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Friday, 29 April 2011

Omotola rubs shoulder with international stars

The Nollywood ultimate diva and sex symbol, award winning actress Omotola jalade Ekeinde known as the first go to for deep hard to crack characters has once again brought to bear, her acting skills in the most awaited African movie "Ties that bind".  A compelling drama directed by Bafta award winning director Leila djansi.
Acting alongside Omotola is four time NAACP image award winner, Hollywood's Kimberly Elise and Amaa New Best actress AMA k aberese.
The stars who will be playing Theresa(Kimberly ellise), adobea (omotola j Ekeinde), bukin(AMA k) are three women from different walks of life bound together by a similar pain; the loss of a child. In a destined meeting in a small village in Kroboland, the women journey together to redemption, love, life and forgiveness as they renovate a dilapidated clinic for the villagers.
In the words of the writer and director of the movie, it is all excitement and thrills working with the stellar cast.
"I was looking for a cast that would carry the integrity of the work in performances and deliver bankability. Actors that will appeal to audiences across the globe! She said at the movie's World press conference in Ghana recently.
The UN ambassador and singer, Omotola who just became the first African to walk the prestigious Red carpet at the just concluded 53rd Grammy awards could not be reached as at press time as her management confirmed she had flown to London to start another Movie with British renowned actor and boxer Will Johnson an accomplished actor and entertainer known for his most memorable role in ‘Cold Cases’ and ‘Waking the Dead’.


bigsammedia said...

This is one actress that has not relented in making the best of her acting abilities. i am proud of the fact that she is extending the african talent to the international community. Keep flying girl. you rock.

Anonymous said...

i think having foreign actors in local films seem to be the new trend but i am welcome to having more of Nigerian or African actors featuring in forein films. thanks Omotola you are really doing Naija proud.

Chief said...

i hope i am first to comment o.the babe is not taking it easy o, but i must confess she is not doing bad at all sha. and this her pic is undoubtably hot. i am feeling you all the way Omotola.

Lara said...

One fact we all cannot deny about Omotola is that she is talented and this red gown says it all about her sexy looks. somebody please tell me, is she not stunning?

Anonymous said...

sex symbol my ass! Tonto and Mercy are what you call sex symbols, not this mommy, abeg.

ChiChiLuv said...

@ Anonymous 2.49pm - so somebody cannot be a sex symbol because she's a "mommy" as you put it? expand your mind, my person abeg. Is Taraji P. Henson, Nia Long, J-Lo, Salma Hayek, Halle Berry not mothers? They are still considered sexy women so why can't Omotola not be sexy?

There is a sexiness that is classy and a sexiness that is trashy. Omotola is the classy yet sexy kind that grown men fantasize about, them other chicks you mentioned are the types boys think are sexy until they meet a grown woman!

Linda dear, one of your Beauty of the Month that you featured here a few months back, Ebbe Bassey was a supporting actress in the film along with Ama K, Kimberly Elise and OmoTSexy. I saw it online, can't wait for the trailer because by all accounts, it is going to do major things for African films on an international level. It is time for a change.

@ Anonymous 2.18pm - I agree with you that it would be nice to see Nigerians/African actors in more Hollywood films because there are many actors of African origin residing in the States. I think that the intermingling of Hollywood actors in Nollywood/African films can help open those doors.

Anonymous said...

she luks awful in dat pics. like she had her face did,u know, like botox injection?

Anonymous said...

mehn this is how i expect omotola to be dressed, she is flamming hot here. If this is a recent picture then she must have fired her stylist since that grammy award disaster. I pray she keeps dressing like this. Her face was over photoshopped sha. wonder why because she is so beautiful and doesnt need all that airbrushing.
Wishing her all the best in her acting, looking forward to the movie

Anonymous said...

OMotola is NOT the first african to walk the grammy red carpet.Are you guys even serious?

The Corner Shop said...

Good for her. Hollywood meets Nollywood. She should wear more clothes like this please


Femiluv said...

lmao @ comparing Omotola or mentioning her name in terms of looks with the likes of Taraji, Nia, JLO or Halle, what the heck?!

Anonymous said...

@ChiChiluv, i didn't say it was because she was a mommy, i said it because she looks like a mommy. nothing hot about her!

Anonymous said...

Femiluv u arent serious....if she had the opportunity that these ppl have to the best plastic surgeons, personal trainers, nannys makeup artists beauticians etc, she would be way more beautiful than all of them...except halle sha, who is on another planet of her own.

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