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Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Introducing Calgovit; Nigeria's first sugar free effervescent vitamin supplement

Calgovit© vitamin supplements are a unique blend of vitamins and minerals designed for the modern man with benefits that aids his health and productivity at work or at play. Calgovit© comes in different pack sizes of 20 and 10 tablets. It is very light and easy to carry around whenever you need to get your daily dose of vitamin refreshment. Calgovit© comes in different variants with natural fruit flavours such as sweet orange, sparkling raspberry, tangy lemon and delicious strawberry.

Calgovit© range of products includes the following;

1)        Calgovit High strength vitamin c (1000mg)

2)        Calgovit Calcium with vitamin c and D3

3)        Calgovit Multivitamin for kids

Calgovit© vitamin c supplement contains 1000mg of vitamin c per tablet that is a powerful antioxidant which boosts the immune system and enhances the disease fighting capacity of the body. It comes in sweet orange and sparkling raspberry flavour

Calgovit© calcium with vitamin c and vitamin D3 offers a unique source of calcium supplementation coupled with vitamin d3 which helps to improve calcium absorption in the body. Calcium helps to strengthen bones and teeth and helps to prevent osteoporosis. It comes in Zesty lemon flavour

Calgovit© multivitamin for kids contains over 12 vitamin and minerals and it helps to sustain growth and development in children. It comes in a delicious strawberry flavour.

Calgovit© offers a very powerful support for those living hectic lifestyles and top performers generally. It helps to improve circulation, strength, rejuvenation and oxygenation through a well balanced blend of vitamins and minerals.

The effervescent delivery system ensures better absorption as backed by science, which means better results plus a better experience for users. Calgovit© is made specifically for the active person who wants real nutrition without the stress of added sugar and calories. Calgovit© is just simply 20 delicious drinks in a tube. Dissolve that tablet in a glass of water and experience the fun of effervescence through a drink that boosts your energy and vitality naturally.

 Calgovit© represents the new norm in vitamin supplementation with important benefits that young professionals crave; lower calories, no sugar, no caffeine and no binding agents.

 Calgovit© as a brand, aims to promote a sugar free lifestyle for Nigerians. You can visit our website to download a FREE 30 day sugar free plan based on 100% Nigerian diet -

All variants of Calgovit© can also be found in leading pharmacies nationwide and online on


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PrettyChi said...


Nnenne George said...


Bonarios girlfriend said...

Thats a good one,i hope it does what it promises.

res ipsa

ghipanache said...

Cool,got one already

Anonymous said...

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Charles Okafor said...


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Anonymous said...

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dj banti said...

Linda leave that thing sugar day inside

ed DREAMZ said...

Oooky seen....

Damolia De Best said...



NaijaDeltaBabe said...

Hmmm...looks yummy

...merited happiness

Charles E said...

Sugar free indeed... there are sweeteners a 100 x worse than sugar which producers use so they can claim sugar free. So sugar free is not a deception people should fall for

Juliet Iwuno said...

Nice! Linda take note!

Ogbukwa Blessing said...

Ok seen

Pretty face said...

Ok, seen

Pretty face said...

Ok, seen

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Jamila Shaibu said...

Good one

Anonymous said...

Amazing product, i've used these products especially the vitamin C and i must say it has a real fruity taste and it has helped me reduce my cravings for sodas and other soft drinks. Calgovit is da bomb!!!
it also helped me when i had flu.

ikechukwu patsy Blog said...

This is pure chemicals no parents should fall for this. Artificial sweetners are more deadly than anything you can think of.

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