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Thursday, 25 November 2010

Lagos to overtake Cairo as Africa’s biggest city - UN

According to a United Nations report, the UN-Habitat’s State of African Cities 2010 report, in five years, Lagos, Nigeria’s former capital, will overtake the Egyptian capital Cairo as Africa’s biggest city.

The report also says the number of people living in African cities will triple over the next 40 years and by 2050 60% of Africans will be city dwellers. It also says that urbanisation is happening faster in Africa than anywhere else in the world and by 2030 the continent will no longer be predominately rural.

Go Lagos!!! Go Africa!!!


Anonymous said...

I thought it was already Africa's busiest city. I've been to Cairo and you cannot compare! Lagos is way busier (and more orderly) than Cairo.

9jaLife said...

Don't know if this is anything to be happy about.

Lots of empty land in Naija, other states should take initiative and develop programs to attract folks to them.

Being a center of commerce or industry is not an impossibility. Stalin did same for the USSR with a series of 5 year plans, any state in Naija can accomplish same.

As is, Lagos is already over-congested, an influx of more people will only make things much worse...

henryik2009 said...

It is too early to start celebrating.That the population of Lagos is going to explode is not an unqualified blessing.Think of the pressure on the physical ,as well as social,infrastructure.Without adequate planning,this is simply going to result in more crime and poverty.Even with good planning,beyond a certain critical point,network effects become negative.
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- My Lagos Blogazine said...

the UN knows our country than we do..
if the Nigerian cencus lied to Nigerians snd the world that Kano is more populated than LAGOS all becos they want to maneuver funds as usual i guess The UN and wikipedia does not see it that way as they both have consistently placed lagos 2nd in africa behind cairo.

Anonymous said...

The infracstructure in Lagos is poor given the amount of people residing there (and counting). Additionally, there seems to be a lack of maintenance of what already exists. I know the current governor is trying to improve things, but maintenance and growth should not be dependent of who is in charge, but should be someting that is part of the culture. The population issue needs to be addressed and there are several approaches. For example, if the federal goverment ever gets to declaring Onitsha an international port and finish the development of its port, then Lagos will decongest quickly of a significant number of Easter traders. Most of the Easterners doing trade in Lagos will leave as Onitsha is simply closer to home for them. Just a thought.

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