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Friday, 25 February 2011

Michael Neri has a message for all you 'haters' on this blog..:-)

Firstly I need to say thank The Almighty Lord for getting us out the situation we were in.
I read it all here and all the negative comments? - laughable!!!
The positives and the supportive ones- I truly appreciate with every single bone in my body................every single one that I had left because the reality: I was not left unharmed.
I came out with a fractured face...
anybody thinking this was some 'conspiracy' by ify or me truly are deserving of their lowly state in life. Bottom line-make no mistake bout it-God loves me, smiled on me released me {cos the scenario we were in was death stared in the face for 5-7days}....if it was just 3 weeks ago that I knew Him I would not be writing this right now; therefore you do NOT know me - now go back to hating. Peace! {On behalf of myself + Ify)

He wrote that as a comment on this post


Anonymous said...

I supported him! To actually read this makes me wonder about him!!!! Needs to grow up

Mena UkodoisReady said...

Honestly thank God you guys are alright! We have so many friends in common and I was moved by you and Ify's story. Pretty scared of going back home. :(


Since you have time to reply 'haters' kindly read and share your thoughts on a more important, very topical issue

Many thanks


p.s Oh and by the way, if you have a blog, or page or twitter account, kindly follow me, leave a comment with a link to your blog and I will definitely follow you back!

merci beaucoup

Eneli's Family Friend said...

Why is this still news and why is he defending himself? The more he speaks, the more people will suspect this was a well hatched scam. I just think he should lie low. Ify is doing just that! What frigging fractured face? I saw you at the Eneli’s and your face looked pretty okay. Michael, go away. It’s this noise that you make that gets you into trouble all the time. You are not important and the word hater/haters is so year 2000!

Anonymous said...

Who is he pls ? I never heard of him b4

Anonymous said...

He is the US based 'bobo' that was kidnapped with his girlfriend, one Ify.

He is now trying to defend her because a lot of 'haters' said it served her right for BULLYING them some years ago. O ga o! Bobo, you should "paramole" than 'answer' haters.

Anonymous said...

this dude really have time on his hands to be writing to his hater.abeg bobo go sit down instead of you to go to church and thank God for sparing you and your girlfriend lives..u are here talking about people hating..u need to go sit down and think..if you dont have any valuable thing to do........rubbish

Drajke said...

Couldnt' have put it better myeslf...

It's his testimony, because you saw him somewhere does not mean what he said is not a fact...

Fact is he was kidnapped, fact is he was released. Till proven otherwise he was a victim and gets the full benefit...

chinwe said...

*bored voice* whatever mate

Anonymous said...

dis guy sure sucks! pls whom eva u u are, or wateva ur name is, u have only proven wat people said about u. pls shut dat big mouth of yours d hell up and go to some growing up school cos as far as am concerned, u are just so immature. rubbish!

Anonymous said...

nigger go fuck ur self

ola said...

****eyes rolling****

Linda pls who is this guy?
And WTH?
I thought his 15mins was over

Linda ma je kin binu si ee o biko!
Why is this news

This has got to be the biggest mofo around

What a deuchebag
Ode osi instead of him to go sit down and think about how he needs to change his pathetic life
He's busy issuing statements

Mumurity is worrying him


Nigerian Film and TV Addict said...

when they'll kidnap him again. dude just go home and thank God don't address anybody.the fact is u r free and alive.

Anonymous said...

Grow up bro, you don't need to come on a blog to reply to your so called 'haters'...you should be thankful to God the kidnapper did not hurt you and your girlfriend or disfigure or make you guys handicap....please tread slowly, life is too short. And all that glitters is not gold.

Surprise said...

The kidnappers are not professional or else he won't be talking about his experience publicly. Professional kidnappers warn their victims not to talk about the kidnapping publicly or else they come back.

CC said...

Come who is Michael to Ify? She claims to be Lanre Nzeribe's girlfriend and they're always at Polo club together acting coupley, so who is this dude with the phantom haters?

Anonymous said...

This whole saga is not going away is it? I was actually praying for them..but now he's made me mad!

For those who do not know these 2 silly agbayas you are very lucky oh..
They are Mr Kings College and Miss Queens College back in the early 80s... "cool kids".. Girls in particular made fools of themselves to be with Micheal.. many soon learned that he is an empty barrel.

Both of them should be resting after the torture/rape. No need to come here to explain yourself Michael. Ms thing isn't any better she was back on FB ASAP..

Sad really... Blogging is an outlet for professionals like us..to unwind after work (or at the weekends).

They on the other hand have no obvious skills/careers/goals. What is his profession? What is her profession? Hmmm... Even hairdresser/tailor/mechanic have profession..
Pity Mum & Dad spent all that money on their education and all they get is more trouble for these social butterflies who are 40 year olds.

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