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Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Okonjo-Iweala needs to have a rethink towards supporting the FG to revive our economy- Doyin Okupe says

In a post titled "National Economic Emergency" which he shared on his Facebook wall yesterday, former media aide to former President Jonathan, Doyin Okupe, prevailed on former Minister of Finance, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, to have a rethink and lend her support to the APC-led government towards reviving the economy which is currently in recession.

According to him, issues concerning Nigeria should not be politicized. He also gave support towards the Economic Emergency power President Buhari is asking the National Assembly to give him so he can move speedily towards reviving the economy. Read his post below...
It is a fact that Nigeria as a country is in dire straits in terms of its economy. It is not too important how we got here or who or what brought us here. We need an exit plan desperately. Sadly, there is too much politicking in Nigeria. Our Partisanship is obscenely unhealthy for our nation. A few of our people are still behaving as if elections are yet to take place. But the truth is elections have come and obviously they have also gone. Unfortunately our economy, has slipped into a recession and that is crippling everybody and everything. No matter what government and those opposed to government are saying, there is no easy way out of a recession. When President Obama came in, in his first term, the US was in recession. He was young, brilliant, and smoking hot, it took nearly 2yrs to see the tips of the mountain, and almost the same length of time before the flood of recession started to recede. At that time the opposition threw diatribes and invectives similar to what is being thrown at President Buhari now, at him. But he remained focussed and steadfast. Eventually he succeeded. ‘While wailing, howling or even cursing from the populace will certainly not help our situation, pretence, conceit or sheer optimism from government quarters also is no panacea for the economic infirmity bedevilling our Nation. ‘This situation calls for an end to extreme partisanship in the face of a major threatening national emergency. ‘We need to, and we must put all hands on deck. May be President Buhari’s famous quote”….We have no other country that we can call our own” is more apt now than “the change begins with me ” mantra, which may not be as bad as it is being presented, except that the cliche was coming almost 18months late. It would have been better received if it was part of the inaugural speech of the president. Dr,mrs, Okonjo Iweala must have a rethink. This is not about Buhari or Apc, it is about the survival of over 20% of black population in the world. It is about the continued existence of the most populous nation in Africa. It is about Nigeria, the only nation where black history and heritage can be redefined. We must bring in all our aces, Kalu Ndika Kalu, Soludo, Rewani, Tunde Lemo, Utomi, shanmsudeen, our revered Emir of Kano and a host of others. Recession is a word, I agree, but a very challenging word describing a critical problem. But it is a challenge. Nations have gone in and out of recessions before now, we can jointly, working together , find answer to this thorny all encompassing national malaise. Does the President need emergency powers to deal with this situation ? I answer YES in the affirmative even though I have reservations . But truth is sacrosanct . Monies must be spent that cannot wait for the normal process of legislative approvals. Actions must be taking by the President and his executives that cannot wait for the usual debates in our hallowed legislative chambers. But alas, there are fears, genuine fears of abuse of such powers, especially against political opponents. Perhaps this is what we need to debate and work on and ensure that all such possibilities are eliminated with legislative craftiness and deftness that cannot be wanting amongst the robust body of our legislators . But if the president must lead this struggle against Recession such legal framework will assist him greatly.’


OSINANL said...

Doyin may thunder fire you

Saphire Muna said...

Buhari will rather let Nigeria economy and Nigerians to die than to employ the service of this amiable woman.... Yes he hate her and her tribe that much......

............. Liber maniac..........

OSINANL said...


Uju Phil said...

Does the President needs an assistance, it's only when a person needs and appreciates an assistance, one will be able and ready to offer one. You can't render help to an arrogant person who doesn't even appreciate it!

livingstone chibuike said...


freeborn bamislam suani ahmad bamislam said...

Shameless yoruba chamelon..
terrorist buhari and his scam useless party don't need any sympathy or support from Jonathan wonderful team@all because terrorist buhari is a hypocrite,clueless and illiterate.
Nigeria must remain like this,this is how they want it by voting terrorist buhari so they should enjoy the CHOKE THE VOTED FOOLS.

#sad indeed

Bonita Bislam said...

It is only when situation like this arises, that we get to see a true patriot. A patriotic Nigerian will bury the hatchet for the sake of National interest. I'm not so much interested in Okonjo Iweala,i wish the government will give Soludo all the support to proffer solutions to our economy.

freeborn bamislam suani ahmad bamislam said...

Shameless yoruba chamelon..
terrorist buhari and his scam useless party don't need any sympathy or support from Jonathan wonderful team@all because terrorist buhari is a hypocrite,clueless and illiterate.
Nigeria must remain like this,this is how they want it by voting terrorist buhari so they should enjoy the CHOKE THE VOTED FOOLS.

#sad indeed

ADeSeWa said...

Hmmm,Na wa oo

obiora said...

