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Thursday, 22 September 2016

Photos: Nigeria soon to join most attractive investment destinations in the world- Pres. Buhari

Buhari has assured potential investors that Nigeria would soon be one of the most attractive places to invest as his administration has embarked on significant economic reforms to realize that goal.

He gave this assurance to a large gathering of political and business leaders from the United States, Africa and other regions of the world at the Second United States-Africa Business Forum in the New York, on Wednesday, organized by the US Department of Commerce and Bloomberg Philanthropies.
He said that the Presidential Enabling Business Environment Council headed by Vice-President Yemi Osinbajo, will soon come out with wide-ranging business environment reforms on ports, visa-on arrival, improving the speed and efficiency of land titling and business registration. Some fiscal incentives he noted, include, up to 5 years tax holiday for activities classified as “pioneer;” tax-free operations; no restrictions on expatriate quotas in Free Trade Zones; and a low VAT regime of 5 per cent.
“We intend to make Nigeria one of the most attractive places to do business,” he declared, even as he noted that Nigeria remains the number one investment destination in Africa.
President Buhari added that his administration will continue to strengthen government institutions in order to address the concerns of investors and ease investments in the Nigerian economy.
“We are weaning ourselves from a historical dependence on crude oil, diversifying our economy, and putting it on the path of sustainable and inclusive growth. To this end, we have embarked on policies aimed at establishing an open, rules-based and market-oriented economy. We will continue to actively engage with the private sector at the highest levels to listen to your concerns and to assure you of our commitment to creating enabling policies in which your businesses can survive and thrive,” President Buhari said.
He urged participants to
“take advantage of this Forum to establish and strengthen business relationships, share valuable experience and collaborate for mutual benefits.”

President Buhari, while stressing that enormous potential exists for foreign investment and for the local economy, listed sectors which have barely been exploited to include Nigeria’s 180-million population and abundance of labour; arable land; forest waters; oil and gas; solid minerals; livestock and huge tourist potential.
According to him,
“These are no doubt challenging times for the Nigerian economy. But let me use this opportunity to boldly affirm our conviction that there is no crisis without an accompanying opportunity. In our case, we see Nigeria’s ongoing economic challenges – occasioned mainly by the fall in oil prices – as an opportunity to set the economy firmly on the path of true diversification, sustainable economic growth and shared prosperity.”
The President said that the reform measures taken by his administration since inception in 2015 have started yielding good fruits especially in the areas of security, anti-corruption and revamping the economy.
He said the priority investment sectors for his administration now are improving infrastructure, industrial productivity, agriculture, mining and digital economy where “young Nigerians are increasingly demonstrating that they have the talent and the passion to leverage.”

On United States-Nigeria business relations, he announced the commencement of the US-Nigeria Commercial and Investment Dialogue with a focus on the infrastructure, agriculture, digital economy, investment and regulatory reform to be jointly led by the Nigerian Minister of Industry, Trade and Investment and his US counterpart.
President Buhari said after this Business Forum, he looked forward to increased trade and investment flows between Nigeria and the United States.‎



This man eh dis man, well I reserve my comment.

livingstone chibuike said...

Dat can't happen under ur administration

Uju Phil said...

This man is funny sha,ok Amen!

OSINANL said...


jim kerry said...

Na pure lie oga.

vinna saviour said...

It's better said than done

Amos Mohammed said...

I begg go seatdown ! He just there reading what has been given to him to read strictly for the purpose of the forum afterwrds he throws it in the basket bin.

kayode odusanya said...

I hope so. We need all the foreign investment we can get at this point.

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Anonymous said...

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IBOLORD said...

Talk is cheap. Smh

freeborn bamislam suani ahmad bamislam said...

Hmmm freeborn wept!
Nigeria soon to join most attractive investment destinations in the world WITH THIS SCAM and Lying HAND U ARE RULLING HUH?
who wrote this script for this man huh? Shameless president.

#sad indeed

Anonymous said...

The same fool that told the world that Nigerians are very corrupt. He should go and take his medicine b4 his ears burst.

Alloy Chikezie said...

Talk is cheap.

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Vivian Reginalds said...

-D great anonymous now as Vivian Reginalds

Apple Berry said...

And he is still talking. What about his campaign promises? Which one has he actualized? Hmmm

Eddy Ogbunambala said...


Anonymous said...

Rubbish< he can only talk when hes outside the country. who is decieveing who. APC. come back now he will turn to deaf and dump.

Genevieve Okoroigbo said...

Oga abeg we don hear.

says, Genevieve.

Anonymous said...

Very soon very soon this one go happen, we are tired of hearing the same thing everyday. Pikin wey don reach 1 year don learn how to walk but u buhari 1 year u still dey one place. Start doing something b4 amadioha akpo gi oku.

Juliet Iwuno said...

So help us God. Linda take note!

Julius Idowu said...

This man should stop brain washing us jare.

Emmy Igwe said...

talk talk

sholetoga said...

Somebody should slap Buhari back to reality, that nobody in the world want to do business with corrupt people. Shameless mofo of a President, after telling the world that your people are corrupt, you're still inviting them to come and do business with corrupt people. This evil APC scam change government is the worst with telling uncoordinated lies......incompetent mofos

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