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Monday, 29 August 2011

419 Reasons to Like Nigeria and Nigerians - Forbes Writer

Article written by a Forbes writer called Peter J Reilly. Read it here


Dee dee said...

Linda this post by Peter Reilly (Forbes) was motivated by the very negative rantings of a particular Ghanian fool...read Kofi Akyeampong's article titled 'It's time to crack the whip on these Nigerian crooks' here;


I'm SO PISSED OFF. I don't blame the arsehole, it's the fucking rubbish politicians and greedy individuals that disgrace the country that I blame.

Please let us all contribute to the 419 reasons to like Nigerians. However, unless things change in Nigeria this article would just be akin to placing a plaster over a bleeding and festering wound. If I had GEJ's postal address I would send him a copy of oloshi 'Prince' Kofi's article. Aaaraaarghhh!!!

Hot Nigeria Blog said...

The link you gave is not directing me to any article. Though they should GL!

Free browsing with phone said...

Whoever that guy is, he need to be beaten blue black.

Nigerians being executed in Libya said...

SMH ... Up Nigeria!

NwaChi said...

Now if only this post would get as much attention as do other lightweight posts. This is a great idea and if as he suggests, enough people do this, it will help the name of our country leap into positive light especially to the ignorant.

Most of us complain (especially those fortunate enough to be abroad, legally or otherwise) that our Government is doing nothing or corrupt. Yet at our grass-root levels, how many of us have done anything. Now imagine being put way at the top and see if you'll be any different or more efficient than the so called corrupt leaders.

We need to stop comparing our government to other nations and start making things work for us uniquely and not just because the Westerners enjoy such as until you have lived abroad, you have no idea what sacrifies come with what you perceive as their satisfaction. We are our GOVERNMENT.

Off to make my 419 List!!!

- The Mastery Debut Edition - said...

That how they get their boogy going...

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