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Thursday, 30 December 2010

Omowunmi's pink Chanel Bag...I want!

Loves it. Oh what the heck, I probably can't afford it. I went to a boutique at The Palms, Lekki yesterday, mostly to window shop and admire all the nice stuff they had on display, and right there in my presence a lady paid N305, 000 for an LV bag and N165 for an Alexander McQueen shoes.
Get out of here with oppressing me...with dem fake lashes and all...wth?

There are people I too oppress...
I have this 25k Gucci bag, bought it with pride, show it off at every opportunity I get. I thought I was the woman...dammit! Now I see it's a Gucci imitation bag..worst still, it's probably a real Guggi.
One of these days I will start growing dreads...


Anonymous said...

Alicia says....

the bag is nice, but if i were to be paying an arm and a leg for a Chanel bag, I'd get a cuter one.
well, Omowunmi probably has different tastes, so whatever floats her boat.

and you're going to grow dreads...why? to save money on hair weave, abi? lol

Anonymous said...


Luxury Bag Patrol said...

this omowunmi's bag is a replica.No doubt about linda rock on Gucci gucci Bag lmao

Pworld said...

linda, u on try am oo..

Anonymous said...

Hahahaha, Linda, compliment of the season dear!
But a 25k (naira) gucci bag (£100) is is probably fake! lol

Anonymous said...

Ok i know some of y'all gonna come here on a mindless drivel calling me hater yada yada yada...i honestly don't care. However i must say, that handbag, retails for $4000 here in the US. (600,000 Naira)errrrm, having said that, the bag is either fake or Omowunmi has started following awon bigger boys cos again, someone pls remind me what this chic does for a living besides appearing at every lagos event? SHe is my girl and i love her loads i just know she aint there yet to be rocking a $4000 handbag. Infact, awon aunty e, Nike Osinowo, etc only have 2 or 3 of these in their wardrobe so yeah, you get my drift. Thanks for reading ladies and gentlemen.

Non-hater :)

Anonymous said...

Sorry about your GUGGI bag!
Them take style thief 25K from you sha!

Chilling said...

This bag looks obviously fake!

Wild Boy said...


Anonymous said...

Linda darling,
Some stores in New York sell gucci bags for $150 and they are real. Like Gucci outlet stores in Long Island, "off 5th "whiCh is a subsidiary of SAKS FIFTH AVENUE so don`t feel bad about your gucci or goggi. The people who buy at discounted stores will also sell it at exorbitant prices in Lagos.

9jaLife said...

Lol ... To each his own. If she can get it, let her rock it :)

As for me, my wife has a few purses that even me sef, I fear for price wise, but whatever makes her happy makes me happy :)

Anonymous said...

This bag doesnt look all..but then you never can tell..and as per her not being able to afford may have been a gift..

Surprise said...

Linda, I can buy you Omowunmi's bag, gucci (and not guggi), and all other bags that some people used in oppressing you... if only you are BUYsexual.

NewbondStreetBabe said...

Hi there! I work for chanel so i can say i represent the brand,@Luxury Bag Patrol yea you are very correct it is a replica!!!!,no where close to a real Chanel Quilt Bag.Linda darling when you do come to London contact me you can use my staff discount.

TheJunkie said...

LOL!!! @ the last comment!! Did a guy did come on Linda offering her gucci for sex?!!! Oh my days....!!!!

But he may be joking sha

Ps. Compliments of the season Linda!

Christian said...

this is the problem with Nigerian celebs..this bag is quite costly if its the real one and then the bag is not for young people,its for ladies not gurls...wrong dressing!!

Amaka said...

But if you buy a handbag for $4,000, biko what are you going to put inside it? Honestly, I don't get it. I don't hate the idea; I just don't understand.

Is it because the leather is of a better quality or maybe it will last longer? As in, the bag no go tear inside like some of my bags normally do after a year and half? But honestly, by that time the bag don dey tire me so I have to get another anyway. Maybe the $4,000 will be kept forever and after 25 years, we'll call it vintage. Otherwise, I don't understand the investment.

Anonymous said... much is your discount o!!!! if its worth coming and 'begging' u to let me use it as per Linda Ikeji's blog connection!.....
seriously though.......

franni said...

