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Saturday, 27 November 2010

Pictures from P-Square's birthday bash


The Okoye boys, Peter and Paul celebrated their 30th birthday bash on Thursday November 18th, 2010 at a red carpet party that held at their Omole, Ikeja, Squareville home. Pictures from the party when you continue...

P-Square with deputy gov of Lagos State, Mrs Sarah Sosan

Showing off gifts from the dep. of Lagos

Jude Okoye with friends

Lola Omotayo

Paul with Dare Art Alade

Uti Nwachukwu and friends

Makel Makun and Queen Ure


Sound Sultan and Olu Maintain

Obi Asika


Dare, J.Martins, Tee-Y Mix


Freeze and Eku Edewor


NINA said...


Domkatbali said...

mmhhh kongrats to dem..why me no com see Genny & D'Banza 4 de pikture..

Darey luukd bushy in de pix wit Paul..he beta cut some grass 4 him faze..

Kaffy leminds me of my old aunty Akpena...

Quenen Ure luuks like my flend Soul E baba..

2bad..dem no invite Rinda Ikeji...

The nitty-gritty tales of a housewife said...

Happy birthday oo...& many more to celebrate...amen.

CCL said...

what is up with omawunmi's face? girl, you have got to have enough money for facial! and that weave has got to GO! where are their family members? it's like an industry party up in that joint, nothing personal about it, no personal touches. na wa o, everything must be a great show, abi?

@nina - they might have had a sheet cake in the back that served everyone and this one was just for them to be able to cut for ceremony sake. people save money this way especially at wedding where the sheet on the bottom would be real cake for the couple to cut and the entire top layers are fake then they set up cheaper sheet cakes for serving to guest especially if the wedding is about 200-400 people. it is expensive to feed all those people specialty cake.

Anonymous said...

Eku is looking so tired these days...girl go get some rest. it's not by force to attend all events you are invited to.

Lola omotayo looks soooo damn hot. Jeez...peter must still be oiling that engine o. Hot chic

Nigerian Film and TV Addict said...

linds i'm sure u were at the parry..if not...warahell??? everyone looks okay..but omawunmi looks like a grandmother dunno y. on another note linds have u been scoping lynxxx? u know the mr utunu man...sheet men...that boy is on fire! i want some of him utunu! u shud do like a hottie of the day thing on him!i have too many ppl i'm crushing i just have to lay low on my love for men...LOL

Anonymous said...

To be honest, Omawunmi doesn't look great.
The hair is awful and she needs to work on her skin.

PennyGate said...

Congratulations P-Square....but Ommawumi why now? i still love u sha. Oga Darey even when u were in the jungle during ultimate search, the hair no bush like that Oh

Femiluv said...

Happy birthday to them....Peter looking fly in his trad. outfit.

Anonymous said...

Omowumi but why?

Anonymous said...

Oh puhle---ase! 30 years?

doll said...


i like the gift Mrs. Sosan gave them..truly represenatative

Anonymous said...

Is Olu Maintain really that short? Geez!!! I don't understand the red carpet idea oh, for s birthday party at one's house. Naija and overdo sha! Happy birthday to them all the same.

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