Wednesday, 30 November 2011

I will be a fine bride o! Some guy should do and marry me o já

I kinda look like a drag queen
It's a photo shoot for Genevieve Magazine, The Wedding Edition...coming out this December. That's me, Tinsel actress - Matilda Obaseki, and TV presenter, Jumai Shaba.
Makeup by Banke Meshida. My hair by Lolavitahair. Photograph by Mousa Mousa.

Vybz Kartel prison break story not true

I'm sure most of heard that the dancehall star, who was jailed last month for bleaching murder and other offenses, escaped from a prison in his native Jamaica this morning after holding a prison officer at gun point. Allegedly, Kartel started a riot in which one prison officer was killed and others injured and fifteen inmates escaped in a truck. Well, none of that is true. It was a rumour probably started by his people to keep the music star in the news. Continue reading...

Naval officer kills lover, self

Unfortunately this murder is being kept under wraps because it involves naval officers. The Nigerian navy two weekends back lost two of their Naval officers. A female naval rating called Itoha and her naval officer live-in-lover, Henry.

According to the neighbours of the couple, who until their deaths lived at navy town, Ojo Barracks, Lagos, the naval officer returned from a joint task force mission in in Jos and accused his lover of cheating on him with another man while he was away. Neighbours said the couple, who had been planning to marry, argued and fought frequently. This particular night was to be their last, as the Henry in a fit of anger stabbed Itoha several times with a dagger and then turned the dagger on himself.

US entertainers refuse to come to Nigeria

You see what Boko Haram and all the bombings and killings in the Northern parts of Nigeria in recent times have caused? Oyibo entertainers are refusing to come to this country for any show. They are going to other African countries but have vehemently refused to come here, especially after they were warned by their country to stay away from the meantime. A few major shows in Nigeria have had to be cancelled because of this. R.Kelly, Ludacris, Keri Hilson were invited to perform at three different shows this December and they all turned it down. It's not like it's major issue but it's just not a good image for us...

Hopefully the killings and bombings will stop, and there will be peace again in our land...

Lady molested for allegedly stealing a phone

So, in this country if you are woman and you are caught stealing, and there are men around, you will probably be stripped naked and sexually assaulted by these men. We've seen videos, we've seen photographs. It's pathetic! Seriously, it's got to stop! WTF?

Please continue to see the humiliating photo...

Kourtney Kardashian and partner Scott Disick expecting baby no.2

Kourtney Kardashian, 32, and boyfriend of almost five years, Scott Disick, 28, are expecting their second child together. Kourtney has revealed that she is nine weeks into her second pregnancy and it wasn't planned. In a statement to E! Kardashian said: 'Scott and I are so excited to announce that we are expecting our second child and are thrilled to be expanding the love in our family.'

Actor Segun Arinze and wife expecting baby number 2

The actor and his wife, Julie, who had their first child together (a boy) February this year, are already expecting their second child. Julie is said to be a few months along. Segun no dey waste time at Congrats to them

MBGN 2011, Sylvia Nduka Unveils Her Range of Hair Extentions

It's called Sylvia's Hair and the beauty queen got her other beauty queen friends (MBGN Universe and MBGN Tourism) to pose with her in a photo shoot to show off the hair extensions. Neat!

Another British woman filmed 'hurling vile racist abuse'

In the latest YouTube clip filmed on a train between London and Manchester, the woman is seen yelling at a group of passengers: 'You're in my country now, talk my language. Don't f****** talk your ****, talk my language. You ****, ****'. Watch above..

Photos From the Nokia N9 Launch

A guest flagged by Teemu Kijarvi, Head of Ecosystem and Developer Experience and James Rutherford, Vice President, Nokia-West Africa.
The launch of Nokia's latest amazing smartphone, the Nokia N9, took place last Friday November 25th at Villa Medici in Victoria Island. It was a cool show.

The Nokia N9 is a beautifully simple all-screen smartphone with a smooth, one-piece body. You get a fast browser, free navigation, and must-have apps preloaded. Continue to see more photos from the official launch...

Woman reveals horrific damage to her face after it was injected with cement and tyre sealant

An alleged victim of 'fake doctor' Oneal Ron Morris has come forward to show the horrific state of her face after it was injected with a toxic mixture of cement and tyre sealant.

Rajee Narinesingh, 48, from Miami, Florida, says her face was ruined by Morris, who had just been released from custody after she was accused of administering the potentially lethal shots to another victim.

Ms Narinesingh, who, like Morris, 30, was born a man, but lives as a woman, said she suffered acutely lumpy cheeks, misshapen chin and ballooning upper lip after the back room beauty treatment.

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Senate bans same sex marriage in Nigeria - 14 years imprisonment for offenders

Public announcement oh! Hitting my góngó. Let those who have ears, hear o!

