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Friday, February 25, 2011

Nigerian women, the most beautiful in Africa?

Beauty queens in Nigeria
There is a recently released unconfirmed  report going round that the world's most beautiful black African women can be found in Nigeria. Do you agree?

Some people think it's women from Tanzania. What say you?


adeolu said...

Nigerian women rocks

Mena UkodoisReady said...

How is beauty defined?
Is there a scientific method or is it more subjective?

For people usually categorised as 'beautiful' What philosophy inspired the methodologies adopted in reaching such conclusions?

Is beauty more of an abstract phenomena? And if it is, how then can one convince another?

This is before we define what is Nigeria or Africa, merely geographical expressions or something more profund? measurable? quantifiable?

That said, this is just a typical Linda trap and I aint falling..:P sorry sweets!!

For those looking for wives, here are some tips from me ;)



SOLA said...

Before nko? Tanzania loun loun, maka why?!
Nigerian females are the most beautiful set of SHE-HUMANS in Africa! Whether YES orrrrrrrrrr YES!

Anonymous said...

True, if u've never left 9ja. No, if like me u've been around, around, around, and seen it all. I have. I've been wiv chicks from most African countries, and more. Plz b4 the "Christians" lay into me about health risks, morality and all that nonsense, swallow your opinion, or else :) .... I have never had sex without rubber. Im not scared of anything, but, i dont want anyone getting pregnant b4 im ready. From age of 16, I would never have sex without condoms. I'm half Nigerian. I love Nigeria, but in my opinion and based on what I've seen, Nigeria does not have the MOST beautiful girls / women. Sorry, not.

Surprise said...

It is absolutely, totally, obviously and unarguably true that Nigerian women are the most beautiful in Africa. There is no controversy about that.

I raise thump for Naija women

elleven45 said...

Beauty is actually in the eyes of the beholder.. Buh if its to be verified.. Black is beauty..http://www.elleven45.blogspot.com

Anonymous said...

I think ethiopia ladies are beautiful...

Anonymous said...

Overall, I think Ethiopian women are the most beautiful in Africa.

The most beautiful woman though is a Nigerian, and that would be my wife...

Anonymous said...

it depends on personal tastes.
I like them with curves and flesh, so i can't go near Ethiopia.
You will see me around naija, Tanzania and SA.

Anonymous said...

I don't care....... When I grow up, I want to be like Hugh Hefner.

Anonymous said...

Known fact is most Nigerian Ambassadors to Tanzania came home with Tanzanian wife/girlfriend.

But for me, Nigerian women are the finest. I love you naija women!!!!

Chilling said...

Definitely Ethiopians/Eritrean women are the most beautiful. They have raw unadulterated beauty.

Anonymous said...

In black Africa South African women are more beautiful than Tanzanians and Swaziland women are the most beautiful in Southern Africa.

In Africa, Ethiopian women are very beautiful. Other North African women are just as beautiful. Nigerian women are less beautiful then them.

In West Africa, Nigerians are among the best in feminine beauty and brains.

naso said...

i concur...naija babes dey try..wetin my eye don see for naija...e don full my belle...we have genevieve, omotola,stella..e get some other actresses wen i no sabi deir names but dem so much fine...plus...i dey even go too far...the owner of this blog sef fine...kai...abeg...we too much...but make we no deceive ourselves...some wugly women dey to...e.g rosemary ingbi...kai...God forgive but that woman face be like rattle snake

Anonymous said...


Theresa said...

Most beautiful, no BUT fashionable, resounding YES!

Anonymous said...

ANON 1.10pm..your comment is so off point, the whole you having sex without condom is highly irrelevant.b4 u comment make sure it makes some sence smh
back to the topic!i go for the ethiopians...finest woman

Anonymous said...

Been around the block a lil bit and i think the most beautiful hunnies in Africa are found in Ethipia, somalia and arab african countries 2.Crazy body wise gals are zambians, zimbabwe and south african gals .where i live is not a huge tanzanian community so can't tell with that..Nigerian gals, no offence are not top 10 in africa..just my opinion...

Alicia says.... said...

Linda is just looking for-- lemme stop right there.
i soooooo agree Mena UkodoisReady. and it didn't take long for the self-haters to come out and start going on about ethiopian women. SMH. how many ethiopians even think Nigerians are hott? no offense, but a lot of them don't even think they belong to the negroid race. you should see/hear some of the things they have to say about other Africans not from the horn. it seriously did not take long for "those" to come out. I'll have to agree with Mena on this one.
@anonymous 2:16 PM
other North African women? so are going as far as to compare us with Arabs? SMDH oooooookay o.
why am i even surprised? when people were gushing over TY Bello's hair and on other websites, talking about her possible admixture, and asking how they can get that look. LOL.

Moi Meme said...

how about this...AFRICAN Women are beautiful...there are equally beautiful women in EVERY african country. but if we were to go into what country, i would say some if not most Nigerian women are so razz looking and materialistic, with the exception of a handful of women, whom i most admire...they have an understated beauty, not the burgundy eyeliner, foundation, wearing women...you want to see REAL beauty, have all of the women wash the gunk off their faces..THEN you will see BEAUTY!

Alicia says... said...

