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Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Photos that make you go....hmmmmm?

Including you sir?
You better believe it!
More photos when you continue...

Some people don't wanna know, they must get their drink on...
Hahaha, see AC


Kunle said...

Hahahahaha crazy pics especially d last two, AC in a hut? dats a mad stuff rite dere

chizzy jeremiah said...

this photos r sumtin else,funny pix indeed

Lisa said...

Is that meant to be a Policeman sleeping on the floor with his ammo left to all and sundry.....and the men drinking in that disease infested water. If the drink doesn't kill them then the bacterias and viruses in the water would. Loving the ac in the hut........too much!!

KAE said...

A/C in a hut???????????Oh my days

heph said...

wow! hilarious.

Kay said...

95 percent of Nigerians will go to hell .....hmmm...Our corruption level don reach that extent ? Nigeria's psycho-viral Corruption Immunodeficiency Syndrome (CIDS)

CIDS in public office is one of the reasons why olopa go dey sleep for ground in broad daylight with his weapon on the ground. What a country!
Abi is Nigeria a lie?

Well, in spite of it all, man must enjoy himself, and some do it shayo style in a natural jacuzzi coutresy of flooding.

If the flood ends, and heat con start for February, you need an air-conditioner no matter how dilapidated it is, having one in a hut may not be that bad. Those who live in the North and have been roasted by the heat can testify!!

Give me some kudos if you loved this!

Thanks for reading!

Wale Abbey Bab's said...

That man is a fool for thinking 95% will go to Hell, Is he God? Screw his ass...As per the police, even when not sleeping, you will see them at Jedi Joint with their uniform on and they pushed around their vehicle when called for operation...They are mad, Linda, you bad gan ooo...LOL

Anonymous said...

must u write'' including u sir'' under d pastor's comment.u re always against anytin religious...if its 2 say '' hes so of d day ..u know dat well..but on ur blog ..u pull down any tin religious...or men of God....i can guess hw very vain u must be.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

@ anon 4:35 if u are not so blind and can read punctuation marks very well (i.e if u know how to read them) u would see that Linda is asking him if he is included in the 95% with the question mark she put there.

Why would someone make such a pronouncement???? is he God????

Chux said...

Chei ya! That's somebody's father looking so helpless.

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