The Nigerian Senate today passed a law banning same sex marriage in Naija. Any man and man or woman and woman that attempt to marry each other...will be arrested, prosecuted and sentenced to a maximum of fourteen years in prison. There's no fine oh! And PDA is not allowed even! :-)

Also, any clergy that marries or attempts to marry same sex couples will get ten years imprisonment and the place of worship permanently closed.

Haf u hear? This senate people are harsh o, even church sef go suffer?

But seriously though, this senate people need to get busy! There are more pressing/important issues affecting us a country/people. I doubt gay people in Nigeria are interested in marrying themselves. Next please!

Nobel Peace Prize Winner, Leyman Gbowee, Coming to Nigeria

Just heard that Leymah Gbowee, the 2011 Nobel Peace Price winner (Google her. She has an incredible story) is coming to Nigeria. This is the woman, who when the peace talks in Liberia started to break down threatened that she and hundreds of women would march naked in the streets. They believed her, because the key players all came back to the table and talks started again.

If you want to meet this phenomenal woman and hear incredible story, this is your opportunity, as she's scheduled to speak at two events in Lagos and both are free.

Continue to see the rest...

A Hubby Starved Of Sex For 6 Years Seeks Divorce

A vulcaniser has asked an Otto-Ijanikin Customary Court, Lagos, Southwest Nigeria to dissolve his marriage to his wife because she starved him of sex for six years. (Couple above)

The petitioner, Akinwale Ayinde Sodiq, accused his wife, Kashimawo, of starving him of sex since he was involved in an accident six years ago.

When I confronted her, she bluntly told me that my half-dead manhood can no longer satisfy her, it only tickles and leaves her high and dry.
Mr Akinwale, WTH do you want a woman to do with a penis that tickles? Lol! Not to laugh at him (God forgive me) it's just so funny...telling your husband - your penis only tickles me, get the heck out of here with that shit! lol. Callous woman!...:-) Continue reading...

Breaking News: Dr Conrad Murray Sentenced To Four Years In Prison

Dr Conrad Murray was this evening November 29th jailed for four years for involuntary manslaughter of Michael Jackson. The sentence will be served in the Los Angeles County jail. 

You think he deserved the maximum sentence?

Introducing: Face of Sleek 2011 - Alexandra Nwokedi

The 24yr old lawyer beat 14 other girls to win the 2011 Face of Sleek Competition. Finally, a fine ass beauty queen! Phewwww! :-)

Forbes Africa Magazine Man Of The Year - Sanusi Lamido Sanusi

Central Bank of Nigeria's Governor, Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, has been named the first ever Forbes Africa MagazineDD Man of the Year.  

Sanusi came out tops in a vote that was keenly contested and included Africa’s richest man Aliko Dangote and Nobel Peace Laureate Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.

Do you agree with this; is he your Man of the Year?

I did not marry Aki because of his money or fame - Nneoma Ikedieze

The Mass Communication graduate of Enugu State University spoke briefly to Uche Olehi of  Encomium mag during her wedding ceremony last weekend. Excerpts: 
How did you two meet?
Nneoma: We met in Lagos. We worked in a production together. I was a costumier. I have always been seeing him, I just like his lifestyle. So we became friends and from there the journey began.
How did you know he was your man?
Nneoma: I am not a friend keeping type, but when I meet my friend, I know. We have been friends and I think I saw what I like in a man in him.
Please continue...

I didn't undergo plastic surgery - Rukky Sanda

When asked by an Encomium reporter if she'd had any work done, the actress replied:
As you're looking at me now, do I look like someone who has undergone plastic surgery? All I have said about plastic surgery is that it's not a sin. If you can afford it, go for it. That's just my own impression about it. I thank God you knew me before now, I believe you should be able to differentiate between my face then and now.

Tiwa Savage Acquires Brand New 2011 Volkswagen EOS Convertible

Caught up with the singer somewhere in Lagos and took the photos know I like Congrats girl!

Win THREE Regular Tickets to Ryhthm Unplugged - Dec 18/23

We still have 27 tickets to give away. To win today, watch the promo videos for the two shows and tell us what you like about the videos. The three answers we like the most will get the tickets.

Hope you know you have to use a name you have on an ID card, because you have to show your ID to collect the tickets. And please indicate the show you'd rather attend, Music or Comedy. And remember, you won't get the tickets until Dec 12th. Good luck!

Late Odumegwu Ojukwu’s body to tour 4 countries before burial

Late former Biafran Leader, Dim Chukwuemeka Odumegwu-Ojukwu's body will be flown to three African countries and one Caribbean country before the final burial in his Nnewi country home, according to his will.

Anambra State Governor, Mr. Peter Obi, said yesterday in Awka that Odumegwu-Ojukwu listed where he wanted his body to be taken to before his burial. The countries are nations that supported the Biafran struggle and recognised Biafra as an independent state. They are Gabon, Tanzania, Ivory Coast and Haiti.

Biggest Baby Born in Germany Named (Islamic) Jihad

A 40 yr old mother, Elfi Yaghi, gave birth to her 14th child in Berlin German, last Friday Nov 25th and
 and gave him a name that's probably going to give him problems later in life - Jihad. The Islamic term means: - A holy war waged on behalf of Islam as a religious duty.