"Been around the block a lil bit and i think the most beautiful hunnies in Africa are found in Ethipia, somalia AND ARAB AFRICAN COUNTRIES.
February 25, 2011 3:44 PM"
you see what I'm saying? long hisss.
in my humble opinion, i am gonna say the region of west africa as a whole. from Mauritania to Cameroon. the look is diverse. you can go to Senegal, Guinea, Nigeria, Ghana, Mali, Niger, etc....
DIVERSITY is what I like. so i won't just say one country, i'll say the WHOLE region.

Shakara said...

Alicia, your comment as usual is vile and you are still living in the 90s if you are still using the word HATER. Again, people are entitled to their opinions. From all the posts here, it’s obvious that Ethiopian women are the most beautiful. You going on about race has nothing to do with this. The question asks “most beautiful women in Africa.” By Africa, it includes all of Africa and the Arab Africans are part of the geographical entity. Does anyone know or know of Obaro Ibru’s wife Hairut? Just look at her and that’s what the standard Ethiopian looks like. If you can look at her and say she’s not beautiful then i wonder who is.

Ishola said...

Ethiopian women any day!

Anonymous said...

This is how people fail exams! It says “who are the most beautiful women in Africa?” Simple. I believe when they say beautiful, they are basing this on facial beauty. I’ll give it to Ethiopian women. Alicia get lost with your self-hating and retarded comments. *Don’t waste your time replying to me, i won’t read the rubbish you put here*

ChiChiLuv said...

One cannot pick ONE country in Africa with the most beautiful women, we are a very diversed people and each beautiful in it's own way, even within Nigeria itself, the difference between a Yoruba woman, Hausa, Efik, Edo is immense.

The physical beauty of a Nigerian woman is different from Cameroonian or Ghanaian which in turn is quite different from the beauty of a woman from South Africa, Uganda, Mozambique or Chad or Sudan or Algeria, Tunisia or Morrocco.

If na beauty, we get am all kinds, shapes, sizes, complexion. Africa is BLESSED with many brilliant jewels!

I am Nigerian, I am not self hating, I consider myself very pretty on the outside and very beautiful on the inside, and to my own eyes to which the beauty is beholden, I say Nigerian women are not the most beautiful women in Africa. However, I do say ALL African women are beautiful!

ULtraBEEMboBITchie said...


U ARE NOT BEAUTIFUL WHEN U SUBSCRIBE TO other peoples definition of beautiful.....ie - rocking hair weaves, bleaching, plastic surgery, etc

Naija beauty queens all look busted, maybe FULANI women or RIVERS women sha.....but lets face naija women are not too pretty in the face, they are an all round package.....

save ur fingers for anotha abeg and diss ur ugly sev.....hehehhehe

DaTruth! said...

A Nigerian(Agbani Darego) was the First African woman to win the Miss World beauty peagant. So that settles it all!

Tommy said...

Where is the credit to that report? I think the report is inaccurate,when Nigerian women enter Southern Africa they usually chucking when they see complete girls with yanch,i say South Africa bcos they have a huge population of what we call half cast people,my people the half cast in South Africa often referred to as Coloureds too fine o!

Anonymous said...

nigerian women most beautiful in african bullshit, with dem fake hair and attitude, and they would date anybody as long as you have money.
Abeg abeg make una look southafrican girls first before una talk.

Anonymous said...

cape verdean women

bestting said...

Nigerian women are pretty but not as compared to East African women. And just before your start wow and out I'm from West African. I don't we should start choosing who is the prettiest we are pretty in a unique way and are Africans tell me what will the white do.

Anonymous said...

and i quote Linda
"There is a recently released unconfirmed report going round that the world's most beautiful BLACK AFRICAN WOMAN can be found in Nigeria. Do you agree?"
so who are the ones mentioning Arab North Africans? you no sabi read again?
they are Mideastern today, and when conducting beauty they are Africa tomorrow.
wetin we no go hear!

Anonymous said...

South African, Mozambican, Ethiopian, Angola and Namibia have very beautiful women. I am Nigerian but I know Naija women are not the best looking.

Alicia says... said...

we give room for those people to feel funky. and when they start bashing on non-horners (like most of them do), all of you will probably just sit there and be quiet.

hater said...

indeed! with their bloated faces, stomach, flat breasts, stretch marks and heavy drooping backside???

then fake hair, lashes and heavy pancake?


Anonymous said...

Definately Ethiopian women...have u been to any of their parties...WHAT...they are just BEAUTIFUL and i am no lesbo..

Anonymous said...

@1:10 i agree with you 100% with " if you haven't left Naija" then you will say Nigerian women are the most beautiful in Africa. For me who have been to many African countries i will say Nigerian women are not the most beautiful in Africa. And agian every man-kind is beautiful. We're all unique in our own little way. No need to compare oneself to another to know you are beautiful and one in a million in this world..... Linda are you sure this your survey is not a false one. I mean something that you made up?

Anonymous said...

I just remember one Rwanda girl wey i meet a while ago.
The lord is good!!
well sculptured lass.

