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Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Pay-As-You-Go Church

Divine wealth - N300, 000. Favour - N75, 000. Breaking curses - N50, 000. Tithe - 20% of income.
Wanna check it out? lol


chizzy jeremiah said...

is this a church or shrine,na wa ooooooo so pple can go to the xtent of usin God's name nd place of worship for making money wen he/she is not called by God.This is crazy

Anonymous said...

no b Nigeria we dey, abi d nation suddenly change overnight & I ddnt know. Anything goes in our country, besides na person wey go there na im go see wetin im de find. d N300k neva reach person start business and pray 2 God make He bless am? all d best 2 people wey de patronize d church.

tessy dela rosa said...

if i get N300k to pay to get wealth, then am rich already.....wonders shall never end sha

DIDI said...

really don`t know how much N300K is in dollars but i think its enough to save me from going to this church..the pastor must be on forbes..

Chilling said...

Anon March 30, 2011 12:59 PM; totally agree with you.
Church PLC!

brown said...

I was going to say the same
anyone having 300k to drop for financial blessing this is serios
surely we are in the end times.........

Anonymous said...

yep i predicted right it is time when house of God is turned into a money making venture very soon they will start two for one coupon buy one witches and wizard prayer casting and get mommy water casting and prayer for half off). I can’t wait for Redeemed church to enter the stock market so I can invest my money in it.

Anonymous said...

hmm, na wa oh! i witnessed one like dat, asking me to bring 20k for deliverance and dat was an asking price. when i jokingly asked if she could bring the price to it's half or no deal, she said ok, i can bring 10k. (i aint joking) i was like wat the fuck! and ofcourse dat was d last time they saw me.
a friend invited me there for a programme.

Anonymous said...

tufiakwa *snap my fingers over my head several times* GOD FORBID BAD THING!!

Anonymous said...

na wa o .... tithe is 20% of income???
its not the pastor's fault, It's the fault of the members. unless the guy is using juju to get members, then anyone who goes there is stupid

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