The mother is yet to explain why she chose the name for her baby. Jihad's name isn't the only reason he's making headlines. Weighing in at 13 pounds, he's reportedly the heaviest baby ever born in Germany. 

Hope no one is Naija will follow suit and name their child Boko

Photo of the day

In this photo: Some girl I don't know, singer Goldie and my dear friend, Denrele Edun. And hey guys, the more you look, the less you

Basketmouth Shows Off Daughter

The comedian showing off his three months old daughter, Janelle Okpocha. Basketmouth and his wife, Elsie Uzoma, also have a young son named Jason.

Delta State Governor Donates N3m To Bedridden Enebeli Elebuwa

The governor of Delta State, where the sick veteran actor is from, has pledged N3 million to help with the actor's medical bills and welfare. Governor Uduaghan made the pledge recently after calls where made to him to assist the actor who has been bedridden with stroke for over two months now. The governor of Lagos state, Raji Fashola and some of Mr Elebuwa's colleagues have also made donations.

Livingspring Pastor Femi Emmanuel's 1st daughter dies at 27

Late Esther Emmanuel
Presiding pastor of one of the fastest growing pentecostal churches in Nigeria, pastor Femi Emmanuel of Livingspring Chapel International Church, is bereaved. He lost his first daughter, Esther Emmanuel on November 20th 2011. 

Until her death, she worked at the Murtala Mohammed Airport as a staff of Air Nigeria. The cause of her death is not very clear, but according to the story being passed around by her colleagues, Esther was on night duty on the day she died, she tripped and fell in the office during the night and when help couldn't get to her on time...she died! Esther was just 27.

The young, vibrant and kindhearted Esther, has since been buried. May her soul rest in peace...amen

Collapsed Building at Oba Akran Ikeja Lagos

A building located at 114 Oba Akran Road in Ikeja, yesterday morning collapsed without much warning. The building, which was a cold room, owned by Hano Industry, began to shake a few minutes before it collapsed. Thankfully there only a few people in the building at the time of the incident and they all managed to escape unhurt.

Monday, 28 November 2011

Women regularly fake orgasm to stop their men from cheating?

According to a new study, 50% of women fake orgasm...and the reason they regularly fake orgasm is to stop their men from cheating.

Regularly pretending to climax is just one strategy women use to ensure their partners stay faithful, according to research produced in New York and Michigan.

We fake orgasm to keep our men faithful? Do you agree with this study? I think we fake it mostly to make the men feel good. After all their 'work', we have to make them believe 'They did well'. *Yimu*


Zimbabwe Women Accused of Raping Men 'For 'Rituals'

The women are accused of collecting the semen in condoms
From BBC News, Harare...
Zimbabwean police believe there is a nationwide syndicate of women raping men, possibly to use their semen for use in rituals that claim to make people wealthy. 
It has taken more than a year for any arrests to be made, and on Monday three women are to go on trial in the capital, Harare, over the allegations which have shocked the country.
One alleged victim, who wished to remain anonymous, gave an account on national television in July of his experience which happened after he was offered a lift by a group of three women in Harare.

International Makeup Artist Kemi Imevbore-Uwaga set to host Makeup Seminar

The City People/Today's Fashion planned seminar will have the KemiKings Beauty CEO as the main speaker of the Makeup Seminar on the 11th December 2011 in Lagos Nigeria. The seminar promises to be a day of interactive and educative makeup sessions for all makeup geeks. This seminar is open to everyone. See poster for all details.

British Woman Arrested by UK Police Over Racist Rant

Police today Monday Nov 28 arrested a 34-year-old woman from New Addington on suspicion of a racially aggravated public order offence on the Croydon Tramlink in south London.

The footage was posted on YouTube (and brought to the attention of the police) of the woman releasing a foul-mouthed racist tirade at others on the tram, despite having a child on her lap. She complained that Britain was nothing now that ethnic minorities were in her country. Watch the video above....

Jay Search, in honour of late Jaiye Aboderin, kicks of Dec 16

Late Jaiye Aboderin
The exciting and entertaining Talent hunt show Put together by the Aboderin family in honor of their late brother Jaiye Aboderin - Jay’s Search will kick off in a matter of days! 

Jay Search is a bi-annual music talent search dedicated to the memory of late Jaiye Aboderin (1971-2004), who died  December 3rd 2004 after he slumped during a casual game of basketball with friends. 

If you are a married woman, please don't look...:-)

Please if you are married, remove ya eyes from dia! This is strictly for the single
Hey ladies, you like? *wink* *wink*.

They are contestants for the 2011 Mr Tourism Nigeria pageant.

Tuface performing in Malaysia + his CNN Inside Africa feature

Ha! Tuface and
Tuface performing at Asam award, and dinner presentation in Malaysia over the weekend. Continue to see more photos, plus his CNN Inside Africa interview which he did sometime last month...

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