Alicia says... said...

lemme blast some people before i head out. SMH.
as for Shakara? "From all the posts here, it’s obvious that Ethiopian women are the most beautiful" and who made their opinions the law? at the end of the day, its an OPINION, facts. ahhhhh, but i remember 'we' Naijans fancy anything fair skin, straight nose, oyinbo hair, etc. given the hoopla about horn of african chicks, its noted that they don't have to do much since they already appeal to that mindset. same reason why Naijans go on and on about Fulani? I'm just calling it like i see it.
I guess our skin is too dark, hair too nappy, noses too wide, etc.
if the likes of Mercy Johnson had been the standard of beauty since the beginning of time, I'm sure opinions would be different. believe it or not, society shapes our mindset and thinking and what we perceive as beauty.
people cape verdens (which are mainly spaniard with african blood), "colored" south african girls???? and YES we know the majority of Southern Africans have strong European blood running in their DNA since their people have been settling there in droves since the 1600s. and even as far as Arab countries? YES, those ethnicities don't have to try hard to achieve that eurocentric ideal that we set ourselves to. THAT is the reason why many horners go as far as to say they are not part of the negroid race, they are not black, yada yada yada. simply because they don't "look" like the rest of sub-saharan Africa.
I mean, come on! they said the hottest African women of 2010, which Linda made a post on, did you see what most of them looked like? you guessed it, WHITE GIRLS DIPPED IN CHOCOLATE. but the hottest African men? some got away with looking like semi-gorillas, and there was no "if and or buts" about it. now would people let Mercy Johnson pull that off? HELL NO! see our warped mindset?
I am not saying they're not beautiful, but why aren't west/central Aficans held in the same light? because we don't necessarily fall under the very eurocentric "STANDARD" of beauty.
we are just not eurocentric enough, and thats the conclusion I've come to.
maybe we should have called the Europeans, or the Arabs even. mtcheww!
and who here is dissing Nigerian women? DAMN! i guess your mothers and whole family relation are no longer Nigerian. abeg, curse her for giving birth to you. such nonsense!

Bitchy Queen said...

Alicia, standing ovation! In short you are my kind of person!

" who here is dissing Nigerian women? DAMN! i guess your mothers and whole family relation are no longer Nigerian. abeg, curse her for giving birth to you. such nonsense!"

Please have a great night out and ignore self hating idiots!!!

Imagine a Nigerian saying shit like I am Nigerian but an Ethiopian or Colored or Arab is prettier than Nigerians. mumu squared. Their mum should have done us a huge favour and swallowed them as sperms!

chinwe said...

this is a very unintelligent debate. Linda please step up.

Lerato said...

You all MUST be very mad. Nigerian women.. the way you have strong faces. All you have such manish faces. ITs a pity as your men are drop dead gorgeous but the women are not so pretty. If they all haven't over bleached then they have too much makeup on. Personally, beauty is someone who can be looked at without makeup and you can still tell they are beautiful. I am from Namibia and i believe the most beautiful women are the East Africans. The rwandese, kenyan and tanzanian. Absolutely gorgeous. Check them out. But Nigerians definitely not the most beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Naija Government don suffer me oo which made me travel here and there to see the wonderful black race with different species being created by God. I have seen so many African Women from Southern African (Swazi, Souti,Zambia,Namimbia) to the North Africa (Egypt,Libya,Maroc).In term of beauty, Nigerian Women lead the race in West Africa, Souti Women from Southern African("Most of Black and Coloured South Africans are beautiful facially but you can be embarrassed by their back"), Ethopia from East African with a lot of competitors from Rwanda and tanzania, Egypt from North Africa while Ethopia is the overall winner but when it comes to Diversity, i will definitely pick my nigerian girl.
Black is beautiful Generally and i don't feel like missing out of the race.
Black beauty no dey allow me to look into Oyinbo face for here.

9ja Women Una too much! BE IT Hausa,Igbo, Itsekiri, Yoruba etc.
Meelo lafe ka leyin ajipele( example of beauty is the owner of this Blog).

Anonymous said...

Kenyan girls have body o

Anonymous said...

All african women are beautiful..geez.
BTW, I HATE it when people say that east africans are more beautiful than the rest of us because of their "arab" descent...West Africans are equally beautiful as East, North Africans or South. Anyway, if you want to feel ugly that's up to you. I'm a FAB, beautiful West African, Nigerian, Black princess...suckers!!!

Otunba said...

Kenyan chicks are too fly and they have yansh and boobs! And their faces sha too fly.

Kunle said...

Nigerian girls look like Gorillas thats why they are all single and cannot get married. All their men are marrying from abroad.

Bella said...

Naa waaao Naija girls the finest. Absolute mumu talk. With their bumless behinds to their fatty backs and full bloated stomachs topped with strong faces not distinguishing whether they are man or woman. Please free me. Not them sha

Anonymous said...

All of you who save your hate, bile and most profoundly derogatory words for your fellow Nigerians, I present to you LERATO,the Namibian, please make me proud!LOL!

ChiChiLuv said...

All my Nigerians who save their hate, bile and most profoundly derogatory words for their fellow Nigerians, let me present to you LERATO, the Namibians who seems to have a taste for our men but thinks ALL of us have mannish faces, bleach and wear too much makeup.

Please make me proud...go to work!LOL

yve said...

hmmm!!This post is very interestin. Even tho i hate to admit it cos i am a nigerian Ethopian women r more beautiful than 9ja women n other africans physicali but wen u talk bout talent(which should b part of d complete package) den 9ja women r reali d most beautiful. Check out www.yeoal.blogspot.com/2011/01/africas-eye-candies.html for their list of most beautiful africans n pass ur judgement.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1.34pm i think ethiopian women are very beautiful, but they all look the same with the high forhead and pointed nose. That in my book doent make them the most beautiful. Nija women on the other hand have all shapes sizes colors looks and what have u. Gorrgeousness!