All I can scream is 9jalyf is a MAN???OMG.And a married one? OML!

uju said...

how many of us can afford the real one....we know ladies like handbags alot so imagine how much we'll be spending if we're actually buying the real tin... The governer's wife n those stealing 9ja's moni can afford it but me....i neva reach dat stage yet until then...linda rock ur copy gucci...i have them plenty, gucci, LV, channel, balecinga, hermes...they are copy AAA+++. all fingers are not equal jare

Abike said...

NewBondStreetBabe hiii!!!! I can come to London from the midlands if your staff discount offer is true o. I dnt mind at all.

Ehem ehem!! Linda, does the growing the dreads statement have anything at all to do with Dakore??!! :) My brain dey calculate abeeeggg!! hehehe

Anonymous said...

Seriously i stopped oooohhing and aaaahing over celebs handbags a long time ago. Half of what u see them wear are OK, yes u got it ryt, okrika. My sis sells 2nd hand handbags. U'd be suprised d kind of stuff she gets. Some of the bags we remove d tags ourselves. Gucci, channel etc. Those dt sell to these celebs knw where they get it frm. It's called first grade OK. That's what all these chics in abuja r rocking. The most expensive of dem go for 4-5000 naira. Dresses n shoes r nt left out. Go to wuse market and see 4 urselves. LOL

NewbondStreetBabe said...

@abike @anonymous the staff discount is for our lovely linda,she deserves it more because she keeps us nija ppl abroad in the loop.and i am serious and not joking.

majority of girls in nigeria,london,america carry copy chanel bags and other designers thanks to china and malaysia grade copy,it is an issue discussed by branding,but you will always know the original through certain marks in and out of the bag dont be oppressed or fooled

i work for chanel and i only have 4 bags from them,it is an expensive habit,even with my discount and staff uniform.

lol at he lady in the picture,she sure carried the bag boldly like she paid rolling pounds for it

NINA said...

please can someone tell me what this ppl do for money..i really mean in the US i cant imagine spending the dollar equvalent of 305 000 naira on a bag or pair of shoes...with all the bills i have to pay..i have a decent paying job, and live in a nice house by the beach in a los angeles suburb with my husband and 3 kids...but i cant afford spend all that on a bag..i wonder if it is bcos i have children who are my #1 priority...Linda i always admire the fashions of all these nija ppl u display...that is why i like ur blog and bella naija..u guys make me feel very nostalgic and homesick...Can someone here please tell me how to take a bite out of the national pie that produces all this i need to come back to nija for good?? i went home in the summer, but i couldn't take all the craziness everywhere, and i was really jaded...

ebele said...

Spending Four thousand dollars on a bag is a matter of choice and alot of pple who are not aristos, politicans do so. I have of friends who have spent more than that on a bag, Orignals I must state not fakes, most of them have very good jobs and earn well.

As for me I am an orginal designer handbag freak, have 8 of them,if I could afford more I would it makes me happy. I love my gold and diamond jeweries and jimmy choo shoes too. I deserve all I have because I work more than hard for my money and my social life is next to non-exisitant.
I hate it when people generalize and sterotype girls that dress well and expensively as Aristos. Is it just beef????? I know a good number of girls who dress well, have very good jobs and bussinesses and are proud of the fact that they earn thier own money. As for all u handbag Proffessors, it is difficult to tell whether a bag is a fake or orginal from a comptuer screen without seeing the real bag.
All of u that say Omawummi cant afford an original chanel handbag or that she is an aristo. How do u know?????

The nitty-gritty tales of a housewife said...

shiooooooo! wetin make una say make i do with my 2,500 aba made bag nah ehn?.....m-e-h-n, this is SLOID oppression o!...I DON PROVOKE!...straight to shoprite to go purchase my own kia! kia!.

p.s....but...em...emmm....can someone borrow me transport fare first?....lolllll.


mae said...

Designer bags have become a fashion accessory and women love carrying a designer bag no matter what the cost.
replica bags

Anonymous said...

Aunty Nina...i am glad you answered your own question. priorities differ these days. you have three kids and more bills so you probably don't see the sense in buying a $4K bag. I on the other hand, live in the same US, single, own a house, make decent money and have no dependents so heck i buy $4K handbags cos it makes me happy like Ebele rightly stated. I work crazy hours, so zero social life. In essence, i pamper myself with luxury here and there just cos i can . when i have kids (more bills) thne i might ease on the luxury purchase

Anonymous said...

pls what day job does omowunmi have
or better still does her papa hold pepper reach that level
methinks all these celebrities carry imitation stuff
i mean the girls rocks chanel this,loubuton that and she hardly even rocks em twice
dont get me wrong i heart the girl die
but questions need to be asked
or maybe shes a member of
that way it makes sense!

