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Friday, 30 November 2012

Snapp 4City Launch

Your apple flavored alcoholic beverage with a crisp taste specially made for women of style and sophistication is launching in Abuja and Benin

Benin launch will take place today November 30th at Linx and Indigo Night Clubs, while the Abuja launch will hold 1st December at Cubana and Play Night clubs. Two events, same night in each city. Yes ladies, simultaneously.

To win invites to these events, visit Snapp Facebook page -
You can also win invites by listening to your local radio in Abuja and Benin.

Snapp is packaged in an attractive and clear 30cl bottle with a gold and green label which gives it a distinct and classy look.SNAPP is already being sold in bars, supermarkets and retail outlets all over the country. So go out and try one today.Remember, SNAPP is for persons over 18. Drink responsibly





How does that "Snapp" taste like? I am sure its not forbidden for a man to taste it too because I want to taste what this people have been making a whole lot of noise about all this while.
PS: That last pic, for those of you with my kind of eyes, would agree that your "wakey wakey" morning eyes like mine at the moment just smiled looking at that pic

somadina obi said...

Ok ...its for ladies right? Issokay. NEXT!!!!

Anonymous said...

Yayyyy...I'm gonno party hard tonight

Anonymous said...

So na only ogogoro dey dem carry come celebrate 4 us in abj abi, imagine SNAPP y nt other big drinks na SNAPP. Am nt going anywhere u hear Linda.

amaogechukwu said...

Snapp is lovely, I drank it in Lagos and couldn't stop till..... (i didnt get drunk sha o). They should launch it in Port Harcourt biko nu.

karesbaby said...

Oh Snapp.... I lov it so veri much, i v abandoned my lov 4 Andre to tk Snapp. Gels criousli Snapp wl mk u snap outer ny bad mood*wink* parry tonight

Anonymous said...

Dem still launching? Ogaa oh

Anonymous said...

now let the party begin. am loving this,@ prince charming u r free to taste afterall girls drink stout

becky lollipop said...

See groove for me today ooo for lynx. Indigo na children club. I will personally launch dat drink.

Anonymous said...

that drink tastes AWFULLY BAD

Edenojie Kelvin said...

†ђξ drink Ȋ̝̊̅§ cool tho.

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