Please reconsider ma and forget about what Oshiomole and his fellow baboons said about you. You've got to rescue us in your own capacity.

Iphie Abraham said...

After calling her all sorts of names and accusing her of looting right? Buhari should employ his ancestors to help him

Lib addict#just passing#

christie benjamin said...

Doyin bullock Okupe shud know that there's something call "loyalty" and Mrs Okonjo is not one to break it. Not everybody is an asshole like Doyin! APC led administration shud clean up their mess and Mrs. Ngozi won't be part of that clean up!

dee boi said...

Apc no send una... dee

onyinye Gloria said...

Buhari wld rather die dan employ an igbo woman. Bunch of illiterates ruling a Nation! It is well sha

Eleojo Blessing said...


Anonymous said...

Wish u took ur time ⌚ to even read 📖 not just glance the headlines

Vivian Reginalds said...

she shd bera stand by her word
-D great anonymous now as Vivian Reginalds

Obiageli Ukwuegbu said...

I agree hmmmm rather coming late

Esere George said...

Let soludo take in

APPLE said...

Please allow madam Okonjo rest! APC should continue with their baby finance minister.

APPLE said...

APC should clean up their mess.

David Uche said...

@ChristieBenjamin ur comment is the best response to Doyin's pleas..

Juliet Iwuno said...

I can't deal abeg. Linda take note!

Anonymous said...

Soludo? Really?

anita gold said...


Bro you get bad mouth o

Anonymous said...

OsinanL and Bislam, I swear to God both of you are irredeemable educated illiterates, including Stern, all of you never grasp anything and it is shocking.

Which schools did you people attend , what courses? You all need to get back to secondary schools, all that easily gets off your heads are insults and never well thought solutions or offers, shame! Name Chika

Anonymous said...

It's amazing the comments I read here sometimes.I wonder what will be left of this country when we the youths have to govern it.we need to be constructive in our criticism and stop being cyber bullies. This man piece is a good one and to not see that and be blinded by all this political and tribal issues is already a problem on its own. Linda and all other bloggers when are you going to lend a voice to the stuggle and stop talking so much about Kylie and toke.we have a problem that's looming and our kids will have to bear the brunt of this and we are all here insulting each other and giving u necessary attention to things that don't matter.Linda let's remember you for greatness and not wealth,my fellow youths let's start to think and stop being judge Judy. Take part in the made in Nigeria conference,join the yali network,start in your community,school and offices.lets make our country better and stop all this gamble with our future. I weep for this nation,I always had faith but my peers have become something else and forgotten all the family values we were taught. God help us all to see the light and work on the things that matter the most. I wonder where all our humanity has gone,everyone is filled with hate and we are all blinded by it. The dead are lucky and dos who died for anything for this country are not proud of what we have become.

ING said...

Mama Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala we are missing you. Nigeria economy is sinking, your fatherland needs your help. You advised Nigeria in 2012 to take away the fuel subsidy but some agberos gathered in Lagos to frustrate you and Nigeria. You wanted to build a strong sovereign wealth funds for Nigeria but this boys Amaechi, Oshiomhole and Fashola gang up to frustrate you. APC has reduced the economy you raised to number 1 to zero and still no direction. The good Lord will continue to bless you with good health.

Let APC swallow the humble pie and call Madam Okonjo-Iweala back. Corruption to by all means to nail former administration has caused more harm than good in the system

ochuko olukayode joseph said...

doyin okupe it is called one Nigeria. http://dollarcell.com/?ref=496641

ola Awire said...

APC fail

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Grace n Truth said...

Doyin please leave OkonjoIweala alone. Instead of the rubbish you have written you should have asked this wicked administration to take out full adverts in the papers and apologize to the woman for the way they abused her for no reason other than sheer wickedness. Has Oshiomole been disciplined for all the lies he spewed against her? Have the APC government rejected all the lies and evil attacks against her. The woman has carried on with her life so leave her out. She has said that she is not the only repository of knowledge so please go ahead and call all the others you named in your article to do the job if they can.

Anonymous said...

Never! I love OkonjoIweala and she should never consider serving under this evil government. God has promoted her because He saw her hands are clean and how hard she worked. What did she get in return? Abuse upon abuse by APC and witch hunting. After all their witchhunting her Ahmed Joda in frustration admitted that the woman never took a Kobo. APC is an evil association and they will pay for what they tried to do to OkonjoIweala's reputation. Thank God they failed.

Anonymous said...

Soludo is desperately looking for a job so a jobless man like him should be called. OkonjoIweala is too busy to pay attention to such silly articles like Doyin Okupe's. After all the APC witch hunting Ahmed Joda finally admitted that the woman is a through professional and never took a kobo. All who tried and failed to tarnish her good name will pay for it. The suffering in the land is part of the punishment for the evil APC as opposition tried to put on her by making sure the Nigeri a economy collapsed under her watch but God helped her to carry the economy and now Nigerians know the difference. . But look now. The snare they set for her the APC schemers have fallen into it. God punish the devil.

