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Monday, 27 June 2011

25 killed in bomb attacks in Maiduguri

Suspected members of radical Islamist sect, Boko Haram, threw bombs at a drinking spot in a town in Maiduguri yesterday afternoon, Sunday June 25, killing around 25 people and wounding 12, witnesses and military sources said. More details coming...


tayo said...

I am ashamed that this extremist group continues to hunt down innocent people and the Government is doing nothing about it...
I am ashamed that this extremist group is using my religion to wage a nonsensical war without even thinking of the innocent people that have killed and destroyed.
I am ashamed... indeed I am!

Ch5335ng said...

Is this the modus operandi for these people because the President is from the South-South? A crackdown has to start now before this gets out of hand.

Anonymous said...

When would all these madness end??

grace said...

ewu hausa people are at it again abi? yeye people! i donot understand GEJ oh! hmmn that guy is too slow 4 my liking he should wake up and address this issue once and for all naw!mscheww

Anonymous said...

I agree with you Grace, GEJ is extremely slow. I dont want to regret voting for him in the first place.
Mr President, for God's sake, do something. is it because no member of your cabinet or even your immediate family has been affected that you are keeping quiet?
Remember, every Nigerian is in your custody whether rich, poor, PDP or other parties, East, West, North and South.
DO NOT DISSAPPOINT the people that gave you their mandates in every part of this great nation.
Do not let this nation disintegrate in your hands. RISE to the TASK. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

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