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Saturday, 31 December 2011

President Jonathan Declares State of Emergency in Parts of Nigeria

President Goodluck Jonathan has just issued a proclamation declaring a state of emergency in certain parts of Nigeria. The proclamation below...
Fellow Nigerians, it has become necessary to address you on recent events in some parts of the country that have threatened our collective security and shaken the foundations of our corporate existence as a nation.
You are all aware of the security challenges which the activities of the Boko Haram sect have foisted on the country. What began as sectarian crises in the North Eastern parts of the country has gradually evolved into terrorist activities in different parts of the country with attendant negative consequences on our national security.
Will declaring a state of emergency stop the bombings and killings? #Justasking. Continue reading...

3.      Government in an effort to find a lasting solution to the security threats occasioned by the activities of the Boko Haram sect, constituted a Presidential Committee under the Chairmanship of Ambassador Usman Gaji Galtimari, to ascertain the immediate and remote causes of the crises. While efforts are being made to implement the recommendations of the Committee, the crises have assumed a terrorist dimension with vital institutions of government including the United Nations Building and places of worship becoming targets of terrorist attacks.

4.   While the search for lasting solutions is ongoing, it has become imperative to take some decisive measures necessary to restore normalcy in the country especially within the affected communities. Consequently, I have in the exercise of the powers conferred on me by the provisions of section 305(1) of the Constitution, declared a state of emergency in the following parts of the federation, namely:

(i)  Borno State
a)  Maidugiri Metropolitan LGA
b)  Gamboru Ngala LGA
c)   Banki Bama LGA
d)  Biu LGA
e)   Jere LGA
(ii)  Yobe State
a)  Damaturu LGA
b)  Geidam LGA
c)   Potiskum LGA
d)  Buniyadi-Gujba LGA
e)   Gasua-Bade LGA
    (iii) Plateau State
a)  Jos North LGA
b)  Jos South LGA
c)   Barkin-Ladi LGA
d)  Riyom LGA
   (iv) Niger State
a)  Suleja LGA

The details of this proclamation will be transmitted to the National Assembly as soon as they reconvene from their current recess, for their necessary action.

5.    The Chief of Defence Staff and the Inspector-General of Police have been directed to put appropriate measures in place to ensure the protection of lives and properties of residents in the affected parts of the country. I therefore urge the political leadership in the affected states and Local Government Areas to give maximum cooperation to the law enforcement agencies deployed to their respective communities to ensure that the situation is brought under control within the shortest possible time.

6.   The Chief of Defence Staff, in collaboration with other Service Chiefs, has also been directed to set up a special force unit within the Armed Forces, with dedicated counter terrorism responsibilities.

7.   As part of the overall strategy to overcome the current security challenges, I have directed the closure of the land borders contiguous to the affected Local Government Areas so as to control incidences of cross boarder terrorist activities as terrorists have taken advantage of the present situation to strike at targets in Nigeria and retreat beyond the reach of our law enforcement personnel.

8.  Let me assure our neighbours, especially within the ECOWAS sub-region, of Nigeria’s commitment to its international obligations as provided by the ECOWAS Protocol on Free Movement of Persons. The temporary closure of our borders in the affected areas is only an interim measure designed to address the current security challenges and will be reviewed as soon as normalcy is restored.

9.   I commend the efforts of our political leaders at various levels as well as our traditional and religious leaders for their support for the various conflict resolution mechanisms and peace building measures that have been initiated by this administration. We call on the citizenry to continue to provide useful information to our law enforcement agencies to enable us arrest the situation.

10. Terrorism is a war against all of us. I call on all Nigerians to join hands with government to fight these terrorists.

11. I wish all Nigerians a very happy New Year.

12.   Long Live the Federal Republic of Nigeria.


Anonymous said...

