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Thursday, 29 September 2016

Chemical peel, your ticket to flawless skin

Are you one of those who have battled with sunburn, dark knuckles, freckles, uneven skin tone and acne spots all your life? You find it difficult to step outside without applying layers of makeup to cover these blemishes.  Trust me, you need to try a chemical peel.

You are probably wondering how anyone opt for a treatment with “chemical” and “peel” in it. I bet you think it’s some form of skin bleaching technique but it is not a bleaching technique and it is not half as scary as it sounds.

Do you know that chemical peels were done centuries ago in Egypt, Greece and Rome for skin rejuvenation?  They are still the main stay of recommended treatments by dermatologists and aestheticians till today.

What is a chemical peel?

Chemical peeling, also termed chemexfoliation, represents accelerated exfoliation or skin damage induced by caustic agents that cause controlled damage. The trauma to the skin then results in thickening of the epidermis, deposition of collagen and reorganization of structural elements. In simple terms, a chemical solution is applied on the face which then strips off  the first layer of the skin; getting rid of hyperpigmentation, acne and other skin blemishes and revealing youthful skin.
Prior to getting a chemical peel done, the skin is firstly conditioned and prepared weeks before the procedure. Other factors put in place include the technique selection, the patients' skin type (colour, thickness, oiliness, fragility, laxity), skin damage, goals of the procedure and  depth to reach.

 What are the types of chemical peels?

Depending on the depth of injury, chemical peels are graded into superficial, medium or deep. Light/ superficial peels stimulate epidermal growth; medium peels cause epidermal regeneration and upper dermal renewal while deep peels cause epidermal and dermal regeneration.
Widely used peels include salicylic acid peels, glycolic peels, trichloroacetic peels and combination peels depending on your skin care concern.

Who needs a chemical peel?

If you have any of the following skin care concerns, then a chemical peel might just be right for you:
• Post inflammatory hyperpigmentation (e.g sunburn)
• Periorbital hyperpigmentation ( dark circles around the eyes)
• Superficial acne scars
• Post acne pigmentation
• Comedonal acne
• Acne vulgaris - Mild to moderately severe acne
• Photoaging ( skin aging caused by sun exposure)
• Fine superficial wrinkling
• Dilated pores
• Superficial scars
• Melasma (pregnancy mask)
• Dark knuckles

What to expect after a chemical peel

The general outcome is excellent once your expectations are ideally linked with the strength of the peel to be done. The skin might be slightly inflamed and dry with resultant peeling of the upper layer of the skin as well as the blemishes. The results are highly dependent on the skin care concern and depth of the peel.
 On the average, 3-6 treatments, often 2-4 weeks apart are recommended. In many cases, maintenance treatments are needed in order to maintain the improvement.

At Laserderm clinics, we have a wide range of chemical peels customised to suit your skin care need. These range from the image skin care designer peels, Zein Obagi 3 step peels, Vipeels to the mesoesthetic cosmelan peel and lots more. Our chemical peels are strictly performed by qualified doctors with your skin properly conditioned before the main procedure.

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