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Thursday, 15 September 2011

Venia Consulting launches Innovative Business Hub in Lagos .

CEO - Venia Consulting
"Our vision is to change the face of entrepreneurship in Nigeria"- Venia Consulting

The management of Venia Consulting Limited announces the launch of the Venia Business Hub. An innovation in Nigerian corporate space, the Hub is a provider of serviced and virtual offices for entrepreneurs and business men across the country. The company also offers training, seminars and conferences and even more importantly, links businesses to a pool of Angel Investors and Financial Partners for financial support and start-up capital.

Currently to get office space in a prime area of Lagos, you have to have a lot of cash. At Venia, the approach of "Practical, Affordable and Accessible" is making it possible for businesses to now own a world-class office space at affordable prices".

The offices vary in purpose and utility depending on need, from the premium level Prestige offices, to the Executive and Professional offices. Focused on providing total business solutions to clients, Venia Business Hub removes the administrative and operational challenges businesses face by providing staff and services that allow members of the Hub to focus solely on running
the business and perfecting products and brands.

Members of the Hub enjoy use of a fully kitted boardroom and meeting room, a reception and waiting area for their clientele and in keeping with the Hub's "Work Hard, Play Hard" culture, members also enjoy the use of a lounge/games room equipped with comfortable chairs, a television and a plethora of games. The offices are furnished and supported with a standby generator set, high speed internet access, dedicated telephone lines, receptionists, IT support
and administrative assistance. The Hub is also conveniently located; sited on Admiralty Way in Lekki, it is strategically positioned to exploit the new bridge shooting from the busy business axis. Businesses operating from the Venia Business Hub enjoy the immediate advantages of ease, comfort and centrality. For both Nigerian and expatriate companies looking for a place
to build their corporate presence in Nigeria, the Hub is a great place to start.

"We feel the pain of business men and women in Nigeria; little or no financial support from financial institutions, no advisory support from known agencies and being taken advantage of by bigger private companies. There's an ideology in Nigeria that anything excellent or world-class has to cost an arm and a leg, and ultimately break the bank, it has to be done in such a way that only the rich and powerful can afford it. Venia Consulting is here to change that. We will and are providing world-class products and services that are practical, affordable and accessible to more people. This is what we have done with the Hub. When we say the future is here - we mean it! Venia Business Hub is poised to revolutionise entrepreneurship and small-medium businesses in the country through its underlying principle of 'Businesses that add Value to People'," said its Chief Executive Officer, Kola Oyeneyin. "We do not embark on any business opportunity that does not solve a community problem and in return add significant value to the lives of the people wherever we operate."

The company's vision extends beyond the space, it is focused on building a new entrepreneurship culture that ensures that businesses survive and are able to to grow. To this end, the Hub also provides young and growing businesses with training programmes, and links them to credible business advisory and support. Loans are also made available to growing businesses and entrepreneurs and the hub allows opportunities for investment in and
sponsorship of start-up and growing businesses.

"Our approach is a direct solution to the current lack of support network for many aspiring entrepreneurs in Nigeria," a statement from the company explained. "We have come across many great ideas that just need a "launch pad" and that is what we have created. Many entrepreneurs that dare to even start their company currently run their businesses from home, hotel lobbies, restaurants and cafes and as such cannot attract the right kind of business
to be self sustaining. Such businesses eventually fold up, most times in the first 12 months.

If we are going to solve the unemployment problem in Nigeria by creating more jobs, new businesses have to start and grow to become big businesses that employ many. This can happen with the help of the 'Venia Business Hub' ideology. It is a pragmatic approach to an economic crippling problem. We want to take the lead in this area."

Venia Business Hub: Work Hard, Play Hard....

Telephone: +234.1.773.2521, +234.1.768.0707
Email: info@veniabusinesshub.comWebsite:


Anonymous said...

Kola, well done! Big things coming your way sooner than expected.


Swizz Beatz's Interesting Love Life said...

Great idea. As long as they provide, security, electricity, and a conducive office environment, this has a lot of potential.

Wishing them all the best...

folorunso joseph said...

The will be really great if it is not one of those hypes ...

Anonymous said...

How can I take advantage of this pls??

inibetok said...

thumps up to you. u have always been an innovative individual.

Anonymous said...

no beefs pls. can someone tell me in one sentence what this company does?..thank you very much

Anonymous said...

Good post. I'm going through some of these issues as well..

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