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Friday, 29 April 2011

Slain Youth Corps Members: The Fallen Nine

They are: Teidi Tosin Olawale (from Osun State, BSc Computer Science); Nkwazema Anslem Chukwunonyerem (Imo State, HND Electrical Electronic Engineering), Okpokiri Obinna Michael (Abia State, BSc Environmental Management), Adowei Elliot (Bayelsa State, BSc Computer Science), Adewunmi Seun Paul (Ekiti State, BSc, Social Sciences), Adeniji Kehinde Jehleel (Osun State, BSc Banking & Finance), Gbenjo Ebenezer Ayotunde (Osun State, BSc, Education Economics), Ukeoma Ikechukwu Chibuzor (Imo State, BSc Medical Microbiology) and Akonyi Ibrahim Sule (Kogi State, HND Business Administration).

The National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) say the dead corps members will be given a national burial. And then what?

9 comments: said...

And then it ends there most likely as it's done in the past, but God knows there'll be no rest for the governmen untill the culprits are brought to book. Can u imagine the waste. I have a younger sister currently serving and also partaking in the election excercise and sometimes i tink what if....but i never get to finish the tought cos i cant even begine to imagine it.

Anonymous said...

RIP sad after dealing with the stress of paying school fees, strikes, and finally graduate this is what our country pay them back with. This children have a bright future but they are cut short by our country government dirty game call politic. Those children blood are on the neck of NIGERIA GOVERNMENT GOD WILL TAKE REVENGE.

Anonymous said...

This is really said after spending all those years in the uni including all the strikes that students have to face which extends your time at the uni and to think that nothing happened to them at uni as they did not die there. For them to die just like this in an instance is beyond words.

Their families have spent so much money on their education hoping that they would relieve them from all the expenses or even debt that they incurred just to make sure that they all completed their uni. For them to die just like this is really sad. I hope that this NYSC would now be scrapped otherwise how many more lives needs to be loose unnecessarily. Hummm this is really sad GEJ they died as a result of your election as president make sure you do something about it if not for anything for their families sake enough said.

Anonymous said...

God have mercy. RIP!

3la said...
Click on the above link to see Bauchi governor's response. Outrageous

Anonymous said...


I learnt they are more than 9.

what about the 21 missing corpers?

have they been found?

smh in sorrow.

Chi-chi said...

This is a very sad end to this very hardworking Nigerian youths.What is the way forward?As long as boko Haram still exists, their will be no peace in the north, they have always killed and will still do it again if the govt does nothing to end this menace.Election is now over,who knows what other things will trigger their violence again.They have always been like this.?I still believe their problem was not the election,but was a case of bubbles waiting to bust,
Don't you guys think its high time the govt engage these people in round table talk,may be they want to be treated like the pirates and millitants in the south.Afterall, they too have leaders,some are even greaduates(the late boko harram commander was a university lecturer).

Akinyemi Raj said...

this is so sad.
i cant hold back the tears
teidy just finished 4rm my school (UNILORIN).i saw his poster on d notice board

looking at the years these guys have spent burning candles and stuggling to make smthing out of skul.
cant we 'the youths' protest the killing of this innocent souls.
lets not fold our arms on this.

chika said...

if Nigerian govt is sincere, they will admit NYSC us not accompliashing it's purpose of national unity any more. in fact, it is beginning to have the opposite effect as bringing young children back home in caskets is arousing painful emotions and it has become obvious that we are not one people even though for now, we come from the same Nigeria.

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