Anonymous said...

abeg ebele make we hear word
4k dollars times 8 that 4.8milion naira for bags alone,not to talk of the jimmy choos etc
I can tell from the screen its a replica,go on the net and do your homework on how to spot real designer bags,pearls and such its not a diamond that you need to put under a microscope lols
I hope youre investing in things that make sense on the side
btw am not hating
I work in an oil coy (just sayn)
and 1 chanel bag ,1 Lv bag i own are isale apoti(under box)

Anonymous said...

@ ebele i implore you to join that way you can rock 8 designer bags in a month without paying the price

The nitty-gritty tales of a housewife said...

Please my dear sisters, i want to know if carrying a designer bag makes or mar a woman?.....does it add any value to someone's life?.. i really want to know becox it simply does not make sense to me when we live amidst POVERTY!!!!!!

People are dying of starvation in this country!Many children are out of school! Mothers dying for lack of proper medical care during pregnancy & child birth! AND WE ARE HERE TALKING ABOUT HOW MUCH WE SPEND ON DESIGNER BAGS?????.

p.s...i initially laughed about the issue but reading some comments made me realized how VAIN We women are!!!!

DISCLAIMER; Some MIGHT comment back saying it's becox i don't have such amount to spend on a bag being a housewife & all that, hence i dey PROVOKE like this.. I DON'T CARE! AM HAPPY WITH MY N2,500 ABA MADE BAGS! & CAN THROW THEM AWAY ANYTIME I GET FED UP OR WHEN STOLEN WITHOUT LOSING ANY SLEEP! By the way, there are varieties to choose from every time... *a big grin* up ABA boys!..*thumbs up!*

Abeg sha, e pass make-up, purse, & documents na dem dey put inside the bag?

PLEASE WOMEN, LETS BE REALISTIC... many of these so-called designer bags end up in OKRIKA market!!!!

Anonymous said...

Nitty and let live. Life is too short...the folks carrying $4k bag can argue that shebi some people are buying $35K croc bags yet children are starving? Abi? i can swear up and down that why does Kimora Lee Simons have a duplex full of shoes, and surveillance cmaeras watching them, whne i only have about 4 louboutins? Ya dig? so it's all relative.

Anonymous said...

abeg! i own countless designer bags i bought with my hard earned money! i am 27years old and i own 4 chanel bagswith the cheapest costing me about £2,195 pounds,i can afford them so what the freaking heck! to this pathetic lady talking about saving the world instead of buying designer bags, she should sell her 2,500 naira bag and carry nylon bag! to all these bad belle pple saying its either the bag is fake or she is an aristo, if she is an aristo, is it ur vajayjay she is using? to all you haters saying her bag is fake, it is because u r secretly dying for the bag and cant afford it thats why its doing ur head in coz a probably much prettier girl than u is carrying the bag, bloody bad belle pple

The nitty-gritty tales of a housewife said...

lol @ all the anonymous [es]...i was expecting this....secretly wishing?... oh! phu-lease gimmee a break!!!!! just shows you guys are trying to make up for something; L-O-N-E-L-I-N-E-S-S?!!!!...just remember, NOBODY carries a pin when put into 6ft hole! NOBODY remembers a loved one by the numerous designers she had but the positive impact or influence she had on a person's life!!!!!....kapesh????? C-H-I-L-L OUT! gals & go & worship your designer wears!!.. ahahahaahaahaahaahahaaa. *in a mocking voice*

The nitty-gritty tales of a housewife said...

@anonymous [es]..'i work so hard'... *in a mimicking voice* do we know you ALL are not the product or beneficiaries of our corrupt politicians who bled the country dry huh? off on 'blood money', & coming here to make mouth?...have you not heard the adage that an empty vessel makes the loudest noise?

I had observed that people that really worked hard for their money are very prudent in their spendings becox they don't want to taste poverty again in their lives!

I DON'T HAVE TO OWN DESIGNER BAGS TO KNOW WHOM I AM! abeg make una go siddon for one corner dey chew kuli-kuli o jare!..*wave hand off-handily*

p.s..Kimora Lee?...does her life shows she is happy upon all the house full of shoes & surveillance camera watching them?...Hope she does not divorce her 2nd husband sha!