Any US, UK or EU liaison relationship with Nigerian Security Services to build Nigerian capacity to combat the threat posed by the Boko Haram to Nigeria and US interest will fail. Nigerian Security Services have been infiltrated by both sympathizers and members of Boko Haram and are therefore compromised. The Boko Haram itself is a part and parcel of a creeping islamization of Nigeria. The Hausa/Fulani muslims who have controlled Nigeria for 38 donkey years of Nigeria's 51 years of indepence first unilaterally declared Nigeria a muslim country and called their insolent act a fait accompli. In utter disregard for our secular status and in violation of Section 10 of Nigeria's Constitution, 12 core Islamic States inaugurated sharia. So, within Nigeria's secular Republic, Hausa/Fulani muslims in their arrogance are running mini-theocratic Islamic Republics of theirs within Nigeria, a supposedly secular country. A peaceful protest by some Christian minorities in those Sharia States in northern Nigeria were met with brutal massacres. They were slaughtered like animals. In Kaduna State alone, over 2,000 innocent Christian children, men and women were murdered in cold blood for daring to protest against the imposition of sharia law on them. It is an open secret in Nigeria that Boko Haram are being sponsored by muslim politicians of northern extraction that are in President Jonathan's own party, PDP. Even the Supreme head of Nigerian Muslims, the Sultan of Sokoto, Alhaji Mohammed Sa'ad Abubakar is tainted with the Boko Haram brouhaha. He has been implicated. Along with the Inspector General of Police, Alhaji Hafis Abubakar Ringim, some Imams and Emirs, the Sultan of Sokoto contrived their so called "Perception Management", whereby Boko Haram members were aided to evade the law. To make matters worse, both the Nigerian judiciary and law enforcement agencies are without exception under the control of the Alhajis. Boko Haram terrorists have the full backing of the entire Islamic north. Without their support, Boko Haram cannot operate. I urge everyone to be courageous and persistent in reporting, pleading to our leaders for action and bringing to world attention the evil atrocities being carried out by Boko Haram and their sponsors. Boko Haram will be defeated, in Jesus name. Amen.

Patrick Wilmot said...

"Boko Haram is trying to create the maximum effect in terms of killing large numbers of people. The political effect is to create tensions within the ruling party itself, the PDP, which is a coalition of people from the north, the south, the east and the west and also Christians and Muslims. In the larger society itself, it aims to create more tension between Muslims and Christians, leading to a greater degree of segregation between the populations". - Patrick Wilmot, a Nigerian writer.

Kimi said...

Nigerian government should sell Hausa and Fulani people and northern Nigeria to solve Nigeria's budget deficit.

Anonymous said...

We have just heard from a very reliable source that there's a massive internal squabble within PDP because of the terrorist activities of Boko Haram. We were told that there is now a huge split in the PDP. It's now PDP North vs PDP South. Due to the unrest in the north, PDP North are outnumbered and backed into a tight corner. We were told that US and EU leaders are planning to impose travel bans and sanctions on a few highly placed Northern leaders and politicians who they know are behind Boko Haram. Among those on their list is Atiku Abubakar.

Anonymous said...

Sultan Told To Disband Boko Haram

At his residence in the Presidential Villa, Abuja, President Goodluck Jonathan recently met behind closed doors for over two hours with the spiritual leader of Nigeria’s Muslims the Sultan of Sokoto, Alhaji Sa’ad Abubakar III. President Goodluck Jonathan read Sultan of Sokoto the riot act and told him to disband Boko Haram, immediately or be dethroned.

Breaking News said...

Wonderful message... So:

State of Emergency

Martial Law

Fellow Nigerians Declaration


Anonymous said...


bloglord said...

i have nothing to say to this man than " you are a failure Mr President. Accept that n tender ur resignation.

Anonymous said...

smart move, at least a step in the right direction

xttalksgospelmusic said...

Tactical Error by G.E.J. But at least I commend the fact that he's trying to do something.
Generally a state of emergency means a grand an visible display of a military presence.
If that's what he has in mind the he's just providing an invisible enemy (boko rams) with a visible target(soldiers).
He needs more covert information gathering and stealth infiltration, then action based on that, it's urban guerrilla warfare and he needs to stop under-estimating them and getting beat by surprise, then over-respecting them to the point that they are emboldened.
God save us sha

Madame Sting said... now day break?

