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Saturday, 29 October 2011

Port Harcourt Youths take to daylight robbery as a protest against wealthy citizens

The spate of daylight robbery going on in Port Harcourt right now has left a lot of people wondering what's going on in the garden city.

Niger Delta youths, who were not part of the Federal and state govt amnesty programmes, have now taken to the streets, robbing in broad day light, forming armed robbery gangs and terrorizing rich citizens in the city. Some of the gangs wear military camouflage uniforms and carry sophisticated weapons when operating and are said to be ruthless. So many lives have been lost in their operation...

Hopefully the government will get these youths off the streets by including them in their amnesty programmes.


Adebola said...

Linda, Hopefully will realise soon their securities wont be able to protect them even in their mighty Aso rock villa's from hungry citizen. They will soon be fed on, ask Gadaffi. Sign

Anonymous said...

My poor state! The Govt is corrupt and so are the masses...the Govt needs to compensate them for polluting their land and exploiting their resources. Niger Delta should have the best infrastructures, amenities and standard of living but the Govt is robbing them of everything! These youths don't need to take it out on rich civilians...it's the Govt that is depriving them

Allegra said...

Citizens carry assault riffles like this in brazenly in broad day-light. What has happened to 9ja.

grace said...

port harcourt kwa? ehn so dis is wat dey want to turn my once 'peaceful' state to? God pls protect my fam members oo

kyrs said...

Linda dts really correct.d rate of armed robbery and killings eh!!!!just dis morning 4 lives wer lost at everyday emporium 2 in GRA.d Lord will keep us safe!!!!

grace said...

they killed some people in GRA port harcourt today :(

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