Anonymous said...

It's NOT about putting our fellow Nigerians down but rather speaking the truth. Nigerian girls are not the MOST beautiful in Africa. I have seen some beautiful Nigerian and some ugly Nigerian just like in every society. You have the beautiful and the not so beautiful. Me eh i love my chic to have big ass and Alot i mean alot, majority of our girls do not have it at all. I just do not know why.... WHY????

jusSaying said...

natural beauty = eritrean girls

Nigerian girls are trying as well with their 2 packets of false eyelashes on each eye and 600 grams of virgin hair...yes I just described myself loool (no insults pls...i'm just having fun)

yetunde said...

i am a nigeria woman but we are d most fake ,unnatural woman in africa,,we blieve so much in skin bleaching, pretence,fake assent and the most copycat human being in d world..i live in london when u see other african girls oh my they re so naturally beautiful with natural glowing skin...i use to envy the ghanian girls well endowed ,glowing n untouched skin, glowing full long hair not black nigerians that fixed blonde weave ons and pink lipstick lol!the malawi girls re the most beautiful in africa then the southafricans or ghanians trust me big with flat belles.

nkiru said...

hmmm..niger ke!an ugly nigeria girl will look in to d mirror and say'menn itoo fine'most of nigeria women dont agree wit their mirror at all,they blive in wats going on intheir head...;im pretty;
if u havent travelled out of nigeria u will never know how ugly we are compared to d other african girls abeg.

Anonymous said...

@Lerato. Kenyan women are more beautiful than Nigerian women? Come again? With their horrid buck teeth, run away hairlines, and scanty hair? Please cut the bull****! Rwandese women...yes, I'll give it up - they are beautiful but please don't come at us with that Tanzanian, Kenyan nonsense.

Alicia says... said...

so many of the people commenting here. i have to seriously shake my head. not only that, but i believe a number of them are not Nigerian, but using Nigerian names to comment.
@Nkiru, what you said is extremely sad. and people say i shouldn't mention self hate here? why not? when it is a disease. maybe YOU are ugly, but don't try and bring all naija women down with you.
@yetunde....lol. given the fact that Nigerians are so obsessed with bleaching, it wouldn't surprise me that you would see a light skinned Nigerian and scream "bleaching!" shaking my head. and you mentioned long hair and weave wearing? so other Africans, especially the Ghanaians you mentioned, don't wear weaves? i seriously laugh. i bet you are wearing a weave right now!

i agree with anonymous 9:18 PM. where is the diversity? most Ethiopians look the same.
i get it, they are natural because they don't need a nose job, bleaching creams, and weaves to achieve that european standard of beauty. what is so natural about them that you can't find natural in other African countries? oh yeah, the other natural women are not beautiful due to their stereotypical negroid features.

@Kunle/Bella/Otumba (same person). HOLD IT RIGHT THERE! isn't that a Yoruba name? yes we Nigerian women are supposedly so ugly, yet you came out of the vagina of one. so your mothers and sisters are no longer married? who married your mother that then gave birth to you? or did your father make a mistake, WHICH RESULTED IN YOU BEING BORN? maybe your female family members will also remain unmarried. and again, someone was telling me i shouldn't mention self-hate here?

@Lerato....another person that has just proven my point. when you go on and on about another person's beauty, while dissing your own, you live an open avenue for other people to diss you. imagine someone from 'Namibia' even opening their mouths here? since we are on the topic of NATURAL beauty. what exactly is the Himba tribe of Angola and Namibia? aren't they naturally beautiful? its a rhetorical question. what exactly will you say now? NOTHING AT ALL.

i find it amazing its possible that people agree that Nigerian women are the most beautiful black African women, yet THE NIGERIANS here are the first ones to start opening their mouths and dissing themselves AND praise another person's beauty. if someone said Tanzania or SA, would you people even be disagreeing? NO! so why is it that we Nigerians cannot see the beauty within ourselves simply because we don't look eurocentric enough? in my humble opinion, most of them look like oyinbo women. before now, some useless, shameless Nigerians will say Russian, Mexican or even Chinese women look better than Naija women.

and to sum it all up, most of you are hypocrites! you are talking about Nigerian women not being natural? but you lot would be the first ones to kiss up to any African American celebrity wearing tons of weave, tons of makeup (with so much cheek, eye, and nose contouring), and the whole 9 yards. doesn't stop many of you from looking at them as beautiful, yet we Nigerians are "too fake" to be beautiful? OH PLEASE STOP WITH THE BULLSHIT!
lol Kunle....he will be the one to say this and that, but bring home a big fat white woman or an okporoko one and say he has "arrived" which many of those naija men do.

Bitchy Queen binu gaaan! said...




SENDING DOGS TO EAT YOU UP: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AAh3y-mP_Nk&feature=related








Alicia says... said...

sorry for the typos, i was in a hurry. i meant to say "knock off oyinbo women"

another thing i wanted to point out about Kunle. read his statement below:
"Nigerian girls look like Gorillas thats why they are all single and cannot get married. All their men are marrying from abroad."
OBVIOUSLY its not a Nigerian that made this comment. "all THEIR MEN are marrying abroad"??? if he is a Nigerian, as he claims, why use "THEIR MEN"??? why not just say "WE"???

lala said...