Anonymous said...

Oshisko rasko! State of emergency? Dis man is clueless.....smh

Anonymous said...

awwww, proud of you Goodluck, its HIGH TIME ey!!!!!!

hintsonlinemagazine said...

I think Goodluck J aka Goodluck Promise is simply wasting our time and fooling himself. What stops him from going after the sponsors of Boko Haram, is he imposing cufew with most suspected Military Men alleged to be members of Boko Haram

Hisroyalflyness said...

Smh...clueless jackass!

Anonymous said...

Are we suppose 2 jubilate or what!The president should hav declared state of emergency in d entire state affected while the declaration in certain local government,kaduna is missing on the listwhy?It obvious the president doesnt want 2 step on toes.I weep for Nigeria because we re being ruled by selfish leaders who dont care about us.

Anonymous said...

at long last some actions in the right direction, let us see if these steps would yield positive result. taking an action whether it would work out or not is far better than keeping quiet and making endless comments, good



Anonymous said...

we should understand that Jonathan is human.

we are all making mouth, he should do this and do

that, am sure if u guys were in power, u will not be

able to perform and eventually be criticised. why

cant we just pray for our leader(that the Lord will direct

his part, with the decisions he makes for Nigeria)

and stop complaining.

Anonymous said...

it's the least he could do guys, lets stop hating n lets appreciate the effort & continue to pray for wisdom for all our leaders

Anonymous said...

Long awaited declaration speech by Mr. President. long live Nija.

Anonymous said...

Long awaited declaration by Mr. president. I hope more Northern states will be listed as state of emergency cos they are more the the ones listed.

yinks said...

this Goodluck man's goodluck is fast thinning out, he really is clueless. state of emergency my FAT a**! E be lik say we students go tey for house o... naija now seem to have bigger problems than sad silly ASUU... and see fuel subsidy removal and the drama that it portends to brew... I seriously hope the arab spring doesnt ensue in "this" naija.

Anonymous said...

"The country will live with the consequences of the Supreme Court Verdict" - General Buhari (retired).

The above was the (coded) statement (a declaration of civil war) which that spiteful and evil Buhari made against Nigeria and Nigerians just because he lost the 2012 Predidential election and the Courts ruled against his stupid arse. Now he and his bastard gang of northern leaders think they have God given right to destroy the Federal Republic of Nigeria. May God punish General Buhari, Atiku Abubakar, Ibrahim Babagida and all of them distablising Nigeria.

Anonymous said...

God help nigeria!

kcee said...

Its time to take tough decisions and actions. Things are getting out of hand.

There's NO Christianity Under Islam / Sharia said...

Check out this video on YouTube:

The struggle of Pakistan's Christians

Anonymous said...

I pray for the president, he is now on the right track. Never too late. We pray that those in power that are supporting such a backward cause will never know peace until they do right by Nigeria. How can you islamise Nigeria? We are moving forward in Jesus name in 2012, and we shall be greater than South Africa as predicted. We are more than overcomers and conquerors. I just feel bad for the innocent children of these stupid and ignorant sponsors that are placing heavy curses on their children. Let us continue to pray for our president that God will strenghten his hands, infiltrate the camp of the enemies and deliver Boko Haram's head to us IJN. YES, the violent taketh it by force. LIB Readers, please pray for NIGERIA in your individual churches/Mosques this new year. We are victorious in Jesus name. Insha Allah to our moslem friends/families. BOKO HARAM, its sponsors, sympathizers, will not destroy Nigeria for us. amen. ALL the countries involved with the intent to destabilize Nigeria will regret their actions because Nigerians are prayerful people. We pray the wisdom of Solomon for our leaders. Wisdom that will bring resolutions, creativity, inventions, remove greed, hatred and strife. Wisdom that will bring peace and unity to our beloved motherland. How can we be afraid in our own country? NEVER!

dyzl power said...

