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Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Bimpe Elite Make Up: Become a Make-up artist

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Anonymous said...

YOU CANNOT LEARN THE ART OF MAKE UP IN 5 DAYS. It can take up to a year to perfect it. So pls if you want to go learn ojuju masks and Poster color, pls carry ur 30k and enrich someones pocket. Na u know.

Anonymous said...

STFU Anon March 30, 2011 9:24 PM and stop being so bashful of someoen's potential path to success. ..please leave Bimpe Elite Makeup Alone. Oju orun to eiye fo lai fi ara gbara won. The sky is wide enough for several birds to flock without clashing into each other. The same people can't monopolize makeup market, cake market, events decor in lagos. I am sure those gurus of yours started somehwere and a day at a time, they got better. pls let the young grown. We don't all have to worship the same gods do we? Abi was it written in the bible that only XYZ and 123 must do certain things in this Lagos? abeg allow new comers to gain market share..

kuchi kuchi said...

Exactly STFU,cos you're dumb does'nt make everyone dullards,there are peepo who grasp fast uhn,aunty bimpe nor mind the idiot jare

Teniola said...

I totally agree with the 1st comment, you cannot 'learn' how to be a 'professional' make up artist in 5 days. In the UK, you have to go through quite vigorous training before you would even be certified by the UK Make Up Artists Assoc. Its only in unserious countries like naija that u can pay 30k, go on one course run by somebody (who themselves are probably not accredited by any reputable make up artistry body) and then call yourself a 'professional'.
lol! thats why we have brides looking like clowns on their wedding days cos they have hired the services of these so-called professionals!

Having said that, Im not even mad at the Bimpe who is running this thing cos I'm sure the babe is gonna make a killing! cant knock the naija hustle! Keep on keeping on!

Oloju Come and Do said...

Anonymous 9:24pm and Teniola, your brains must be baskets that you can''t learn the basics of makeup artistry in 1-5 days. You should know you will be expected to keep practicing the skills you have acquired and continually upgrade yourself by reading and researching.
And Teniola, I beg you, research the industry properly before you write rubbish here. There's no governing body for makeup artists in the UK, and you don't have to be certified to be a working makeup artist. Self-taught makeup artists are everywhere working freelance. What you have in the UK is mainly Beauty Guilds where a makeup artist can also apply for insurance. Please there's nothing like "UK makeup artist association o Biko except you founded it.

I'm quite shocked Bimpe will even charge 30k for a 5day course, in my opinion that's is undercutting big time. Bimpe does most of the makeup for the covers of magazines in Nigeria and has Oluchi and Agbani on her client roster.

And no, I don't know Bimpe, never met her, we're only friends on Facebook.

Teniola said...

Olojo Come and Go, haha! this thing is really hurting you!

ok so here are the facts, there are quite a few make up artisrty bodies in the UK, namely NASMAH (National Association of Screen Make up Artists and Hairdressers) and IMA (International Make up Association) who are the most recognised ones. I live in the UK so i cant comment on that happens elsewhere (US etc)

I fully agree, you dont have to be a memeber of such a body before you go around doing people's make up at a fee BUT if you want to put yourself out there as being a Professional you do actually have to have gained a GNVQ level 2 in beauty therapy. Also, you have to have taken a course in basic dermatalogical matters where you will learn about certain skin allergies and the basic science behind some of the pigments used in make up.

Being self taught is perfectly ok if you actually have TALENT on your side like someone like Banke Meshida Lawal who is arguably the best make up artist around at the minute (say sorry to your facebook friend Bimpe! lol!) But we should encourage professionalism in order to give the industry the credibility that it deserves.

My point that Nigeria is an unserious is a valid one because it is a country were anything goes- you can drive a car around without a valid license (just bribe LASTMA if they stop you), walk into a shop and buy medicines without a prescription and go on a 5 day course and call yourself a 'professional' make up artist.

Oloju Come and Do said...

Teniola the know it all- I'm sorry.
Teniola Banke Meshida's trumpet- Take heart.

I reiterate that you don't have to go to a makeup school to be a professional makeup artist or teach makeup. You can learn on the job, you can be self-taught. The greatest makeup artists did not go to makeup schools so please SHATAP.

Banke Meshida Lawal is not the best makeup artist in Nigeria, please stop being a blonde. You of all people should know "best" is relative. Don't even try to knock heads together because Banke and Bimpe are in different fields of the industry. Banke is more into bridal makeup art and Bimpe emerged in the fashion world. They're makeup artists that can give Banke a run, but she is more celebrated and obviously has advanced marketing and business skills, which is good for her.
Your god Banke started being self taught and took classes along the way. She is not certified to teach( which is not a must) but she teaches.And even Banke had to hone her skills- check her work when she started, Rome wasn't built in a day.