Nigerian women are Beautiful after using a lot of fake hair,fake nails,a lot of makeup and such

We aren't the most beautiful but we've got enough swag to give any woman from any part of the world a run for her money

Anonymous said...

wELL If you take away bad global reputation, the permanent bad body odor, ashy knees and bald ass heads (hence the constance wearing of fake horse hair which is nigerians sign of beauty) - THEN I GUESS YES - NIGERIANS WINS - bar none

Anonymous said...

i choose Tanzania cos at least they dont smell and they are not loud,boisterous and show off, they are ladies. I like their behaviour - So Tanzania wins. (am not from there but i support them) - better reputation for a human race than naijas

Anonymous said...

Alicia just spoke trut jare! Our definition of beauty has been ideologized!

Anonymous said...

@Alicia - for once you and I are totally on the same page. The amount of self-hate I see on this page is astounding. As for me, I consider myself extremely beautiful with my natural hair, minimal make-up use and luscious milk chocolate skin; and I have always considered Nigerian women among the most beautiful on the continent. I give most beautiful to the Rwandese but methinks we come second.

Anonymous said...

gosh, if those beauty queens represent the best that Nigeria has to offer in the way of beauty women, we should be extremely worried that the standard of beauty seems to have fallen in Nigeria. Well, back to the subject, no I don't think Ethiopian women are the most beautiful women in Africa and I don't find them attractive- WEST African women (including Nigerian) are the most beautiful women in Africa!! (Please note that east africans do not even find us west africans pretty and even think they are not black!)

Anonymous said...

Angolan and Mozambican women are more beautiful.

Chyma said...

Nigerian women are hot! Se finis! They are the best and the finest in the whole wide world

Anonymous said...

Many of the negative comments being made about Naija women are being made by persons that are not from Naija including those who claim to be Naija or half-Naija. This begs the question: Why the hell are you on a Naija website.
Don't you east Afrians and non-Naija have your own websites to go to. Shoo! Go away! Stay in your lane. Bye Bye!

Anyways, I personally do not feel that east African women look better than west African women. This is not to say there are no pretty girls from east Africa. I simply don't think the east Africans are better looking. Simple. Having light skin, long face, long hooked nose, large bulging forhead, and jacked teeth does not make one pretty.

Anonymous said...

I'm beautiful, bitches!!! and that is all that matters, I don't care about any other person's beauty.kpom kwem. ehehehehe.

Nice Anon said...

Chineke! Lekwe Onyekachi!!! I grew up with that chic and know her well. Good her modeling thing has taken off. Good to see someone I know personally for once

Anonymous said...

I don't know why Nigerians are so negative. That is why other than through the internet, I keep them at bay. Nigerians, learn to lift yourself up. Those making nasty comments about Nigerian women have them as their mothers. Each time I go on a Naija blog or forum, Naija people are constantly bashing and bringing each other down. It is no wonder that Naija as a country is not moving forward. Keep it up ok? You will create an avenue for other losers from other african countries to bash and say shit about you. I am out!

Anonymous said...

Some of the comments are so funny. Mehn, Nigerians are funny.

Ok, I think we should go by region like East, West, South and North and not just Africa as a whole.
I know, a lot of people tend to say East Africans are the most beautiful, but there's more to just looking pretty.

Nigerian girls might not be considered the most beautiful in Africa but I love their drive and confidence. I'm currently studying at an ivy league university and there are so many Nigerians. They make everything look so easy, they find a way to stand out, be on top and to me that's beautiful and you will go far with that, than just a pretty face.

I know some of us are conceited but not all East Africans have problems with West Africans. Our culture is very different from the West and I think that's one of the reasons we are so distant. I used to be like that but I've gotten to know couple of Nigerians and I love them.

Love from Eritrea. Let's unite Africa!!!

Anonymous said...

Nigerians women are not natural? with Dakore and many more like her. she is natural and a very beautiful woman. and people saying Nigerian women wear fake hair but these same people probably perm their hair and naija men talking are guilty of it too cause they try to wear their hair in deep waves and stuff like that. so who are nigerian men to even talk here? many Nigerians continue to disappoint. when someone is possibly telling you that you're beautiful you are fighting and disagreeing with them? backwards people.

Bitchy Queen said...

There is a lot of beef directed towards Nigerians from most of Africa. Why?

Its because when we migrate to their countries, we tend to RUN things.

Any intelligent, resourceful nation gets my vote as beautiful.

I admire, the chinese and Indians because they have a dogged spirit, are often resourceful and just never give up! same way I admire my Nigeria!

Nigerians running things with Obama in yankee, running things at the World Bank. When we speak of African internationally recognised authors, Nigerians lead the rest. Then Nollywood, biggest in Africa, 3rd biggest in the world. Running things in the business world. Modelling world, Pageants, please just name it!! Upon all the insults, we are the biggest investors in a lot of African countries, is it S.A or Ghanians or Kenya or Uganda, Is it Libya, Cameroon, Senegal we are there and RUNNING THEIR ECONOMY!

Of course we have a lot of shit to be proud of!

I am not surprised at all the hate to Nigerian women, its all beef. Its how the British/ UK are beefed in Europe or the Americans are beefed by pretty much the whole world. :D.

