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Friday, 25 February 2011

New Music: J'odie - Kuchi Kuchi (Oh Baby)

Y'all remember J'odie? From 2007 West African Idol competition where she was a contestant. She wrote the song after giving birth to her first child. Lovely song...


Anonymous said...

oh baby..... lovely song

Theresa said...

Truly a new mother of an infant i feel her emotions. Its a wonderful feeling to look at your child and see the love, trust and dependence in their eyes. No wonder a mother will sacrifice her life for her child.

j vau said...

i think its a very lovely comforting.

Anonymous said...

A truely heartwarming and lovely song.. original, ethnic, wonderful......woow. well done girl.. 10/10
i love this song so much.

Anonymous said...

This a music that every mother should listen to,becuse it gives me joy for being a mother.awolesi oluyinka

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