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Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Music Meets Runway 2013 Model Casting

The successful hit show Music Meets Runway (MMR) has finally kicked off its journey. MMR 2013: ‘The Icons Edition’ will be celebrating &honouring the designers and artistes, who have been exceptional over the years and have proudly put Nigeria on the world map. 

MMR is in search of the best models to strut the prestigious runway at this special edition. If you know you have what it takes to walk with the legends, then this is your chance!

Last year, Nkem Okorafor, won theMusic Meets Runway Model Competition and was named, Face of Music Meets Runway. She currently stands as ‘The Golden Girl’ in the recent campaign image and she will be heading to an international fashion week in a few weeks. Continue...

Date: Saturday, 21st Of September 2013

Venue: Eko Hotel & Suites
Time: 10am – 1pm
To be considered, you must be:
Female Models
·         Height: 5'10 or taller
·         Dress size: 6-8 (UK) or below
Male Models
·         Height: 6’1 or taller
All models must come to the casting in appropriate clothing.
·         Female models: plain tank-top, leggings and heels
·         Male modes: plain t-shirt & jeans.
For more information:

For sponsorship details:

For press details:

Twitter: @MusicMeetRunway

Instagram: @musicmeetsrunway

You can also ‘Like’ us on Facebook to be part of our MMR sweepstakes where you can win prizes like smart phones, tickets to the show and an exclusive invite-only pre-party access.
Watch the MMR 2013 Icons Edition Teaser here or click on
Accessories: Le Reve Pieces
Head Piece:EneLawani
Hair:Lo’Lavita Hair
Stylist: MMR Creative Team (Adebayo Oke-Lawal; Kike Soyode; BubuOgisi. Assisted by Noble Ezeala and Ian Auddifren)
Make Up: MMR Creative Team (Joyce Jacob Beauty)
Gold Dress: House of Nwocha
Red Dress: April By Kunbi
White Dress: Weddings by Mai
Black Dress: Mai Atafo Inspired
Black Suit: Mai Atafo Inspired
Nkem’s Dress:Shakara Couture

Victor Kwen


Mich said...

First photo;beautiful eyes,you can almost connect with what is going through her mind from eyes.

Anonymous said...


Gistyinka Blog said...

those lady are hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm... More trending Buzz and Entertainment news and gist here at Gistyinka Blog

olusho of cele said...

Elohor will take her oloshos/ashewos there again.pimp master/mistress general of d so she dey pimp all her beth model girls n elite model look girls including my girl friend

Anonymous said...

Mtchw nonsense..!them 4 say na giraffes dem dey find na..!5'10 for female models?mehnn datz out of d ordinary!#doctorbobby

La' Viv said...

9ce one there!

Anonymous said...

5'10 for females? Dt way too much
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Phone number: 07030756952

Anonymous said...

Nkem na calabar based model nah' shez gud sha#ok bye#

Sane Mind said...

Since no age was specified,my grand mother is interested and she will send her entry.Thanks!

Lee said...

Yea, dats ma LCP,thumbs up

Anonymous said...

Awww, see my Bestie looking all gorgeous, Love u Kem...

Anonymous said...

Nkem u look good jare!!!!! kip it up........

BeautifulMe said...

Now I c y dere few comments. D 2nd pix got us all confused. Na so d gey long lik iroko tree nd dat hair tho......

Anonymous said...

5'10" plus the shoe abi how? Are they trying to tell me that the girl I see in that photo is as tall as that?

Anonymous said...

5'10" plus the shoe abi how? Are they trying to tell me that the girl I see in that photo is as tall as that?

Anonymous said...

Suze 6-8 or below. You mean 4 then invisible? Sad

Anonymous said...

Mich u are a wizard if not how can u connect to someone's mind from the eyes

Anonymous said...

Omo!!!! M̶̲̥̅γ̲̣̣̥ babe doing her thg. GO NKEM!!!! Will join U̶̲̥̅̊ dia soon.

Anonymous said...

Me likey. Linda post ma coment cus u don't normally do! Its unfair oooooooooo. Lol

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Nkem is 5ft11, she is a tall girl, I knw her.Congrates girl!

Anonymous said...

Ofcorse u can connect 2 d soul tru d eyes as dy say 'D eyes r d windows 2 d soul'..

Anonymous said...

Hahahahahaha 5'10? I kno evn see am b4! Dat grl isn't up Ձ 5'10 ooo I saw her @ mmr last year so what the heck!

Anonymous said...

Mich is right. If you have the intelligence.

Cathy said...

See my tall little Nkemjika oo. So proud of u girl. Nkem is up to 5"10 if not more. She's my friend and church member.

Anonymous said... girl tho...lips sealed...

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