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Friday, 25 March 2016

No more worries about broken screens

Slot is offering Nigerians Screen Warranty services. This service is aimed at protecting mobile phone screens against accidental damage. ‎ The cost of replacing any damaged or smashed screen of mobile phones that are bought from any SLOT store will be borne completely.

This will save customers from the stress and high cost of replacing cracked or shattered screens of their mobile phones. To enjoy this service, simply walk into any of our stores nationwide, Purchase any phone and pay a service charge.

The service charge ranges from #500 and above and it covers for 1 year (terms and conditions apply). The Screen Warranty option is also available on and the Slot Mobile App.

Download below
Apple App Store :

Google play store :


Juliet Iwuno said...

Dats a good one. Linda take note!

GREAtson Vieriche CJ said...

Good one!

Pretty face said...

Ok, seen

huyt koil said...

Check out
Its all about warranty and for all electronics and phone users.
Slot should partner....

ghipanache said...

Very Gud n welcomed dev

Lasbury Dabibi said...

Rubbish. Slot never redeems their warranty. Not once, not twice, not just me but several persons I know and non was ever redeemed. They took several serious bashing on Facebook when they posted this warranty rubbish. Linda take note!

nonny said...

Jst passing!!

otee elizabeth said...


Anonymous said...

Lasbury you are correct. I bought my done in thier store and I man was fighting dem for failure to honour their warranty. Ndi ori..

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