Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Comedian Ali Baba addresses an old issue about ex-wife, Patricia Leon

The Ace comedian wrote this on his FB page yesterday.

'My Point IS...' by Ali Baba
''First things first, i know some of u will say this is uncalled for. Some will even say, we already know. But for those who know, its important u also know that so many don't know. So please if u have the time, read it. Its really not a piece i should be writing, but in the face of thousands of lies being told in the name of justifying their false convictions, some people just believe the wrong things and pass on same as truth. Which is then circulated. And when u keep quiet, its often taken to mean the truth.

Every so often I am forced to explain myself or rebut some issues that bother on my integrity and dignity. I have worked hard for my FAME and with God, I still manage to remain relevant. Until now, or to be sincere, recently, people did not know that Comedians earned as much as they did. Mohammed DANJUMA, YIBO KOKO, TeeA, Basorge Tariah Jnr and a whole lot of the first generation comics, tried to keep our new found goldmine under the radar. Not until the second generation came. And started the laau laau spending and blew our covers. Till now I still try to advise my younger colleagues on the gains of prudence.

This explained why, initially people thought comedians were paid peanuts. But clients who had paid for our services, were quick to correct you anytime u tried to cheapen our services. Some clients call me and offer some amount and are shocked when I refer them to younger collected who charge within their budget. But to be fair, those who use our services these days know TALK IS NOT CHEAP!

Anyway, if you know me by now, u would already have guessed that this piece is not going to be about what we charge per se. But I had to mention it to give u a background to what the write up is about.

Back in the mid 90s, I earned my first million as a comedian, at that time, as a young graduate, u only can run into such wealth through the corridors of 419. But I got mine, through the help of Satzenbrau. So by the end of the 90s I was coasting home with between 100 and 200k per show. I already was living in a 5 bedroom duplex, that used to be Regina Askia's residence, in Ilupeju.

Then I moved to Lekki phase 1, in 99. In 2000, I was introduced to the presidency and I moved into the 1million per show bracket. No be GOD?

I married Patricia Leon about that time. She was at the time working in Multichoice and lived in a 2 Studio apartment on Opebi, behind Niteshift. Without being specific with figures, let's just say her monthly take home was below 100k monthly. Now this was at the time when I had started charging between 500k and 800k (depending on negotiating skills) Don't also forget that besides Mohammed DANJUMA and maybe 2 others, I was the first call for events. I WAS BUSY.

I was therefore able to give my wife, without breaking a sweat, a monthly salary the same with what she got as a staff of Multichoice. She cashed her cheques at the UBA on Aboyade Cole. That was besides other bills at home and her wardrobe. THAT IS WHAT A HUSBAND IS SUPPOSED TO DO. And I did it well. I must add that even after we parted ways, I still provided for her... Up till a point. Now that point was when I read an interview that painted me like a gigolo. And I stopped being a nice guy.

I know some of you are going, "who cares whether you took care of her or not?", apparently some people do. Those who undermine my hard work and prefer to believe I lived off Patricia Leon. Usually when I try to set the records straight, friends will say, let them say what they want to say. Sadly, the lies are taking on true colours. Some now say it was Pat that made me. You are better not give God's glory to no man. Or else you will answer for it.
If I may ask, if Ay, TeeA, Baskethmouth, Julius, Basorge and Gbenga had married SOCIALITES would they have been considered as living off their wives? Am very sure if any of them had married a banker, lawyer, business woman or Socialite, none of the affluence they exhibit now would have been from their hard work. It would have been because they married their spouses.

As much as I agree that it's nobody's business how I live my life, I also believ that when that life I am living is now given a reputation of someone who lives off women, I also owe myself the right to state it clearly that it is not true.
Don't go thinking Pat and I are not friends. Far from it. This piece is not about making her look bad or me looking good, but it is to put it on record that I stated the facts and in these days of FOI law, to have it documented, because, anyone who writes anything to discredit my hard earned reputation and professional integrity wld pay for painting me in bad light.

But like I was told by one of my big brosses, some spread the false tales because it justifies their present states. "I heard u and Alibaba graduated the same year" and am sure u can predict the next line... "Yes o! The guy don hammer. Na Patricia Leon money he dey spend!" That way its easy to discount my hustles and imply that if it were not for Pat, he and I wld have still been on the same level. Guess what? Pat is still alive, go and let her spend on you too.

