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Friday, 19 February 2016

Do not delay your child’s success…a must read for parents

This is a sponsored post.
As a parent, how would you feel if your son or daughter got a scholarship to an A-list secondary school free of charge for the next 6 years or if they got the best result in one of the Nation-wide examinations: Common entrance, WAEC, JAMB, NECO, GCE or maybe SATS or IGCSE Success is every parent’s dream for their kids but it certainly comes at the price of relentless dedication and sacrifice to see that dream come true. Continue reading..

Over the past few years, through the results of our tutees we have convinced not 1 or 2 but hundreds of clients that getting a tutor for their kids is a sure-fire way to boost their academic performance.
Perhaps no single story highlights the benefits of getting a Prepclass tutor as much as the short account provided by Ms Caroline, one of our clients in Surulere, Lagos

Getting a prepclass tutorfor my daughter, Debbie was one of the best decisions I made 2 years ago. It was a difficult decision for me being a single mother who was facing certain amounts of financial constraintsbut I was so concerned about my only daughter and her academic performance was paramount.Since Miss Temi, the Prepclass tutor started teaching her there has been progressive improvement in Debbie’s grades. She was usually within the range of 45% - 55% but gradually moved up to an average of 78% after9 months and above was above 90% around September last year.

Debbie’s entrance resultsinto 3 of the top secondary schools in Nigeria was so outstanding that she got a full scholarship offer from one and a part scholarship from the other. Miss Temi was the perfect tutor for Debbie. They both spend time tackling past likely questions. The burden of helping her with homework was taken off me. Her class notes were duly supervised, her performance was well monitored.  

I could have gotten a teacher from the school but getting someone with a totally different technique really helped.Getting a tutor has never been easier than using prepclass, simply fill their home tutor request form here, They take extra pain in ensuring that they understand your needs, a client relationship officer will visit you to understand what your expectations are and determine the kind of tutor that would be capable of fulfilling your expectation. In our case, they got us a professional female tutor who lives close by, had a lot of exposure and experience and Prepclass was constantly providing support in regard to curriculum and even materials for the tutors.

Getting a tutor is really an investment. Sending your child to school is nothing special, but getting a prepclass tutor for your child is that extra mile you can go to in order see your child excel far beyond the his or her peers.

How do you reach them?
Simply call 01-2913790 or go to get a tutor from them today. You can drop by at their new office which is on the 3rd floor 315 herbert macualay road Yaba lagos.

Whether you need a tutor in Lagos for your child who is having academic/learning difficulties, for exam preparation, language learning, skill/music learning etc. Prepclass has over 15,000 tutors in Lagos alone who can handle any level of subject complexity and bring out the very best in your child.

We also prepare adults and teenagers for GMAT, GRE, IELTS, PTE, IGCSE, SAT, TOEFL and other international examinations. We have experienced and knowledge tutors across a broad spectrum of subjects or courses. We are the one-stop destination for you to learn anything at the comfort of your home

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