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Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Daughter Of INEC Commissioner in Rivers State kidnapped

The daughter of Mr. Aniedi Ikoiwak, who serves as the Independent National Electoral Commission resident commissioner in Rivers state, 11-year-old  Utibeabasi A. Ikoiwak has been kidnapped. She was kidnapped at the premises of Abundance Life Ministries church on Ikot Idon Road in Eket Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State On 19 June 2011. Her abductors have demanded a ransom of N100 million.

Ms. Utibe (pictured above) is a year 2 Junior Secondary School student and only daughter of her parents.
Kidnapping a child? This is so so wrong. Imagine the terror the poor dear will be going through.


natasha50 said...

well i will not feel sorry for the parents....just the girl now that this has happened to them maybe the will take up the issue of kidnapping seriously

its so sad can't even think of coming back home and not be scared while i feel safe in a foreign country where we are not even wanted

Anonymous said...

@Natasha50....Fuck you!!!! What has the INEC commissioner got to do with issues about kidnapping in my country and who the fuck is "they"? I hope you get kidnapped while cleaning bathrooms in whatever foreign land you at. Hopefully they will deport your a** to Libya! We don't want you kind back home. They did say that opinions are like a**holes...even the intellectually challenged got 'em!

Alicia says... said...

so sad! but natasha, you have a point. maybe if these politicians continue to have their kids kidnapped, they will WAKE UP on how serious this issue is.

Anonymous said...

you mean cross rivers state

N.I.L (Naijamum in London) said...

This is so sad

To be honest, I have been hearing about kids being kidnapped around Benin, Warri and PH for years now...so this has certainly being going on for at least five years now.

Unfoirtunately, most kidnappers operate based on information supplied by insiders (esp close family members)

Ch5335ng said...

Anon June 29, 2011 6:53 AM; your point being?

Yes, he works in RIVERS STATE and probably has his family living in CROSS RIVERS STATE.

The story has been going on for a bit. May she be found. Children shouldn't be used as pawns. It's so wrong. May she be found safe and sound.

Allegra said...

At anon 4.59am your statement is very crass indeed and uncalled for. Whilst no one prays for a child to be kidnapped, I believe what Natasha is trying to say is that maybe, just maybe, these issues would take priority with the Politicians especially as it has happened close to home. The problem is not with Natasha50 but with the get rich quick ideology that permeates our nigerian society. It is issues like this that make me visit my own country not as often as I would like. It is a pity though!!

TheGreenEagle said...

Surprised they grabbed a child? It's called KIDnapping. I hope she's safe though.

CABONGO said...

Those that have commented on the issue of kidnapping a girl has just spoken very very well, but the way I see it is different. I am thinking that whatever that might be the cease or reason of the kidnappers, either for political reason or otherwise, they should to go for the poor little girl no matter whatsoever.

I mean this little girl should not pay for the sin or misdeed of her father. If they want to penalize the INEC chief, they should have work on him directly and then his co-political members will learn their lesson from him and not his little under aged girl. Let our own little girl be in such condition then, we can understand how painful it is. I think some of us here prefer to be kidnap instead of our little kids.

So I want to tell you all that those kidnappers is not there to teach the man or the other political leader their lesson as some of us here may assumed but their motion personal, just is to give their bill and cash their money ( N100M ).
Everybody has his own points of view and this is mine.

natasha50 said...

Anon June 29, 2011 4:59 AM

its a pity i can see you are troubled the symptoms you are showing is called depression. for your information am a child a God and its not my fault my parents are buoyant to send me out of that country

every thing you said will go back to you and your generation to come Amen

Wale Abbey Bab's said...

Maybe he deserve it, I am not sorry for him at all.

Anonymous said...

@natasha50, I am far from depressed. Your mother is depressed that your father is a faggot. He no longer gives her money but give his 'bouyancy' to your gateman to pound his a** three times a week. You can't even put words together correctly..."my parents are buoyant to send me out of that country". Exactly the reason your father started taking dick up the a** because you failed as an investment! If your parents have that much of an influence, why don't they effect the much needed change in the country. A child of God indeed....what has God got to do with what we are talking about. Clowns like you never seize to defer to throwing God's name in conversations to mask your inadequacies. Hope your children get kidnapped, if your fit enough to have some!! A**hole!!!

Anonymous said...

@ Alicia et Allegra, you guys can justify natasha50's comments all you want, but it crosses the line with me when it pertains to kids! No one in her/his family had the cojones enough to run for office. He/She is some far away country bitching about issues that even he/her own father, in all his 'buoyancy', have no solution to because he chose to be a follower like the rest of us. Talking about feeling safe in some foreign country! It does not matter what she is at whatever country she thinks she is safe at....she is still a Nigger! I'd rather be treated with respect in my country than be second classed in another man's country!

Ch5335ng said...

She's been released Linda. Thank God.

Anonymous said...

Shakiti bobo

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