IF only you guys can feel the joy of seeing a child smile when helped out of a NEED, it is worth a thousand times than all your USELESS designer bags put together!....ya get?!!

Vonjones said...

Anonymous 12.19 first grade ok na from 10k i beg no make dat mistake make u no spoil my market.

Anonymous said...

see this nitty gritty fatso talking o! its all these hypocrites that talk abt giving that ususally watch their family members starve, look who is talking abt lonliness, when u post up replies before linda finishes typing, get a friggin life and stop trawling the internet forming blog, backward village riff raff, if you cant afford these bags then keep your comments toyour self and carry the one u can afford instead of coming to spew on your illiteracy and localized thoughts for all to see, be typing on the internet, dont go and take care of your house hold or get a job! pathetic thing doing holier than thou, bloody hypocrite!

Anonymous said...

obviously fake like pepto bismol bottle...hahahha

Ibhade said...

@ANONYMOUS...hahahahaaa...someone is pissed offfff!......did i hit a sore point sweet heart?.... hmmm...saying i post replies before linda finish typing?..... .surfing the internet?....mehn! you must be doing the same as you appear to be anonymous, how can you get follow-up-comments when you don't surf the internet every second huh?...oh me a fasto?...oh yeah! *turning around with yanga*...abegi! e no easy to maintain this figure o jare!...get a job? dear sister, being a SAHM is the most hard-working full time job you can ever get!!!!!!!!

so just sit down & think what would happen IF that so -called job you work damn hard [so u say o!] is no longer there, & you can't earn that same amount as before, WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO?

Begin to sell of your designer wears to feed since you didn't remember to put some savings away? or become an overnight born-again chritain & become a pious sanctimonious-holier-than-thou-sister that comes out to give orishishi testimonies so as to hook a gullible xtain bros as husband & make his life miserable! Or you hit the jack pot & marry a pastor, so can continue to live your fake life?!

Just remember, the 'rich' [so u call yourself o!] can never sleep peaceful at night because of the cries of the poor [riff-raffs as you called us o!]. IS PEOPLE LIKE YOU THAT LOOK DOWN ON THE OTHER HUMAN BEINGS & CALL THEM RIFF-RAFFS BECOX OF SOME MATERIAL THINGS THAT CAN GO UP IN A PUFF OF SMOKE IN A TWINKLE OF AN EYE!!!

Ada said...

@ Nitty - I understand you on what you are saying, however in this life people will always compete and if that means wanting to use their last penny to impress others they will do so.

I will understand and agree with you even more if you realise that you have made your point and don't need to respond to anonymouses.

Ibhade said...

oh! i forgot anonymous...this your comment; 'WHEN U POST UP REPLIES BEFORE LINDA FINISH TYPING', gives room for suspicion....hmmmmmm... *hand on jaw thinking*....i will keep my suspicion to myself but
my anonymous who called me an illiterate, FROM YOUR COMMENTS & MINE, you don't need a genius to know who the myopic illiterate is!
I should get a job?, a frigging life?, & face my house hold?.. I have ALL these already! BUT PLEASE TELL ME WHAT YOU ARE DOING BROWSING & COMMENTING IF YOU ARE SO BUSY WORKING HARD FOR YOUR MONEY TO BUY DESIGNER BAGS??!!!!

Got to show you are a freaking liar!!!!!!!! Blogsville world gives people the opportunity to be WHAT THEY WANT OTHERS TO PERCEIVE THEM TO BE!

Ibhade said...

@ADA....a BIG thank you sister....i would yield to your advice.

eva said...

all dis argument jst coz of 1 bag????chai!nawa 4 una ooo!!!*shakes head*

Anonymous said...

@nitty true talk
@ Anon 4.32 you dont have to call nitty pathetic for expressing her own opinion,you dont have to agree with what she says btw who is more pathetic,you @ 27 spending all your hard earned money on irrelevant stuff........puhlease?

@ Anon 11.43 obviously youre a very bitter person
just because someone says her mind,you want to burst a vein *buuuuuuuuuuhahahaaaaaa*

whats with these bloody kids here na wa o!

you made valid points
and dont respond to anybody else

so freaking what if shes a housewives ,y'all are bloody morons for going that low
you think its easy being a sahm?!


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