This was the point I tried to make in my note THE HILARY FACTOR. And my point then and now, was and is, that when Obama decided not to pick Hilary Clinton as VP, I knew why. People wld have said he rode on her wings to win. He didn't pick her and he won. In my case, there was nothing wrong in riding on my wife's wings or financial edge to succeed. If there was. There wasn't. And in truth, my marrying her cost me my Multichoice account. Because I stopped doing events for them once we were married. U can clear that with JSP Communications.

After saying all these, my point is... Give GOD credit when he deserves it. Or else u would be bearing false witness against your neighbour and offending GOD. Plus the small fact that u also are robbing me of some applause.

That's my point... Now let the arrows fly!''
...Ali Baba 


Anonymous said...

..so what's the point?
very Childish writeup if you ask me

Anonymous said...

when he married his current wife , pple said it was bcos she was a banking top shot....
abeg ,no arrows to throw o..i respect your hustle..e no easy...
and sumtimes its necessary to set d records straight....so do u !

Bimpe Lawyer said...

please alibaba why dont you address the court case you had with a barrister Ms.Ajie. who you promised marriage? She sued you after she took care of you,bought you cars, rented our apartment etc for you ,then you were still struggling to become a comedian.Why dont you address her case too.I have a friend whose in the National Bar Association.They had to persuade Ms. Ajie to drop her case against you because she was running for a position in the bar association.This was the lady that paved the way for you before you met patricia.If people claim you are a gigolo.Ultimately it is because of your history with using and dumping rich women biko kmt Msssweeeeewwww. And please Linda be so kind to verify the florence ajie story.

Anonymous said...

Agbaya akan oku si garawa

Meaningless rant from a typical ego maniac naija man

Anonymous said...

seems to me, like u no longer get the jobs, cos if u do, then i presume u'd be too busy trying to get ur work done instead of idling away. such a babish article. abeg scramp jare!

Naijamum said...

He must have been pushed to the wall.
I have been hearing his name since Uniben. Success did not come overnight.
Funny enough, I hadnt heard of this lady till now.
Abeg, A-B, free yourself. Nothing do you bo!

Anonymous said...

I have lost all the respect i have for him.This was so stupid and unnecessary.When you are famous people will cook up all sort of stories and you have to select the ones to respond too.This is a type of rumor they can spread about anyone so why bother to respond.You said you are friends with Pat till date but you just embarrassed her as well.Pls grow up.WHo begged you to list your assets? You lived in Regina Askia's former duplex in Ilupeju..really? Make we off pant and tear bra abi?

Anonymous said...

i dey pray to Baba God make i get money well well. I don see say some people wey get money, no get sense. I mean, what the F is this write-up about?

Carina said...

Linda i hope you had his permission to post this oh.
I dont know much about Alibaba and i really dont care but from what i have seen on his fb pages he is a bit childish, yes h has made it and all and good for him, but posting pictures of your cars, your house, your pool, letting people on fb know when you buy the latest cars, ipad, phone, camera bla bla is a bit tasteless for me, i know pplle will say i am a hater but its true, everyone shld be proud of their accomplishments but using style to boast and show off, no way.

Natasha said...

Why would he write a note that clearly seeks to embarass her and paint her as a liar and say they are friends na wa for him oh,there is always an element of truth to rumours, if he truly used to take care of her like he claims and didnt marry her for ulterior motives, why arent they still married till date, abeg jo make we hear word, even if he wasnt sponging her for money, the connections she helped him get nko, he should have just kept quiet instead of trying to redeem himself with half truths, the man na retired gigolo jo, he has probably changed now doesnt wipe out everything he did in the past to get to where he is now. nuff said

Amebo1 said...

Patricia Anderson Leon is a former beauty queen and marrying Ali Baba made her put on weight in those days.

She never had a kid for him but already had about three kids but looked 10 years younger with a flat tummy.

Ali Baba has hurt Pat enough. They fought after he dated a lawyer that exposed all the bad things he said against Pat e.g. old cargo etc.

Was he blind before he married her? Didn't he know that she was older than him? She was a contestant in Miss World 1976. Was he not a gold-digger then? Please spare the former Miss Trinidad and Tobago. Leave her alone.

Ali Baba should have attacked the journalists that wrote that he had no home to go to and lived with Pat and her mum in Nigeria.


Anonymous said...

@Naija Mum, how long have you lived in London? When you were in Nigeria, you probably didn't read soft cell magazines.

If you did, you would have heard of this beautiful former beauty queen. Ali Baba used her. He cannot deny that and this self PR spoof is not working at all.

