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Tuesday, 21 February 2012

M.I opens multi million naira office in Gbagada

Though the Nigerian King of rap (Linda says so...:-)) is signed to Chocolate City, he also has his own music label called Loopy Records, and he recently rented a a huge duplex with boys quarters located inside Gbagada phase2, as office space for his label.

The duplex, which is fully equiped with mordern facilities for shooting videos, a recording studio, and all the works, will be formally opened on Sat march 3, 2012 with the unveilling of Loopy Music's new signings.


Anthony Chimeziri Lafty2A said...

Carry go Mr Incredible. You've paid the price, sowed the seed, its now time to reap the fruit.

Anonymous said...

Linda! I noticed since "Abdulmutallab Gets Life in Prison" post, your blogs have had 0 comments. What is going on? Hope your Ami trip it's not affecting your LIB readers.
Anyway as a concerned LIB reader let me break the jinx.

Anonymous said...

Sign on artist number one for loopy records - Phenom

T.S. said...

Awesome! Happy for MI.


Anonymous said...

Well done mI!alwys knew u r a genius

kcee said...

He is undoubtedly the best rapper in Africa. Enjoy your money, you have really worked hard for it.

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