The owner of this blog, a Nigerian beautiful woman, proves this fact, by publishing your bitter comments, driving traffic to her blog and YET STILL making money from your jealous asses. :D

What beats me is when Nigerians join and hate themselves.:(

You will see a group of girls from different parts of Africa competing in a programme but the Nigerians amongst them are the most discussed! Useless idiots from North, East South Africa and even slaves like Jamaicans will pick on and insult the Nigerian girl as being ugly amongst the rest. Loww self esteem Nigerians (especially our men) will be nodding their AGABA heads in agreementthat the Nigerian amongst them is the ugliest. ODE, the other Africans are basically insulting all the women in the Nigerians generations while praising their own women.

MUMU no wonder Nigerian ladies marry from other races or just prefer to stay single with their children than stick with such low lives. Tell me men, when you have your daughters will you tell them how ugly they are? I said it before your NIGERIAN mother should have swallowed you lot!


Dith said...

The comments on this post have me ROTFLMAO & SMH at the same time. Why so much hate 2wards Nigerian women oh ye beautiful ones?? LMAO

This was a very dumb question to begin with sha. All women are beautiful full stop!

Alicia says... said...

@Bitchy Queen, well said! lol @ AGABA heads. hahahaha
i am seriously led to believe "Yetunde" is a fake and most likely a Ghanaian. reason being? she tried to go on about Ghanaian women being natural and Nigerian women being fake and skin bleaching? does that idiot not even know the Ghanaians do the same thing she is accusing Nigerian women of doing? seriously, i can't even tell the difference. i don't know anyone that would seriously insult the hell out of THEMSELVES and then try to praise another group of people that commit the same "atrocities" or even worse?
"Yetunde" and "Kunle" are probably the same person, returning and posting under Nigerian names. yeye people.
and i sooooo agree with what they will tell their daughters? i had an argument similar to this a while back. if they marry a Nigerian woman, isn't that saying they are going to give birth to more ugly women? stupid stupid people.
even that "Shakara" girl....SHAKING MY DAMN HEAD!
anyway, a lot of people on this blog are half castes with white mothers. hissss. so who really knows who was spewing rubbish.

Anonymous said...

but why are some of you so delusional? Geez...lmao naijas are not that beautiful. they are average. I am a Nigerian and honestly, most of the ones i have seen are just average. large forehead (fivehead as a matter of fact) and ugly shapes. maybe the hausas are generally beautiful but Ibos and yorubas are just there. and their children are even worse. the other day i was looking at some children birthday party photos on FB and good lawd! some of those kids, though overdressed as usual, are just ugly with huge skulls and ugly braids.

Anonymous said...

if beauty is defined by "asheju" trying so hard,to the extent of whoring yourself to buy latest handbag and shoes, following other people;s husbands for money, bleaching and wearing weaves so long, it can sweep the entire village, wearing dresses that are 3 sizes smaller, bulging bellies when they aren't even pregnant, then yes Nigerian women are very (the most) beautiful.

Nigerian Film and TV Addict said...

we are not the most beautiful but we are in the top 10 definitely.u should go to ethiopia, tanzania, egypt, tunisia, angola, southafrica.

Anonymous said...

Nigerian women are confident and bold, however, a lot of them tend to disguisee their natural beauty with long weaves, bleaching.... and other artificial adornments. What is beauty? In my opinion, its good hair, teeth, skin, well shaped features ( symetrical, not necessarily european) and a banging body! I don't think that Nigerian women are the most beautiful in Africa, however, there are many beautiful Nigerian women. My two cents!

Alicia says... said...

Nigerians are a sad group of people. never would anyone else refer to themselves as such. anonymous 2:45 PM and 2:50 PM are def the same person, and most likely not a Nigerian. who would talk about themselves and their lineage in such a degrading manner
being that Nigeriafilmandtvaddict is biracial,what would you expect?? why are you comparing us with arabs and southern Africans with their European DNA in their blood?
and all you lost souls making noise about Ethiopian women, stop making me laugh here. we know you are only referring to the ones that have Arab blood in them, which is only about half of them. how about you check out the Arobe, Karo, Mursi Surma, people of the Gamo Gofa zone, the ones with the lip plates, etc....they look no different than Alek Wek. Nigerians please learn to love yourselves, PLEASE! because if you don't, who will?
I seriously cannot believe it. if someone is telling you that your people are beautiful, you are trying to tell them otherwise?!

Sandra said...

No Eritrea!

Anonymous said...

First of all way this question? I believe every man-kind is beautiful because we are all created by the man above. You can come and tell me who are the most beautiful women in Africa/world when you've created a string of hair. I mean a natural one..... Nonsense question and also a very CHILDISH one at that....smh

Anonymous said...

south africans with their ugly teeth

steezz.com said...

Wow! Didn't know dis post was gonna generate dis much comment. Woman matter na popular matter any time anyday. For me i can only say 9ja women rank among the 1st 5. I particularly tink our chicks of northern or should i say fulani extraction are particular prety. even with all the scarf, shawl and veil they still sexy. yes i said dat.

Anonymous said...

thats a lie joh. nigerian women aint even the most beautiful in west africa(that title goes to guinea.)

Heather Graham said...

You are all ugly and cant hold a candle to a 'white' woman, particularly a blonde one.

Long soft natural hair

Soft skin


Feminine features and polite demeanour.

Not shouting, cursing and giving attitude.

*Black women* with hair on their chin and upper lip *moustache*, broad shoulders, love handles and deep voices, talk act so masculine, ugly and bitchy and angry all the time.

