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Sunday, 31 January 2016

Start 2016 with a bang! Own Prime Plot in Lekki with CofO

Get ahead and own a land in Lekki, be in the know of the best offer the year has got with Pennek Nigeria limited. We provide the prime plots of land in Lekki for you to make your dream home come true.
Why also invest in Ibeju Lekki? Ibeju Lekki is the new Face, the new frontier, the future and the new focus of business in Lagos.
Its home to High net worth of people and businesses such as the prestigious Dangote Refinery and Fertilizer Plant, The Lekki Free trade Zone LFTZ, The Lekki Epe International Airport , The Lekki Deep Sea Port and Of course the Golf Course and many more Tourist and Business Attraction.
Lekki Southern Villa Annex 1 is just a 12 minute drive from VGC. The Estate is in strategic proximity to major developments & Estates like the new Emperor Estate, the new Shoprite, Fountain Spring-Ville, Diamond Estate, Pearl Garden, and the Monastery.
Lekki Southern Villa 2 is a 10 minute drive from Phase 1.
The land comes with an excellent Title, ideal as a home for a contemporary family or as a very
profitable investment opportunity for an individual or company.
10m/plot – Lekki Southern Villa annex 1
5.5m/plot – Lekki Southern Villa Phase 2
Why should you invest in this project?
  • It’s a serene environment ideal for a contemporary family
  • Accessibility of the estate to the major road
  • It’s situated in a secure environment
  • It’s a profitable investment for any individual or organization
  • It’s well positioned in the Lekki-Epe axis
  • Closeness to similar estates and other social amenities like the market, malls etc.
  • Competitive prices in comparison to similar plots in the area
  • Huge discount available
  • Flexible Payment options also available
PEN Gardens is located near the LFTZ in Ibeju-Lekki area of Lagos on a Peninsula bordered on the south by the Atlantic Ocean and on the North by Lekki Lagoon near the new airport.
1.8m/plot – PEN Gardens Phase 2
Note: Discounts are on 3 plots and above
For Details and Flexible Payment Plans, Call us today!
Hotline: 0700PENNEKNIG (0700736635644)
08122493114, 08122493117, 
08186692072, 09020906507
Also feel free to check on us at our office or online!


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