Even the wife he is with now was dumped at a point. He did not want to marry her. He begged her and she took him back. Don't you lot read magazines?

He wants Pat back. West Indian women are fantastic lovers. When men fall for them, they fall flat. Ayakata!

He wants a media confrontation with her within 48 hours. Pat, just ignore him!

Anonymous said...

Your point is nonsense, The person who said with age comes wisdom is being proven wrong daily by celebrities. Why bring up an issue about a marriage that ended like five years ago?.

Anonymous said...

linda, l have issues with several aspect of this post. 1st, is this the best picture of patricia u can come up with? it seems the picture which looks like a 'police station mug shot' is delibrate. me think it kin of confer some sort of advantage. the lady is a prety woman and several of her pixs are all over. u could have use one of those. ali baba's picture comparatively is very good. so, ali vs patricia...? ali is psycologically 'telling the truth....really?

my second point, ali baba don't need all these long justification. its absolutely unnecessiry. the 'best way you can unknowingly give prominence to bad publicity is 2talk about it. 4the wise one (which l thought ali is...) you don't advertise ur mistake.....u bury it! people will (always..forever) talk but, after sometime they will forget and stop talking.

all these l lived in regina asikia former apartment is rather very funny....regina my ass! is she princess diana?

as long as you continue to live infact even when you're dead, people will continue to talk...(good or bad) about you.

so pls ali baba, be wise just KIS.

Anonymous said...

Ali baba, you are a stupid man. Is Mary giving you problem at home to disclaim Pat in at the market square? dont be silly dude! were you not the one who pushed your wife Mary to do deals in Bank PHB that cost her the high profile position as ED. You are not to be taken seriously. You are indeed living up to your job-comedy-show of shame. Useless man.

Anonymous said...

Next time, silence is Golden. You would not have said anytin. Afterall, many people knew alibaba b4 pat

Chilling said...

If not for Patricia Leon, i’d never have heard of this guy. Even if she was earning about 100k a month when she was in Multichoice, she was already made. I think she got money from her first marriage to Osula (spelling?) and after that she made money by “other” means. His current wife Mary Bassey made a killing from Bank PHB so he’ll sit down there comfortably as if it’s all his. He’s made it, fine, but he’s always used rich women to get to the top. Gigolo to the max.
Why does he have to defend himself even?

Anonymous said...

Men! How this guy come fall him own hand like this na? Shooo! You are friends with Pat? Seriously? Oga, you shouldn't have said nothing. That gist is stale and you didn't need to embarrass the poor woman and yourself in this manner. Na una and God know wetin happen. Shoulda just left it like that. Everybody knows you're one hard working man but then you got some help from people too right?

Anonymous said...

Oga, you shouldn't have said anything.
Made a mistake up there.

brown said...

so its true that when you grow older its not necessary that you grow wiser
thas all I will say

sexy said...

alibaba, i really hope u are reading this, u know wat, I AM REALLY DISAPOINTED IN YOU! i never expected u to be this childish. well, shit happens! this ur long speech is absolutely unecessary. ever heard 'less is more'?

brandshepherds said...

Those who see this write up as childish are dumb and not creative. This is a creative writeup, light, entertaining and relaxing. Ali Baba's piece should reflect his profession, or do you expect him to write like Ayo Fagbenle? Una dey craze!

Anonymous said...

Lol, it i so funny cos i lived near Regina Askia in Ilupeju and that house was a regular house.Regina lived there for a short period with her daughter and was a squatter there!Abeg make we hear word.Person go think sey na mansion

Anonymous said...

how truly sad! If it was a girl who was in this fix, it would be a normal thing. If the person involved is a man, totally different issue.'
on the Ms Ajie issue, it happens everyday in Lagos, where girls date older men they have no intention of marrying just to cream off values off them; so why is it an issue that A.B is supposed to have done same?
That said, it is wrong to do such. on Ali's public image, it is his cross to carry.
Bimpe said Ali got loads of contacts & connections off Ms Leon, wot a joke; what connections would someone in a south African company give anyone abeg?
What wos her position there? Abegi>>>

Anonymous said...

Like i said on the Oyin/Wole article, this one will run for long.
If Ali truly wrote this thing, then he needs to have a psychiatric examination.
What is the essence of this?
Your story is akin to the RMD story, una runs with richer women full ground and una hands no too clean.
You and RMD may be making your own money now but the past existed.
over a decade later you go and dig up this tale, you well at all?
Why are you embarrassing Patricia like this?
To believe i respected you.
I am ashamed of you.
comot for here!!
all these PDP hustlers!!