If you ever one to train with anybody/school on any profession, common sense should push you to check their portfolio or work before putting down your money.

I agree with you Nigeria is lawless in more ways than one but bringing Bimpe into it to prove your point is totally unnecessary. Don't knock the girl's hustle.

And please, stop your dumb talk again- you don't need an NVQ to be called a professional makeup artists, you're making yourself look more stupid o. MAC makeup artists don't have NVQs, Pat Mcgrath has no NVQ, Kabuki has no NVQ- please stop it jo abi you think because you reside in the UK you know it all, abeg think well. Some of us that have never been to the UK can give you a run for your stay. LOL

Teniola, pele ma binu so gbo. You win.

p.s- Don't totally diss Naija for us o, in the UK you don't need prescription to buy every drug o.

Teniola said...

Oloju come and go, upon refection you are right. I wish Bimpe the very best in all her endevours.

No hard feelings.

Anonymous said...

I personally have seen Bimpe's work over and over again and have been physically present as she worked and I absolutely love love her work. Banke Meshida is very good, no doubt, howeer I think they do different styles of Make-Up. Banke's makeup is very bridal and I can ell it anywhere. Bimpe does a lot of work for publishing and TV which is a completely different ball game because you then have to consider lighting and the heat that comes wth being under heavy stagelights et al.

Bottom line is yes, you cannot be a professional in 5 days, however you can learn the basics to start your business, so it definitely takes a lot of practise and consisent learning to hone your skills. Rome was not built in a day. Pat McGrath still applies makeup with her fingers and I think she is one of the best out there.

Girls, there's no need to argue over this. We all just have different opinions and we should respect them. However, Our opinions should be stated gracefully and unnecessary mudsliging.

Anonymous said...

...and Banke Meshida lawal is NOT the best makeup artist around. she is he most celebrated and the most out-there. she is NOT the hating at all, just an honest opinion.

Anonymous said...

Dear ALL

I read your post and would like to write a few facts about makeup associations and qualifications.

Having any from of qualification in makeup industry makes absolutely no guarantee in enabling you to get work over anther makeup artist. Many public schools and collages and a few private schools have teachers who almost all of the time have no industry experience what so ever. They are often straight out of training and into teaching. This is why most of the public makeup schools tell students they need to be qualified. This is not TRUE. Makeup artist do not need to have any form of qualification in Europe to work as a makeup artist. There is no such thing as a school who can say you are a professional makeup artist once you have finished there course.
Any person can pick up a set of brushes and train themselves. Many of the top makeup artists have done this and are very successful. There is NO governing bodies witch oversee the makeup industry.
Whats upsets me is the lack of real advise offered to students that is true representation of the industry.

In order to be a makeup artist you don't need any school training or education but if you decide to go down the education root you should only do this to give you the skills faster. You can try different and cheaper ways of getting the experience you need to be a makeup artist by assisting a working makeup artist who will teach you and help you with contacts. Or you can train yourself to build up your skills.

When working in the makeup industry some retail company's may prefer you to have a from of training but this is rear. When working freelance witch most makeup artist do. Such as Fashion Photographic, Bridal, Catwalk and even TV and Film they will ONLY want to see examples of your work in print or a show real. This will show them your skill and what sort of work you have done. Don't be worried if you haven't done any major jobs. Its normal for any makeup artist to TEST with other new creative starting out to help build your profile.

As far as associations such as IMA witch is proclaimed to to give the impression that you will get a job faster without any portfolio images or a show real is completely false information. You can not get a job with a certificate in the freelance makeup industry. If you take a close look many say they are industry recognised all over the world. Take a look at what other schools offer this certificate. Is it is truly international then surely more then one school would offer it. There are schools who create there own form of qualification to comfort students into believing they will get instant success. NO school can ever ever guarantees this and NO certificate in the world will do this.

One important thing a prospective student should do before committing to the advise of a school offering such a certificate or promise of a industry recognised qualification is to talk to other working makeup artist who are working with big magazines or clients. Look through magazines or credits on TV shows or even films. Contact them and ask them for information about what is required. Or call a makeup artist agency who represents working makeup artists and ask what does a makeup artist really need to work within the industry. Thay will give you real impartial professional advise outside any school.

Hope this helps. Best of luck and success. x

Anonymous said...

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