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Tuesday, 27 September 2016

At last, a portable emergency floatation device that can keep you afloat in water and save you from drowning!

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Two postgraduate students drown during friend's birthday party at the beach; NYSC member drowns in river while on primary assignment; Six drown as commercial boat capsizes;  Managing director drowns in a freak boat accident;

Paramilitary personnel drowns while chasing notorious criminal along waterways; Top government  official losses son in swimming pool drowning incidence; Senior police officer drowns in pool on Val’s day; Four dam inspectors drown as their boat overturns…  The reports go on and on.

Heartbreaking, but shockingly true - accidental drowning is fast becoming a leading cause of death among young, vibrant and upwardly mobile Nigerians. This sad development is not only very painful to the affected families and friends, it is a huge loss to the nation as a whole, especially now that all capable hands are needed in the civic task of resuscitating our ailing economy.

In a bid to ameliorate this ugly trend, Tosco Tech Systems Ltd, a company with focus on technological innovations, is introducing to the Nigerian market, the Kingii Anti Drowning Device – an invention that is taking the whole world by storm and setting a new standard in water safety.

The only easily available device that can help people stay afloat in water besides children’s floaties is the lifejacket. However, lifejackets are not designed for pool or beach use and people tend to be discouraged from using them even in boats and ferries because they are usually quite bulky and uncomfortable to wear. Because of this general attitude, people are more likely to be found without a safety net to fall back on when a dreadful water emergency occurs.

The new Kingii is a small inflatable floatation device that is designed to be worn on the wrist like a wrist watch when one is in or around water. Its small size and ergonomic design make it a more convenient alternative to a lifejacket, especially for those who would ordinarily forgo wearing one. Because it is quite discreet in appearance and does not restrict movement in water when not activated, the Kingii also makes a dependable safety accessory for funseekers around swimming pools and beaches.

The Kingii consists of a bright orange inflatable airbag, folded up in a pouch and integrated onto a wrist strap alongside a replaceable compressed carbon dioxide cartridge. Pulling a lever instantly triggers a gas cartridge release mechanism to inflate the airbag with carbon dioxide (much like a car airbag) and provide buoyancy to an accidentally submerged person. Once inflated, the person in distress can then wrap his/her arms around the airbag to remain afloat long enough to be rescued or swim to safety.
In addition to the airbag, there is a whistle to signal for help and a compass to help you navigate back to shore if need be. After use, the airbag can be completely deflated, refolded up and repacked in its pouch. Attach a new carbon dioxide cartridge and the Kingii is ready to be used again.

• Premium quality - Made in the USA.
• Light weight and compact – Smallest inflatable floatation device in the world. Not bulky like the lifejacket but small and light enough to fit in your pocket or handbag to give you peace of mind whenever you are in or around water.
• Ergonomic design –Straps comfortably unto your wrist and allows you swim without any restriction when not inflated. Can be worn without interfering with your favorite water activities. Also suitable for children 6 years and older.
• Discreet – Encourages weak swimmers to gain more confidence in water when not inflated. Allows them push the boundaries of fear without taking risks and saves them the embarrassment of wearing chunky inflatable accessories.
• Fashionable – Trendy design will compliment your beach attire/swimwear, water sports gear or every day outfit.
• Quick to deploy – Airbag inflates in 3 seconds.
• Rugged - Airbag is tough and can stay inflated for 48 hours.
• Small but packs a big punch - The inflated Kingii weighs just 142 grams yet can maintain a 130kg adult’s buoyancy in water.
• Simple to operate - Pull the lever and the airbag deploys, pulling you to safety if you are accidentally submerged in water.
• Reusable – The carbon dioxide cartridge is easily replaceable so you can reuse your Kingii as many times as needed.
• Highly visible - Bright orange airbag can be spotted in open water for miles.
• Comes with functional accessories - Built-in compass will help you navigate to safety while attached whistle helps alert rescuers of your position.

• A healthy must-wear safety product for public swimming pools and beaches, private pools and water sports enthusiasts.
• Non-intrusive and dependable addition to your gear when snorkeling, kayaking, surfing, fishing or engaging in any of your other favorite aquatic activities.

• Eliminates the fear of drowning and gives the beginner swimmer more confidence in water – a key to learning how to swim.
• Opens up a new world to non-swimmers who hitherto were held back from enjoying the pleasures of swimming because of the fear of drowning.
• Helps in cases where there are no professional lifeguards or adult swimmers present to supervise children in water.
• Provides an extra layer of protection against drowning resulting from temporary swimming incapacitation due to cramping, seizures or exhaustion.

• Perfect safety equipment for man overboard (MOB) situations.
• Reliable safety measure to guard against accidental drowning in boating mishaps.
• Provides additional line of protection for commuters on public boats and ferries at the crucial points of entry and exit.
• Provides anxiety-free boat rides and cruises.
• Improves water safety and enhances the boating experience

• Boaters and water sports enthusiasts.
• Public boats and ferry passengers.
• Holiday makers and fun seekers around swimming pools and beaches.
• Families with private pools.
• Private schools with swimming pools.
• Hotels and health clubs
• NYSC members posted to coastal and riverine areas.
• Paramilitary, police and military personnel.
• Government officials on tours to coastal and riverine areas.
• Workers in the maritime, oil and gas industry.
The Kingii is now available for purchase HERE and get yours now while stock lasts. For more information visit us, drop us a mail or call us: +234807-567-0000.
Hurry, jump on board the Kingii bandwagon and join us in the fight to put an end to accidental drownings in Nigeria! Get a Kingii today for yourself, your family members and your dear friends.


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Anonymous said...

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It's a welcome innovation. Nice one and it doesn't inconvenience.

. ~BONARIO~says so via NOKIA LUMIA

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...merited happiness

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price - N40,000.00! this is too much considering the economic situation, the product will be of good to those crossing the Mediterranean sea

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Ok good

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Nice innovation. Hope it doesn't cost a fortune.

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Amos Mohammed said...

Very nice but the price matters.even tho our life is priceless.

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Hmmmmmm,nice one. Buh i'll rather wear life jacket than this electronic kinikon.

Might just fail u wen u need it d more

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Nice one! Linda take note!

Eleojo Blessing said...

Really nice nd thoughtful of dem

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