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Thursday, 17 March 2016

Ike Eze, Former Silicon Valley Founder Invites You to Join The Technology In Silicon Valley Trip

Last week, a 7 day trip to Silicon Valley (bit.ly/TechInSV) was presented, targeted at Technology Entrepreneurs, Heads of Technology, Systems Architects and Developers, E-Banking Heads/Teams, Telecom Technical Teams and Technology media. (To find out more click here.)

The trip, holding from May 7th –May 15th, is organised by Pocket Presents, a Nigerian based platform focused on global knowledge transfer, in collaboration with The African Network (TAN) and the African Technology Foundation (ATF), two Silicon Valley based organizations. The trip will allow 20 participants visit Silicon Valley companies like Google, Facebook, Airbnb, 500 Startups, Uber, Twitter, 4info, Oracle, SAP, etc. 

Ike Eze – a former Silicon Valley founder with  20 years’ experience, 3 tech startups with 3 exits, and Executive Director of Strategy and Corporate Development at eTranzact, sits on the advisory board of The African Network and is a member of the Lagos Angel Network – spoke about the purpose of the trip during an informational event at Cre8/CafĂ© Neo in Victoria Island last week. 

He said:                       

“In the few years since I returned, I have been advising and investing in smart entrepreneurs and met lots of amazing people building awesome platforms in industries ranging from telecommunication to payments, advertising, marketplaces, ecommerce, etc., but the question a lot of them have a difficult time answering is how they would scale.

I have witnessed banking platforms, government portals, large ecommerce websites and other businesses in Nigeria experience technology downtimes that could have easily been avoided if the issue of scalability and high availability were considered as demand grew. 

This and more are the reasons why I, with the Pocket Presents team, TAN and ATF, reached out to top companies such as Google, Facebook, and other in Silicon Valley that have scaled from a few thousand to millions of users.”

The trip will achieve the following things and more:

– Learn from top companies, sustaining a 2-way conversation with teams of leading technology companies in Silicon Valley
– Develop direct relationships with Silicon Valley practitioners
– Transfer tangible technology know-how to efficiently scale

Links to the video, presentation and brochures shared at the event are below, and the Pocket Presents team can be contacted by sending an email to info@onlypocket.com or filling the form on the website bit.ly/TechInSV
Tech In Silicon Valley Presentation
Event Video:
Brochures: Technology In Silicon Valley Brochure and Things to do in San Francisco


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