Anonymous said...

bros u for leave this matter,u fall my hand ooo

K said...

Linda, no make me vex o!
comot that yeye picture of Pat Leon.
That woman is so pretty that she puts all the Nigerian beauty queens to shame.
Better find a better pic of her.
Ali hammer something there.that body pass millions.
I no go comment on the write up.it is not worth it.

Anonymous said...

lol @ regina askia's house, i know the place, on adebo road i think, wasnt that place even like a sharing house with people living upstairs and another family living downstairs. Anyway, the man should have just let sleeping dogs lie.... *yawn* On to the next gist abeg!

Sisi Yemmie ™ said...

Im not surprised. This dude lacks sense. this is stale gist. I dont know y he thinks he's soooo relevant and that we want to read this rubbish.

The master said...

The likes of ali baba full for Abuja hunting for senators and ministers daughters,some have caught them and are quietly enjoying the awoof wey dey don hammer,Ali baba shld have done same.....

Anonymous said...

Isn't that how we humans are, when he kept quiet all this years, didn't you guys believe the crap? If it were a journalist that wrote these things now you all would have been shouting we don't do our investigations before writing.
All that nonsense of not talking to the press on personal matters is what makes us write with the information we have.
Am not holding up here to defend Ali Baba. When I was in City People, we were to do the story, but my publisher asked us to go investigate. We did and found out that Ali Baba was already living in the 5 bedroom duplex he mention in his write up before he met Ms Leon.
We begged him to give us an exclusive and he refused. And called my publisher to ask him to leave the story.
All of you that are calling the write up stupid, childish bla bla bla, how many of you have ever written anything with this same passion that you are criticizing him with when all those stories were flying around.
I don't even have pity for Ali Baba, because we gave him the platform to do this long ago and he refused. In this world when lies are repeated so often and no one comes out to set the records straight many begin to believe the lies

Anonymous said...

Madam Lawyer Bimpe. I doubt very much if you are a Lawyer. I also strongly believe you have chronic bad belle for this Ali Baba guy. In these days of FOI, it wld be wise for you to watch what you say. Barrister Carol Ajie took Ali Baba to court and asked the court to make Him refund monies she paid for services rendered. Which included paying him to anchor her campaign dinner in a state in the West, may be Ondo or Osun. He went there and provided the services. She was impressed with the job done and engaged him for a Kaduna event. Ali Baba took ill but still made it to the event and performed.
All that was ok until she started buying gifts of all kinds and sending to his office in Eleganza Building then. Everything she sent to him unknown to her were received and locked away in a cabinet. It was on the strength of the things being tendered by Ali Baba's Lawyer that she withdrew her case.
I had said before that you are not a lawyer. You also do not have a sense of timing neither is your timeline accurate. ALIBABA married Pat in 1998, and met Barrister Carol for the first time as a client when she wanted to use his services in 2001. At which time he and Pat had been living in Their Lekki home for 3years.
Ali Baba, had refused to be blackmailed by Carol. And told his lawyers to face her in court. Until the case was withdrawn by Carol, except the Sun newspapers, no other paper carried the story. The press knew who Ali Baba was, and the respect he commanded amongst his colleagues.

Anonymous said...

big tyme rubbish, wat a show off !!

Anonymous said...

He wrote this epistle to denounce statements that he lives off women,wrong move in my opinion,women live off men why can't men do the same.

Anonymous said...

Unnecessary write up! Who cares?

Anonymous said...

ALI baba u av successfully disgraced yourself. all dis grown ups sef, dont you have common sense?? all i can see u doin in dis write up is BRAGGING.

sexy said...

lol at anon 12.32 and 12.57. now dats allibaba defending himself again but in disguise. lmao! oya write another epistle.

kcee said...

@anon 12:32AM and 12:57AM job weldone...bravo!!! cos i strongly blieve that was ali baba himself.
alibaba was nobody until he met pat shikena ..pat was his laddder that he climbed to success .pat made him just like mee mofe damijo made rmd and other stupid guys who like to date women for their money and fame.

Mena UkodoisReady said...

I hope, for his sake he has a new event he is promoting, because this is just uncalled for publicity!

Anonymous said...

Ali now u lack jokes, and u have resulted to story telling. SHAME!

Anonymous said...

hey pals.. check out this website. date360.ning.com.. its hot

John-Rogers Chukwudi said...

