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Thursday, 23 December 2010

Stolen Benin Mask to be sold For £5 Million In London in 2011


A 16th century ivory mask looted by the British during an invasion of Benin in West Africa (Nigeria) in 1897 is set to go for £5 Million at auction at Sotheby's ( Phone :+44 (0) 20 7293 5000) in London. It was kept by the family of British commissioner Lt Col Henry Galway and recently resurfaced  

The auction has been fixed for February 17th, 2011 at Sotheby's in London with a guide price of £5m and some Nigerians want to protest the sale.

If you want to protest too, then go here to sign the petition


Anonymous said...

Na wa ooohhh. It must be protested greatly. Those british people r huge thieves. uggghhh

leandra said...

Thank you for sharing it!

Merry Christmas!


Anonymous said...

They need to return it, not auction it. Thieves!

Anonymous said...

Nigerians and their Iinitial GraGra protests...yeah they will protest and go back to their corner as usual. Pls...this has been going on for so long, by now there isn't any arrests/charges or anything. I bet it's not cold enough for these idle minds to sit their butts at home else they wont be protesting nonsense. Nothing is stolen if a few govt officials earned some undisclosed amount with regards to the supposedly stolen artifact

Anonymous said...

Rather than protest let Nigerians or a Nigerian investor buy the mask back for Nigeria. China is doing the same for all their precious artefacts!!1

Teaser said...

This art should be returned to Nigeria. Nigeria government should use legal action to block its sale. Nigerian Govt should not pay a penny for its return.

Songhai said...

Linda is this site genuine? Why are they asking for money? I hope they are not collecting people's e-mail to bug them with 419 issues?

Get Nigeria Jobs said...

The artefact belongs to the benins and the people of Nigeria. sure we are going to protest. people have started commenting on this issue on facebook. How wicked of the British.

Anonymous said...

Dis is really really funny...if i buy dis 'mask' for £5million what am i going 2do wit it.¿
Guys dis is jst a mere fallacy,de mask is nt for sale perhaps they are pulling our legs for WAR!...lmao.

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