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Tuesday, 27 September 2016

4 reasons why students don’t get their study abroad visas

Getting a study abroad visa should be a very simple process; however it will require a lot of experience to avoid making silly mistakes. Note, simple does not mean easy. All that is needed for a refusal may just be as simple as ''typo error'', or ''an omission'' or ''an ill-preparation'' for a visa interview, so all 'Is' should be crossed and 'Ts' dotted before applying
Let’s talk about some four documents you need (this is not exclusive, depending on your study location and course of study);
1. Proof of Final Acceptance
If you plan to study abroad (or in Canada specifically), the school you want to attend must complete and send you a Letter of Acceptance. You must include the original letter with your study permit application. In case you need to make decisions on the choice of school, courses, location and other preferences. You can contact the FREE Study Abroad Call Centre on.....
2. Proof of Identity
You must have and provide a valid Intentional Passport or travel document and two recent passport-size photos of you (information on photo specifications available upon enquiry). Your name and date of birth should be written on the back of each photo. You also need some information like passport validity-duration to make sure you are not refused.
3. Proof of Financial Support
While applying to study abroad, you must prove that you can support yourself. You can prove that you have sufficient funds to support yourself abroad (UK, US Canada or Ireland) by showing some of the following:
·         Proof of a student/education Scholarship (if on private or Govt. scholarship)
·         Your bank statement (if self-sponsored) or Sponsor's bank statement (if enjoying a sponsorship) for the past six months
·         Proof of payment of tuition and accommodation fees;
·         A letter of sponsorship from the person or institution sponsoring you
Note: There are minimum amounts you need to have in your accounts (aside your tuition fees) and there are other documents required depending on your destination and course of study.
4. Letter of Intent or Personal Statement
This is where a lot of prospective students miss it. Whilst making you application for visa, applicants should be able to convince the Entry Clearance Officer on why they have chosen to do the programme they want to study and why the ECO should grant them the visa to go on the programme. A lot of Nigerian applicants usually get it wrong here as they are not schooled in the right way to write one
The letter will inform the visa officer that you understand your options.
There is a format for this letter. A detailed counselling session in an organization with over 15years experience working with all embassies WILL help.
Knowing that the Higher Institutions in Nigeria cannot fully support the young people that need to study and that the young people of Nigeria need in-depth international content in their knowledge base for local development, The FREE Study Abroad Call Centre has been set-up across all geo-political zones of Nigeria to massively assist students who intend to complete their studies in Canada, Ireland, UK, USA, Australia, Singapore and other institutions abroad.
The Study Abroad Call Centre can be reached on 08062700622, 07033383220, 08068559860, 08186985996


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