Even those with s bit of prominence, like Halle Berry are still so raving mental.

I know you will curse and swear at me. Eat your heart out, cus I am so not coming here ever again!


Anonymous said...

well, on most posts where there's a beautiful nigerian woman, the same ones on here saying nigerian women are beautiful are the same ones who have nothing positive to say and accuse every light skinned (even dark skinned sef )nigerian woman of bleaching..

this is the internet..pple from other countries read these stuff..
so dont get mad when they say naijan women are not naturally beautiful...yáll propagate that mindset with the unnecessary hate in some of ur comments..( i just read d julius agwu wifey post btw and all the negativity was just pathetic to say the very least)

Adebola said...

First of all Nigerian women are very Beautiful, I am a Proud confident beautiful Nigeria, and I am proud of my Nigeria roots. I love the diversity of Nigeria, the different culture and people is what makes Nigeria has a whole a beautiful country. There are Negatives Just like every country does but over all in a country of over 150 million people and still counting, there is more positive and beauty in Nigerian than Negative. That is Just to answer the question. But on the continent of Africa, just like Nigeria, there are beautiful people all over Africa, I think each country can speak about their country without cursing the other country out.
Now to Heather Graham I have to answer you, I know you said you wont come back to read this but am sure u will, you will like to see how people would react, well the Joke is on you, you obviously have noticed alot about black women because you have been close or have dated them, and maybe now you are with a white blond or whatever. Yet you have decided to take your time to come on a bkack woman's site and left your self hating comment to make yourself feel good or worse. You are obviously an attention seeker, and you still have mad love for black women if not you would not be here. Now you eat your heart out!!! Black is beautiful, African women are beautiful. But to me, Nigeria women are the most beautiful women on Planet earth. God bless Nigeria

Shakara said...

Alicia SMH is obviously a jobless git. I wonder why anyone will have the time to reply everyone that makes a contrary statement?! Please Linda start looking into shortening some of these comments. They are a tad abusive as well.

Anonymous said...

proud naigerian we are beautiful but honestly ethiopia and tanzania are the most beautiful this chics have da hair most of them have long natural hair we always need extensions so lets not go there i beg

Alicia says... said...

@the last anonymous....
this is the problem i say that Nigerians and black people suffer as a whole. why do we keep comparing ourselves to european standards of beauty? who said Nigerian women "NEED" weaves to have long hair? why do Nigerian women NEED weaves to begin with? anyone can grow their hair long as long as they take care of it and use the right products.
so because you believe Tanzanian women
(lie) and Ethiopian women have long hair, Nigerian women can't be more beautiful than them? i am seriously shaking my head. so you can't see the beauty in yourself because of the texture and length of your hair? SERIOUSLY? when did that foolish mentality start? OH YEAH, when the white man brainwashed us to conform to his standards.
Nigerian women don't need weaves, and don't need long hair to be beautiful. you probably compare yourself to white people, i wouldn't be surprised. probably comparing your skin, features, and of course, the hair. SMH...please have a rethink.

Anonymous said...


Toni said...

Nigeria women are the priestliest in Africa, Ethiopians and Somalians come next and then Rwanda Burundi, Kenyans and then some mixed race Angolans. Women in Niger, adn Mali are also good looking but i would give top place to Nigeria and, as an airo-contractor, i have traveled all over Africa.

A word of warning, it is usually Ghanaians who go claiming they are Nigerians and then go on to cuss Nigerians. They do it all over the internet. In other words most so-called self hating Nigerians are in fact Ghanians

Toni said...

Nigeria women are the priestliest in Africa, Ethiopians and Somalians come next and then Rwanda Burundi, Kenyans and then some mixed race Angolans. Women in Niger, adn Mali are also good looking but i would give top place to Nigeria and, as an airo-contractor, i have traveled all over Africa.

A word of warning, it is usually Ghanaians who go claiming they are Nigerians and then go on to cuss Nigerians. They do it all over the internet. In other words most so-called self hating Nigerians are in fact Ghanians

Anonymous said...

Re to Anonymous
Woes to this guys who are saying Nigerians are not as beautiful as Ethiopian, Why on earth will Nigerians be looking down on what they have.
Ethiopians are beautiful, but not all tribe are the same, just the ones you find outside their country.
If Fulanis are out, or Rivers, eyes on Nigerian beauty will be different. But you hardly know they are Nigerian
Because of the light skin and straight hair does not really make them much more beautiful.
Depending on the ares you see. We are so long be brainwashed about a white, lighted skin, to the extend of black people bleach their skin and even wear wigs.
We have in way tell the world we are not beautiful and want to be like white.
With these, Ethiopians, Somalis have every right to think that way-bleaching and wearing wigs.
Why cant we maintain African. If we did, world will accept it and play along with us, now we have in a way told the world that our beaty is just incomplete.
Dark skin is very very beautiful, why have we allowed only the light skinned or hair only dominates the center of what is meant to be beaty
If white people were Black, they will give all other every excuse of being the finest and we will all dance along.
I love Ethiopian because of their courage, selling and proclaiming themselves as the best, saying their culture is the best.
If them culture are best and holding together, why fight to finish with Eritrea. You just see these people from afar and they think you Nigerian are just dying to have them as wife at all the cost. Do you really know them good?
Nigerian may be be
stubborn but they are easily integrated with the world. Good about them.
I hear a lot of Nigerian talk about beautiful Ethiopian- Ethiopian have put a lot on the web propagandizing that they are the finest and you seat there condemning your own people instead of bringing uniqueness about your
own people. Name s you call yourself is what people will use to call-
Promote Nigerian in a very possible and stop all negativeness.
Nigerians are of course the best. 160millions, diverse cultures with intermarriages, living together without tearing apart. GREAT NIGERIA, GREAT NATION.
No matter what it is, Nigeria is still making an impact, namely good or bad.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...