Good morning Mr President!
I hope u didn't wake up too late.

Anonymous said...

GEJ uve spoken well now act de facisively so that the history books will favour you.
Take down this evil cabal that has bn dragging us backward

Nigeria is for all of us any group of selfish politicians that want to rule by force will feel the wrath of God!
All dicttators hv died shamefully there's shall not be differrent

Long live d Masses of Nigeria
Viva Naija !

Anonymous said...

Remove the Governors and put administrators then i know you have woken from your slumber

Anonymous said...

Stop acting dumb Linda. Declaring a state of emergency IS a step in the right direction. Like someone stated earlier: ONCE THE PRESIDENT DECLARES STATE OF EMERGENCY IN YOUR STATE, YOU LOSE YOUR PORTFOLIO. Hopefully there also will be heavy military presence. The only unfortunate part is, it makes some prisoners on their own state and their movements are restricted but it is very much necessary. These people will b obviously planning something drastic for the New Year so people should just stay home and pray. Goodluck, May God give you wisdom on how to tackle this demon. Northern Nigerians are just a major thorn in our flesh in that country. They just need to disappear off the face of the earth. Enough is enough. Bastards who think rulling Nigeria is their birth right

Femi said...

His Excellency is my fan on facebook. Ever since a bomb blast occurred at the eagle square. I advice his excellency to tighten security of this nation, carry out concrete and effective investigation on how a bomb enter this nation and fight insecurity with utmost power. By not taking that matter ƒor levity cos that eagle square to me was the 1st bomb scare brouhaha in this country like the Iraq. Now here we are and lots of intelligent advices from other fans. I hope this will be the beginning in putting back this country into proper and safer zone. May God bless Nigeria as we enter another round of 365 days. Amen

Anonymous said...

i suspect this is politics. Some anti-Jonathan may likely be behind this insecurity. They want to make the his tenure ungovernable and weak.

Anonymous said...

What is GEJ thinking? state of emergency! He's talks as if ''The so called enemies'' are paying attention. GEJ should stop playing safe and fish them out. GEJ knows the pple behind this problem but he seems to be TOO afraid and they know this.He should go out and get aid from other stronger countries( pple who don't know anybody and ready for kill).Just wish the military can just take over, i'll be so happy. I dislike all those senators, leg,hon, etc. They should all go!Too much blood shed on the land, it'll never be well with all those past and present leaders who stole and destroyed our economy and may they never be at peace with themselves with all they stole.The ball is in your court, GEJ! But i know you can't do anything with it anyway!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 7:41 - May God punish your father , mother, siblings and children. Why would you bring God's curses upon the head of General Buhari?

He lost a Supreme Court case due to what is obviously political scheming, and you want him to be happy?

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous 5:37pm and Anonymous 7:41 Amen to your comments, May God punish d sponsors of boko haram den sum one will say its nt muslims is buhari and rest nt muslims,May God hlp us in dis country...Jesus Christ has defeated boko haram.

Anonymous said...

my advice to you all is you should be reasonable in whatever you are commenting on. Most especially those using abusive words on leaders.

Ahmed said...

@ Anon December 31, 2011 11:26 PM. Stick your stupid and childish advice where the sun don't shine or stick it up the backside of your fcukin illiterate islamic preachers who are radicalising your ignorant and stupid brothers and sisters in the north. What was your advice to your brothers, Boko Haram, when they were slitting the throats of Igbo people and Christians? "Show no mercy" or "Be polite"? Damn you and your rotten northern leaders and northern politicians, fool.

Anonymous December 31, 2011 10:36 PM. How does General Buhari's failure to win the court case excuse or justify the havoc he and his thugs are wrecking on Nigeria? 

Over 5,000 people have so far been murdered, injured and made homeless by your fellow evil Hausa and Fulani people. How many Hausa or Fulani people have Igbo people killed in retaliation? NONE.

