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Monday, 28 March 2011

Global News Headlines



Anonymous said...

NO WAY!!! Ladi Balogun ke? i hope its just these tabloids messing about...

Chilling said...

Juicy "news" but how true? Who owns this mag BTW?

Anonymous said...

Rubbish... Damage don already. I hope you appear in this kind of junk that you give publicity to someday so you too can know how it feels to be lied about.

Akin said...

This global news is the biggest thrash ever. I bought their March 28 edition which was on Murtala Nyako's 17yr old mistress but the real story I wanted to read was the caption "How Osoba secured House of Reps ticket for his alleged irresponsible Son Olumide and how he cant manage business successfully. Both stories were a hoax and didnt even mention the businesses he ran aground or even how he got the ticket.

prettyface007 said...
Brand new blog.... check it out

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:41... what don't you believe about Ladi Balogun? It's not news that he has serious demons worrying him, including the ones of womanizing and wife beating.

Anonymous said...

anon 3:11pm. i beg give me gist.

Anonymous said...

More on Ladi Balogun's dealings: NA WA O!

Anonymous said...

Looks like some editor is trying to give the National Enquirer a run for their money here in the states. lmao.. so many scandals hardly any good news on the front page.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Murphy Ifeanyichukwu Uzohue, a customer with Fist City Monument Bank (FCMB) has accused the managing director of the bank, Ladi Balogun, of having an amorous relationship with his wife leading to the breakup of his marriage, aside other sundry unethical banking practices perpetuated by the bank.
Uzohue in his statement of claim in a suit pending before a Lagos High Court, Igbosere division averred that the relationship between the FCMB MD and his wife developed to the extent that the former not only became a regular visitor to his matrimonial home at Block 10, Plot 22 Ogidi Crescent Lekki, Lagos but often times and as a matter of routine passed the night in the house.
Laying the foundation of disagreement between himself and the bank on the one hand and his ex-wife on the other, the Japan-based Nigerian told the court that sometime during his visit to Nigeria he met his ex-wife, Mrs. Obianuju Uzohue, the first defendant in the suit, who at the time worked with United Bank for Africa. He said one thing led to another and they got married.
He said after the marriage, he set up Lasergraphic Investment Nigeria Limited and he asked his wife to resign from the UBA and take over the management of the company. He said he was out of the country when he was contacted by Obianuju to enter into a joint banking contract with FCMB.
In spite of the fact that he instructed his wife to hold action on the establishment of a banking relationship with FCMB pending his return to the country, he claimed that she went ahead to consummate the banking contract resulting in the opening of a joint chequing account with account number 05120903786001 with the Murtala Mohammed International Airport branch, with him as a signatory to the account.
He insisted that all documentations in the banking contact with FCMB were signed by his wife, including a N60 million loan and another enhanced N60 million mortgage facility totaling N120 million in his name and on his behalf.
Continuing, Uzohue maintained that the banking relation contract was a grand set-up by his ex-wife in collaboration with the MD of FCMB and the use of the bank’s structure to manipulate him, his finances and permanently put him in perpetual financial slavery and liquidation.
He further contends that FCMB availed and his wife signed the aforesaid facility on the following conditions, namely: 173 months i.e 15 years less 6 months, monthly repayment of N2, 025, 119, 36 and that the terms and conditions of the banking facility are subject to the banking and other applicable laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
While contending that he is a captured, hoodwinked, manipulated victim in the hands of the MD of FCMB and his ex-wife, Uzohue said the facility was from inception designed to manipulate his account, ensure he does not pay back the facility and put his account in a default status.
Uzohue is therefore praying the court for a declaration that under and by virtue of the banker/customer relationship subsisting between him and FCMB, the bank’s fiduciary duty to him to ensure that all entries and bank charges made by the bank in the account are accurate and in accordance with the prevailing contract and regulatory prescription and directives as determined by the CBN from time to time.
He is also praying for a declaration FCMB can only charge bank charges and other fees in accordance with the CBN guidelines and the Guide to Bank Charges; a declaration that he is entitled to recover and refund of all wrongful and excess bank charges, and the statutory 100% penalty of the aforementioned sum upon being on the statutory 14 days notice and interest thereon, amongst other reliefs being sought.

Anonymous said...

na wa o
I am in shock
back then when I knew ladi in the same fellowship
they were the perfect upright couple
I really used to look up to them
coming to the mainland every morning from the island at 7am is not beans and they never missed a day.
what can i say shit happens
so sad!

Shakara said...

Re-Ladi. Well, it’s a society pairing after all so what do we expect? The girl is a babe and poor her, but she’s enjoying all the Otunba Balogun dynasty money. They should pray hard. I’m not too surprised as well being the son of that man.

Tofulu said...

I am not surprised Ladi did that. The guy is aggressive about FCMB getting to the top and he targets young wealthy Nigerians. It doesnt matter to Ladi if he sleeps with their wives to retain them. Infact, he befriends enemies of his close buddies to make them FCMB customers.

Anonymous said...

in other words hes a pimp for his bank?
not much difference from what female marketers do
just na married women him dey do

brown said...

Gosh It must be tough being in the limelight
its hard to decipher truth from fiction these days
so sad if its true

Anonymous said...

how can Ladi be involved in a 120 million naira deal?
that is an insult.
i no believe the story.
but the part of sleeping with the woman might be true.
Apart from my father i don't trust any man for woman matter,not even myself.

Olowo said...

@ Anon 9.03pm, why cant Ladi be involved in a 120million naira deal!!!
That's a lot of money by Nigerian standard and their bank.
Ladi will always do anything to enrich FCMB with hundreds of millions.
The end justifies the means should be Ladi's slogan.

Anonymous said...

Anon @9.20 get your facts right. I also used to go to the same morning prayer on the mainland. Ladi never attended the fellowship . it was the senior brother who did.

Anonymous said...

anon 8.41 ladi is not the wife beater it is the senior brother the one married to odogwus daughter

Anonymous said...

Yes, yes, yes. Ladi Balogun is never a wife beater; it is Jide Balogun who beats his wife Uche nee Odogwu. Shame on him!

Zapphaire Events said...

Please what date in January 2003 did ladi balogun marry

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