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Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Police Arrest 50 Suspects In Connection With UN House Bombing

The IG of police said on Monday that the Nigerian police have arrested 50 suspects in connection with Fridays UN House bomb blast, which so far have claimed 23 lives and 73 others still in the hospital.

50 suspects in just three days? Wow, Naija police we hail thee, una dey work well well. *Yimu*.
These suspects probably had nothing to do with the bombing.


1976AD.com said...

only 50 suspects? Why not 500? Nigerian police sef, they don't realize it is quality, not quantity of suspects that matters.

Anonymous said...

50 suspects ko? I laugh at the tip of my nose. Pity pity pity.a bunch of toothless bulldogs. How I wish they cud prove us wrong.

*ajalahtravel* said...

Laugh laugh e catch monkey. Who dem wan deceive? Badluck Jonathan you never hear say prevention is better than cure?


Anonymous said...

Linda Post and investigate this case abeg:

" On sunday,Yanju Kusamotu Thomas and her husband went to get fuel, kidnappers double crossed them and took yanju, the husband managed to escape. She's just 25 and newly wed with a 5month old baby and a graduate of law Igbinedion university .Please help find and Pray for her, that the good Lord will deliver her to her loved ones unharmed. Please don't just read and ignore,this could happen to anyone. The Lord will continue to guide and protect each and every member of our family. If you have any useful information u can contact us on 08098665589. Please, help spread the msg. Thanks."

kinky said...

Not again,dese guyz shldnt just go and be picking up poor innocent citizens o.dats wat dey always do.dis country is becoming a scary movie.

Anonymous said...

73 hospitalised, 23 dead.
73-23=50 people arrested. Naija police! If you can arrest 50 suspects in 3 days then it means you should have been able to prevent the bombing. (I'm not an intelligence officer, I'm just thinking aloud ni o)

Anonymous said...

This is a welcome development but my worry is that, what happened after the arrest? May God help us.

unstor said...

why 50? why not 43 or 49 or 58 or 16? nigerian police una dey craze!!!!!!!!!!!

Anaco Nwa said...

What else is new about Nigeria Police. Abeg release these men and let them go to their various homes. Do they have any proof these men where actually involved in the bombing?

Anaco Nwa said...

Whats new about 9ja police? Please release and let the men go home. Do they even have any proof these men were involved in the UN building bombing?

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