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Friday, 29 April 2011

Halima Abubakar loses multimillion naira property in Kano mayhem

Kogi State born actress Halima Abubakar is one of the victims of the mayhem that ravaged some northern parts of the country after Saturday April 16, 2011 presidential election. The multimillion naira bakery and restaurant Godiya Confectioneries jointly owned by Halima and her mother, was razed down to the ground on April 17 by youths protesting the outcome of the election. The property was a four bedroom bungalow located in Naibawa quarters, in Kano.

Source: Tade Asifat - Encomium mag


Anonymous said...

sad!!! people should never invest in the north because your stuff can be gone in a matter of moments. i advice her to start up her life in Abuja if she still wants to remain in the north with her relation, other than that, i dont know what else to say.

VJ said...

Thank God oh! Property not Life.

Anonymous said...

Sori girl, God will compensate ur loss. Thank God for ur life

Ify Olumuyiwa said...

Foolish Northerners. Let them stick to their begging, selling fruits, meat, and all their petty businesses. Let us see how far they will go.

Uche said...

@ Ify Olumuyiwa- That is what I call a stereotypical racist remark. We can express our grievances which I also have against many of the activities which happen in the north especially amongst the vagrants and fuelled by the semi-illiterates amongst them in subtle politically correct ways and not heat up an already overheated polity

Kiky said...

this is really sad, something is definitely wrong with these northerners, if only they would allow the Biafra to be, this way they would rule themselves and we will have peace, am beginning to see sense with what Gadafi said about splitting Nigeria, if it can be done peacefully with mutual consent that would really bring peace to all these madness.

Anonymous said...

I love this lady..she has come of age..so sad to hear that.I tot she stays in abuja,aww God will replenish wat u lost

Anonymous said...

I read it in punch too.so sad to hear dat....God will suprise u.And am a huge fan of miss Halima

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