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Sunday, 21 February 2016

Understanding Proper Data Analytics

Data analytics is the process of analyzing raw data to uncover hidden patterns, such as Market trends, Data correlations, Customer preferences, Performance analysis, and other useful business information that enables companies and organisations make better, informed, data backed decisions. 

Applications of Analytics covers all departments in an organization including; Marketing, Finance, Customer Service, Risk, Sales. In today’s challenging and competitive environment, Data Analytics cannot be overlooked to stay ahead of the competition. 

With Data Analytics,a new concept in most organisations, we are sometimes short of proper understanding of what it really entails or what value it brings to the table. Without this understanding managers cannot decide if it is worth the financial investment and analysts do not know if acquiring skills in data analytics would increase their analytical abilities and professional worth.
This course is focused on developing an all-round understanding of Data Analytics, its strengths and areas of applications. It will separate the myth from the facts and give participants a practitioner’s view of what data analytics really entails by adopting real scenarios to buttress key points. Data Analytics is a bit more than you envisaged.
There are very limited slots. To register reach Evans on 08135487554, 07012956959 and eotalor@gmail.com or Michael on 08089382423 andmike@urbizedge.com
Course Duration
1 Day
Course Delivery
This course is non-technical and is focused on understanding of analytics concepts and processes. It is a key step for organisations that intend to leverage data analytics to improve processes and for analysts that intend to venture into the world of data analytics
Target Participants
Managers, Analysts, Analytics enthusiasts
Course Outline
·         Introduction to Data
o   What is Data
o   Data structure
o   Data Gathering
o   Data Storage
·         Introduction to Business Analytics
o   Analytical Thinking
o   Understanding Data
o   Analytical Process
·         Analytical Grouping
o   Descriptive Statistics
o   Predictive Analytics
o   Prescriptive Analytics
·         Microsoft Excel
·         Advanced Analytical Platforms
o   R/Python
o   SAS/SPSS/Knime/Alteryx
·         Business Intelligence and Data Visualization Platforms
o   PowerBI
o   Tableau/Spotfire/Qlik
Analytics Models
·         Monitoring models
·         Management models
·         Decision models
Analytical Projects
·         Sales Analytics
·         Marketing Analytics
·         Social Media Analytics
·         Risk Analytics
·         Process Optimization
Evans Otalor (BSc, MSc, ACSI)
Evans is currently the Principal Quantitative Solutions Consultant at Ingress Solutions. He is an experienced analytics professional with demonstrated track record successfully structuring and managing analytic projects with Banks, TELCOs, and FMCGs.
Skilled in the application of Mathematical and Statistical Methods to collect, organize, interpret, and summarize data for quantitative modelling projects that include both Data Analysis and Predictive Modelling to aid insight extraction, Risk Disclosure, Reporting, Measuring, Monitoring, and Predicting.
Highly experienced in Financial Modelling, Business Analysis, and Data Mining.  Expert user of Microsoft Applications (Including MS Excel, Data Mining Add-in, Power BI, and PowerPoint), R, SPSS Modeler, Alteryx, Knime, Spotfire, Tableau, and various Data Analysis/Visualization tools.


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Yup! Data analytics is vital in all industries...even Bloggers need this knowledge.

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olumide abiodun said...

Yup! Data analytics is vital in all industries...even Bloggers need this knowledge.

The Agege Bread Seller Story is Not Entirely Fake

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