group
We know what he did with the Calabar and Sapele projects. Abeg Sir Emeka Offor is a thief!!

dee boi said...

Dis sir emeka offor don try nah... dee

SAMUEL CHUKWUKA Ibekwe said...

Sahara report are gathering evil and fake report from our brothers competitors and enemies and i bet you that they must surely fail and God will continue to bless our brother sir E(ochualili umu ogbenye).thanks for the warning my brother hon onyebuchi offor and God bless.

Eleojo Blessing said...

Ok o...seen

Anonymous said...

Hmm, this is serious oo! I just hope Sahara reporters do not divert their attention to you honorable. I strongly believe silence is golden.

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That's good

Eva Da Diva...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Hmm, this is serious oo! I just hope Sahara reporters do not divert their attention to you honorable. I strongly believe silence is golden.

Anonymous said...

Please I stand one hundred percent with sahara reporters. I don't know how much they must have paid you Linda to carry this post. But the truth is that this guys are a bunch of heartless fellow (chrome group and its management). How will you owe staff for onward a year and counting without saying any tin to your staff. And when they decide to picket u take it out on them. For goodness sake these re pple who do the work to make you who you are and they deserve as little as their wages. Many have lost their life's becos of the financial situation they have being forced to (RIP Obika Chukwuma and all others who have passed on) others can't pay rent, others can't send their children to school , meanwhile u make numerous donations in millions of dollars to international agencies as charity meanwhile ur entire group staff are becoming charity cases. Truth be told this can happen to any businessman but how you handle it defrenciatea you from a fool. I believe Sahara reporters are writing with facts as most of the stories are verifiable and correct. Staff of Global scan (Lagos), Global scan (port Harcourt) are even worst hit .

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