May God punish you (48hours each day), your shadow, your spirit, your name, Boko Haram, Buhari, Atiku, Abubakar, Babangida, their supporters, your father, mother, uncles, aunties, cats, dogs, houses, cars, jets, grandmother grandfather, ancestors, siblings, children and unborn children for 900 trillion years. Amen. 

Why shouldn't they bring God's curses upon the head of General Buhari? He's evil. If I had my way, I will have him imprisoned for 100 years.

Because the stupid punk arse lost a Supreme Court case ("due to what is obviously political scheming" or whatever reason or excuse) does not give him or anyone the right to kill Christians, Igbos, Nigerians, foreigners, martians or anyone? 

You, them or Boko Haram have no right to cause death, panic or fear to anyone. Get that into your brainless head. Whether or not he was cheated or no, it is not the end of the world. 

Mark my word, Boko Haram, General Buhari, Atiku Abubakar, General Babangida will never occupy Aso Rock.

Hausa / Fulani people do not have God given right to dominate or impose their authority. Buhari needs to move on with his stupid life or jump into an active volcano, FAST.

Anonymous said...

No one will mourn the tragic demise of sponsors of Boko Haram.

Anonymous said...

All we need is 1 LOVE "2face 1 love " I know this is the answer...i day feel like crying..when i just day see all dis day happen for my country..i love my country, and the matter where u come from...North, East, West, South... ONE LOVE ABEG NOW.....I hope this not to big to ask for the new year..ONE LOVE NOW...ABEG.....

Chikaka said...

Anon December 31, 2011 9:11 PM; my views too. Thanks.

Lazarus said...

Those Hausa and Fulani cockroaches who call themselves leaders are the devil in disguise. For the atrocities and heinous crimes they committed against defenceless and innocent Igbos people and Christians in the north, eternal damnation in hell awaits their evil souls.

MY VIEW said...

No more bashing of President, GEJ, this coming year! Even if you did not vote for him, support him till he completes his term. We all need to come together and work with him. Everyone has a role to play. The Okada driver, Akara seller, street sweepers, well placed Nigerians. Boko Harem people are cowards without a face. “If you see or hear something, say something.” The advantages of human intelligence cannot be over emphasized.
Every Nigerian citizen should contribute their quota. Oga Police officer, please take it easy with bribery, public servants do your job like you get paid for it. Everyone should pay their taxes and our leaders, please lead like you have no other country but Nigeria. All the people who think ruling Nigeria is their birth right should learn to hustle like the rest of us. Instead of trying to destabilize our home land, get ready for another election. Show us what you got to be a good ruler. Perhaps you will get elected .Boko Harem stop killing Christians because no matter what you do, you cannot force your religion on people .Not in this century!

This coming year will bring good things for us. Boko Harem and those sore political losers who want to put their misery on us should go and hang. After Jonathan, the presidency should go to other parts of Nigeria that have never ruled like Cross River or Warri area. These people are Nigerians too…The golden hen that lays the eggs the Northerners are killing us for. PEACE!!!

Anonymous said...

I think the president needs to embark on a massive recruitment drive towards improving armed forces and police numbers by offering better incentives:Bumping up salaries and offering other perks to join the military.

I believe Mr President should have started building an Army strong enough to batter any other powers that be....

I also believe covert squads be put in place to neutralise the leaders and sponsors of boko haram.(Abacha Style).

Take out the leaders\sponsors swiftly and silently,then crush the footsoldiers with brutal force...

Anonymous said...

The govt of GEJ has its work to do.

But so do the christians in Nigeria. As much as we throw around the word "God".

"If my people who are called by my name... I will heal their land"

While leaders are doing their thing... children of God should be doing theirs too... fasting, praying, watching, interceeding.

The lives of our children are at stake.

Alicia says... said...

the main members of Boko Haram are of the Kanuri ethnic group in Borno State, at least thats where their headquarters are. although the Hausa/Fulani are killing as well, we cannot forget the main culprits.