Ifeanyi Ikemefuna said...

First this government that has demonised her and her former employer must tender a public apology before she would even contemplate rendering her services once again.

Jamila Shaibu said...


Anonymous said...

Don't mind them. Now you need of help of igbo women.

Anonymous said...

Tell me about it. They are sell out

Anonymous said...

Mrs Kemi Adeosun is more than capable, we don't need the service of old
perceived-intelligent-people that brought us to this point. we need fresh young and vibrant people who can take us out.

Anonymous said...

Only if Buhari and his team will humble themselves


Has PMB asked her yet???

Ify Chude said...

good trial Doyin but unfortunately you are speaking for set of people who don't even care, people who wants to hold unto power as long as it takes, people who are do insensitive to ordinary Nigerians, power mongers, people who don't believe in common sense, people who believe they were born to rule and not lead, people without vision, bunch of people who do not agree, a group of people whose leader isn't Y2k compliant..... And on! And on!
Donyin I wish you luck..

Design Geek said...

The economic situation has really gotten out of hand. I just hope for an immediate intervention from proven experts irrespective of their political background.

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Anonymous said...

Do not rubbish ur image in ds gvt.let dm d way dy r,claiming to know all.

Emeka Emeritus said...

Doyin, it is good you cited Obama as an example, but it is also important that we understand what he did. Obama got an approval from the Congress of a stimulus package (over $700B)and injected into the private sector in form of loan. The beneficiaries include the US construction, renewable energy and automobile industries like Chrysler, GM, GE, etc. They have all paid back the loan within 4-5 years, and the auto industries revolutionized their cars and trucks to outcompete Japanese and German auto.
Now this is the question. into which private sector is Buhari going to inject money? How are the loans going to be paid back?
Borrowing money to state governments to pay salary is not a route to recovery. And that's exactly what APC and BUhari will do.
Now Buhari will understand (if he can)that merit and competency in governance is more important than loyalty and tribalism.

Anonymous said...

Adams Oshomole can do the Job very well.what happened to all his allegations against Okonjo lweala. if he channel same energy he used trying to pull this Amazon down ,he can fix nigeria.It is a pity for this country.tell me how longer and number of children Aisha can feed through her pet project.she will soon extend it to youths and aged because hunger is spreading like wild fire.My brother DR Chris Ngige once said it was opposition party that cry about hunger in the land. oga when last did you visit home? try and visit and help take a message to mr president with out sentiments.#hunger in the land#

Anonymous said...

Until Kemi fucks baba to his grave before you realize that Kemi "didn't" know jack

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this epistle but it's just that. An epistle. Firstly we have issues in Nigeria, most of which are older than me and maybe my parents sef. Suggesting they will go away over night is silly. There has to be a systematic way of dealing with our problems. Tribalism is centered around the reluctance of the Govt to recognize the notion of naturalization. Google that pls.
Secondly Linda can be known for anything she pleases, the fact that most of it so far has been positive is a big credit to her. After all you can't say that of most of your leaders so pls leave Linda's name outta your mouth.
Contrary to your myopic directive for guys to take part in yALi etc, It is Same Nigerians that are involved in these networks so I really don't get your point. Besides at some point we must start speaking the truth. Made in Nigeria is currently shit. The quality of materials and skill of production staff is poor. For us to genuinely say buy made in Nigeria, there must be a push to increase access to training to support businesses. Otherwise you'd find that made in Nigeria is purely for the poor and the rich will continue to buy made in turkey or worse made in China. Made in China is still much better than Made in Nigeria at this time. For instance we had to change our Nigerian made computers because they do not support Microsoft Office '13. No matter how cheap they were, it eventually cost more to buy Nigerian and ended up like "muda".
Lastly, you still ended up doing same thing you accuse others of. Judging the intellect of people whose opinions you have assumed by reading one or two comments. You never proffered any solution and ended up talking about dead people. How did we get there?
The truth is that peeps on here are reacting to their reality. A reality that is fuzzy. While I support the constructive point, I'd politely ask that you respect their struggle and leave them to vent, this is probably the only safe zone to do same. Dont take that away. Otherwise you'd see this reaction on the streets.
God bless you plenty, hold on to your strife to make Nigeria better, I'm with you

Anonymous said...

We don't need someone who turned a blind eye on corruption just because she was enjoying the pecks of office

zion said...

Did you just call Soludo a Jobless man?Prof Charles Soludo consults for more than 100 organization all over the world,don't think everybody is an Internet goat like you

sholetoga said...

Doyin Okupe should mind his business. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala is a principled person, she shouldn't accept to work with this clueless and visionless evil APC government. She should leave them with their trial and error government. ..Buhari should constitute economic team or resign and let people who have the capacity to run the economy take over power

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