There is a magazine called Forbs, there is E tv and everyone wants a bite of their contents and you are fulfilled to talk about the latest information you acquire. In your minds it’s not showing off products and contents you are buying or subscribing to right?
Why is so easy to criticize and talk down people? The answer is simple – Information available, intelligence quotient, poverty of both mind and pocket and that aspect the Bible talks about “the heart of man” Ali Baba’s problems are definitely his and however he chooses to address it, is his lot. And he has to deal with what he gets from his approach.
Now I ask, having read through the responses for every one that has dropped one;
•Have you progressed the story
•Have you faulted the story
•Have you come up with a twist to the story
•Have you left the story to attack characters
To the owners of the Blog, kindly note that it is not the amount of comments that matters, but the quality. Thanks

Anonymous said...

honestly Ali baba is the biggest fool on earth. his brain is nothing but that of a cray fish... i have been on his facebook page and seen all the rubbish he has written about this blog... and all the comments his ass lickers who are scared of telling him the truth are posting on the note.. now isnt it obvious that anon 12:32and 12:57 is ALI BABA....he has also been ranting like a mad man on twitter all day typing in caps and talking to people like he pays their bills.. omo this man senseless gan.. he is the biggest fool i know! ode agbaya gigolo oshi..


John roger chukwudi AKA Ali baba again!!!!!. Dude stop trying to convince us. It aint working. You tried under anon 12.32am and 12.57am now this. Now u are reaching!!!! Desperation is an ugly colour on u. U impergnated Mary when she was a corper with Citizens bank in 1997, u didnt marry her then but she suddenly became more desirable, attractive and marriagble as soon as she became an ED with Bank PHB. The is so shame in been a gigolo cause dude dats what u are!!!! LOL!!!!

temmy said...

y d insults for the young man....he is only tryin to justify himself.be a celebrity and let dem write lies about u in d media,den u'll understand the meanin of keepin ur reputation and integrity.fine he shkdnt have mentioned his houses and aw mch he was earnin,buh he still has a reputation to keep and his image to manage.pls spare d man.lindaikeji,u r doin a very good job.luv u plenny plenny

temmy said...

y all d insults for the man. pls he is only tryin to protect his reputation and image. it's cus ur not in the limelight u r talkig like dat. tho' he shldnt have mentioned aw mch he earns and aw he was fendin 4 pat......linda ikeji....i love u plenny plenny.

Anonymous said...

He ran out of jokes a decade ago, so yes, he has all the time now.

Anonymous said...

Unnecessary rant i must say. Rather than set the records straight assuming there was one, Alibaba went on and one on how he lived in mansions abi duplexes at Ilupeju, Lekki etc. My guy, give God thanks and praise for bringing you out of poverty, it wasnt by your hard work as you have assumed but by God's infinite mercies and favours. Alot of comedians worked harder than you but are less sucessful. Please dont pull a good woman down becos of ur desire to bloat your ego.

Anonymous said...

Ah!! Linda!!!! Does this mean we can add comedians to our dating pool. Uncle Ali Baba thanks for letting us in on the secret o! I will not snub comedians any more. lol!!

Anonymous said...

Big bros,I ve always admired you and I wud always continue to cos I think u are a great guy and u opened the door for Nigerians to start enjoying comedy,its not easy to be a pioneer,u tarred d road for all dese other comedians to ride on and yes,u tried...I get ur gist and I understand ow u feel,d pressure in clearing ur gud name and making it known wat ur stance is...But egbon,I think u shd ve let sleepng dogs lie cos u ve no control over wat people say about u,u can only control how it impacts u...let dem talk,na dem get their mouth but let d truth reside in u...I also think d print or electronic media is a wrong avenue to clear ur image cos u wud neva be dere to explain to millions of readers wen they mis-interpret wat u say jst lyk most pple ve already, they are always at liberty to assume wrongly and interpret it in their own way...u know ow many tyms I don send txt wey put me 4wahala becos wetin d persn read no b wetin I dey try talk?...Finally,borrow a cue from my Pastor,Pastor Paul Adefarasin and realise that not all battles are worth fighting,choose your battles carefully...U remain dear to me and to millions of Nigerians.

ibiluv said...

i've alwayz disliked this guy

i dont consider him good at what he does

but to mouth off like this.....

he truly truly is beyond redemption

SLK said...

I really understand ali! Its not easy for one to work so hard for money and money comes and d glory goes to someone else! Its very painful! Am ur no1 fan! thanks for opening the gates of comedy in Nigeria!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...