Anonymous said...

Its clear your brain cells (and that of Buhari) are diseased.@Anonymous Dec31 10:36pm. What nature of a normal human being allows for killing in response to losing a court case? The f..ked up general thinks he and his kind own Nigeria, and as such deserves the presidency. Naija ppl rejected him in 2003, in 2007, so what makes him think it wud be any different now? If he aint a delusional crack head! As per the sultan's statement in which disowns BH, i am not fooled. I only feel for Goodluck J who is being tossed around. Peace talks should have ended long ago. Nigeria should split and let the northern dogs shoved their nothingness up their stinking assholes!

Anonymous said...

All I can say is stop asking dumbass questions!!!

Anonymous said...

My advice 2 our Muslim brothers they should understand the most important law of Allah. 2 luv Him wit all ur heart nd 2 luv ur neighbours as u luv urself. And d symbol of Islam is peace nd luv. Pls teach d right thing nd exposed d spoilers of Islam.

Anonymous said...

Good move there Mr. President.Thank God you at least know that this faceless sect does have help from their Islamic brothers in the neighbouring arab countries and most of our land borders in the north are so porous! Track roads and paths that lead out should also be sought, found and monitored...To those of you casting aspersions on each other, politicians and Nigeria, I dare say it wouldn't solve more problems than it creates (and please just before you start abusing me too, you should know that I'm not hausa, fulani or a muslim!). All we need is prayers, the heart of a king is in His hands; with prayers even the worst of them all can change. Retaliation from the Christians and southerners would only worsen issues and as a matter of truth, is what whatever brains behind these whole saga want. They need the country to be thrown into chaos and of course that gives them the opportunity they want! Please, I want to use this medium to plead with you my fellow Nigerians to give peace a chance, and build Nigeria. We have destroyed more than we have built in our 51 years as a nation, and I think it's about time. Pray for your country, She needs it, pray more for your leaders than abuse them and please please contribute your own quota and be a good citizen because the Nigeria we are talking about is you and I and we have the responsibility of deciding the fate of our beloved country. A happy new year to you all and with that I implore us to let everything old pass away with the old year.

Anonymous said...

Jonathan is a prick and his supporters are not much different.
If Buhari is found to be behind the bombings, why is GEJ slow to act?
even before BH, which one of these killings has his govt being able to bring the killers to book?
The Raymond Dokpesi that he accused of being behind the Independence bombing, is he not a presidential adviser today?
What is the logic behind declaring a state of emergency in parts of a state?
Azazi and GEJ are either clueless or do not care. i have a fear that it is both of the above.
Nigerians, be afraid. Be very afraid!!

Christians In Northern Read This! said...

Those Local Goverment declare State of Emergency are Told not to be Islamic. Is that true?

This is serious o! Linda if you have not heard! The boko-haram has declare state of Emergency! Read it here- Breaking News: Boko Haram Gives 3-day Ultimatum for Christians to Vacate the North!

linda please share this to your massive readers! Please...

David Ngwaba said...

The declaring of a state of emergency by President Goodluck may not stop the terrorist attacks, but it will certainly reduce them. But most importantly it sends a strong message about the powers the president holds and the consequence of having this power come against you.
We all know these youths have elders and sponsors. When life gets unbearable for them, they will be forced to pipe low.

Samuel said...

I think the way out of this Boko Haram insurgence is to fish out the people leaking security information to this group. Some Military and Police personnel are behind the leak of information to the group. I recommend total overhauling of the Security apparatus of our Country to stem this insurgence.

Anonymous said...

I dont understand what the bruhaha is about the unity of Nigeria, it is clear to us that most of the northerners support terrorism as can be seen during the time of Osama Bin Laden, most shops had his picture and a lot of Northerners idolise him. If division is the more effective solution so be it. If Boko Haram has called for a split between North and South, we should be happy. So that we can run Nigeria more effectively.

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