CaramelEbony said...

U are speaking TRUTH THEY PICKED DA MOST WHITEST ONES FRM PICS I HAVE SEEN ON THE INTERNET OF EVERY DAY PPL FULANI NOR THE NORTH AFRICANS ARE THE BEST LOOKING. the most perfect skin complexion. Body shapes bone structutes, beautifully shaped eyes, i will DEFINATELY SAY SUB SAHARA AFRICA PERIOD. They are just picking the whitest looking ones but frm wat ive seen i kno for w fact east africans are not the best looking

CaramelEbony said...

Wow i like you you are TOO FUCKING REAL

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I am biased since my fiancee is from Nigeria, and i think that she is the most beautiful woman ever in a very healthy, wholesome way.

Anonymous said...

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Afriqueen said...

Y'all should know that most of the commenters here are east Africans posing as Nigerians. A Nigerian man will hardly date a skinny girl because to him she is not beautiful. They just love healthy looking girls, not fat ones though. Those that say east Africans are beautiful only go by what the meadia, tv, etc shows them, where were the east African beauties all these years until a Nigerian won Miss World? (the first African lady to). I bet they were all on this blog claiming they are beautiful. That a lady models does not mean they are beautiful, it only means they are skinny enough to walk like live-cloth-hangers. We also have to understand that the question is if it is true or not that Nigeria has the most beautiful girl, not to spew rubbish about Nigerian girls. Ethiopia did not even come off the list, the two countries at the top were Nigeria and Tanzania. So why all these Ethiopians here talking of something that has nothing to do with them? after all a lot of them say they are not Africans, so don't compare yourselves with Africans. . .

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Nigerians like competition 2 much. It disgusts me. Most Niga chicks r not even pretty. But there r a handful. There r also sum beautiful ghanaian women like Jackie Appiah and Yvonne Nelson. Most Nija women r fake and insecure and r not proud of there african features and want 2 look more white/ caucasian. Bcuz most people in Nija find lighter skin 2 b prettier and more attractive- same 4 America and lots of other countries in Africa. But Ethiyopian women r extremely beautiful, it's not even funny. But then again there r beautiful women all over the world and they cum in all types of shapes, sizes, and colors. Chocolate skin is beautiful! Black is beautiful! Just like evry other color and complexion. Evry country has beautiful and ugly women.SO STOP WITH THIS NONSENSE!

Anonymous said...

am a tanzanian wat i can say tanzanian women r' just lyke nigerian women but the difference naija are more educated compared to tzanian girls and one of the best common character which differentiate with any african women iz Tanzanian women knowz to care a man, to make love to men

Jedidiah Tarekegn said...

Hey peeps am Ethiopian 17 yrs old 4m Addis ABaba n i went througth all comment u wrote n even i have many nigerian frienz on 2go n i luv 'em so much both ladies and boyz ... N there are also so many beautiful n sexy nigerians ... I luv 'em so much ... And letz nt debate abt beauty we Ethiopians r black(chocolate) colours and we all african are ... And we're AFRICAN .... And we all african are so much beautifull we've the unique and beautifull black colour dat the other 6 continents doesn't have .. They're just look more pretty dan Africans cuz they have all de MONEY and COMFORT ... So AFRICA letz be ONE(1) i luv all african peoples and am AFRICAN and thank GOD abt dat so plz stop dis craze thing ... And this world iz just lastin abt 2 end letz think abt the next world whi comes after death and letz work 4 dat! The everlasting enternal life wid GOD 4 eva... Accept jesus as ur only savior believe him live 4 him and u will get dat eva lastin life 4 eva ... Nigerians have lovely hearts and r beautiful n i would b happy marryin one in de future though am 17 yrs old now lolz ... So dis iz all i hve 2 say ... Am finished... L0VE AFRICA!!!! AM AFRICAN ... Enough 4 today!

Anonymous said...

Nigerian women are the ugliest in Africa. If u want beautiful African women span from East to southern Africa

Anonymous said...

When did u ever hear Ethiopians say they're not African. Its news to me. I lived there for 2 years and did not hear anybody saying dat. Stop making stuff up. Don't u know dat the African Union is in Ethiopia and they r one of the founders.

Beto Lopez said...

Oh yes all African women are gorgeous but I think it is a battle between Ethiopian and Nigerian women. Ethiopian might be a little more sweeter but Nigerians are a little more chocolatier! It really doesn't matter they should be treated as Queens! Muah to all you African Women!

Njabulo Mzulwini said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Njabulo Mzulwini said...

To the person who said most South Africans are European Mixed please do some research. "colourd" mixed people only make up 2% of the population in the country, most of us are just Natural light skin becouse of the countrys cool climate and yes we have one of the most Beautiful women in the continent but i still rank ethopia as 1st Nigerians are too fake, ugly and very loud